MOOBOT Co., Ltd. Achieved 1500% at CAMPFIRE! Smart Assist Suitcase “MOOBOT” will be sold over-the-counter at major Japanese electronics retailers from March 2023!

Achieved 1500% with CAMPFIRE! Smart Assist Suitcase “MOOBOT” will be sold over-the-counter at major Japanese electronics retailers from March 2023!
Get the biggest discount when you buy from CAMPFIRE now. Only one week left to support!

MOOBOT Co., Ltd. (head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, representative: TAIPANPAN), which researches and develops smart suitcases, has spent more than a year on researching and developing smart assist suitcases. In order to realize the first mass production, the project started on September 20, 2022 (Tuesday) at Japan’s largest crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE”.
“Smart Assist Suitcase” CAMPFIRE dedicated website
Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, there are fewer
opportunities to travel, but when things settle down, I want to travel domestically and internationally! Many people are planning to do so. A carry case is a must-have companion for such trips. It is easy to carry large luggage, but there are many people who have experienced that it was easy to go, but whether it was because they bought a lot of souvenirs or because they were tired, on the way back, it was painful and heavy. . I found an item to solve such a problem! [Image 1

At first glance, this looks like a normal suitcase. In fact, it is Japan’s first suitcase equipped with an assist function. The assist function is realized by incorporating the motor driver IC and brushless motor inside the caster. Like a bicycle with an assist function, just by pushing or pulling a little, the suitcase will move forward, and even small children and the elderly with weak strength can carry heavy luggage easily.
Super easy to use. There is a smart touch button on the telescopic handle, just touch the button to move forward and release your finger from the button to stop! “It’s also a point to solve your problems with a one-touch action.”
[Image 2

Not only the assist function, but also the design is easy to use. The silicone top hand has an ergonomic design and is easy to grip. In addition, the zipper, compartment, cross band, etc. of the storage part are finished in pursuit of ease of use as well as comfort in terms of movement. Also, the battery is removable, so charging is easy. In addition, since it also has a function as a mobile battery, the smartphone ran out of charge on the go! It is also a nice point that you can charge as long as you have a cord in any case.
[Image 3

MOOBOT is not only equipped with a smart assist function, but also a smartphone charging function, silent casters, and a TAS lock. The body of the suitcase is made of Bayer Polycarbonate in Germany, which has excellent durability and impact resistance. We are currently offering two sizes. S size (carry-on) and M size (free baggage allowance). [Image 4

Published in many media
[Image 5

MOOBOT is back on TV! !
TBS broadcast on November 20 [Strong Monday! ! ], there was an introduction about the OMO operation (Online Merges with Offline) of the experience-based store b8ta (Beta). That’s where our MOOBOT comes in!
[Image 6d108362-6-2e20ca3c8b35d6157177-8.png&s3=108362-6-276987be2d39c36eb4bdfb5e52911be2-1396x967.png
Although it was a short scene in which he moved while activating the assist, it was content that showed the novelty and high topicality. “Return course price”
・One S size super early bird: 29,980 yen, a 40% discount from 49,975 yen ・1 S size early bird: 37,480 yen, a 25% discount from 49,975 yen ・One S size CAMPFIRE special price: 39,980 yen, a 20% discount from 49,975 yen ・One M size super early bird: 40% discount from 55,850 yen to 33,980 yen ・ One M size early bird: 41,880 yen, a 25% discount from 55,850 yen ・ One M size CAMPFIRE special price: 44,680 yen, a 20% discount from 55,850 yen There are only 8 days left for CAMPFIRE’s project support period. Please help us by sharing and supporting the project page!
Support purchase URL: Thank you for visiting our page.
I would appreciate it if you could take a look at this opportunity. About MOOBOT Inc.
MOOBOT Co., Ltd. is a company that researches and develops smart suitcases. The previously jointly developed AI automatic tracking carry case is currently sold in more than 30 countries around the world, and has exceeded 50,000 cumulative sales. Based on market research and customer feedback, we have developed a new MOOBOT smart assist suitcase. We will continue to develop and manufacture high quality and high technology suitcases from the desire to be freed from carrying heavy luggage. We aim to be a company that is close to our customers.
【Company Profile】
Company name: MOOBOT Inc.
Head office location: KM Building 4F, 1-27-5 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: TAIPANPAN
Business description: Development and sales of smart assist suitcases HP:
Details about this release:


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