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MOOMIN SHOP GINZA Opens at Ginza Inns 1 on Friday, December 16, 2022

Toei Co., Ltd.
MOOMIN SHOP GINZA Opens at Ginza Inns 1 on Friday, December 16, 2022 An official shop with a new concept that embodies the Scandinavian brand “Moomin”

The official shop “MOOMIN SHOP GINZA” with a new concept that embodies the Nordic brand “Moomin”, which is attractive for its high art and deep literature, will open in Ginza Inns 1 on Friday, December 16, 2022. Open.

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The official shop “MOOMIN SHOP GINZA” with a new concept that embodies the Nordic brand “Moomin”, which is attractive for its high art and deep literature, will open in Ginza Inns 1 on Friday, December 16, 2022. Open.
The inside of the store is accented with the green color used in the Moomin art, and the black that makes you think of novel illustrations and comic ink, giving you a simple and modern atmosphere that is typical of Finland, the birthplace of the story. increase. In addition, in order to convey that the original author Tove Jansson valued “color”, we will develop original goods with the color palette used by her as a motif. A new concept Moomin official shop will be born where you can feel the world view of “Moomin”.
 Store overview
■ Location: 3-1 Ginza Nishi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza Inns 1st floor ■ Opening date: December 16, 2022 (Friday) scheduled
■Business hours: 11:00-20:00 (for the time being)
■ MD composition: 1,100 total SKUs (mug cups, kitchen miscellaneous goods, fashion miscellaneous goods, stationery, food, etc.)
■ Price: 264 yen (stationery) ~ 107,800 yen (figure set)
■ Area: about 21 tsubo
■ Sales target: 150 million yen per year
An official shop with a new concept that embodies the Scandinavian brand “Moomin”
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Moomin original novel
Moomin was published as a narrative novel in 1945 by Finnish artist Tove Jansson. A deep story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults has gained popularity, and in addition to all nine novels, many works such as comics, picture books, and animation have been announced.
In addition, Tove, who was also a painter, worked on the covers and illustrations of novels and comics himself, and it is widely popular as an art work, such as the Moomin Museum in Finland, where the original painting exhibition is held in Japan. .
Moomin Shop Ginza will develop various products and events as an official shop that embodies the Scandinavian brand “Moomin”, which is full of stories and art.
Children’s space where you can touch the story of Moomin and items for babies and kids that are perfect for gifts
[Image 3

In the book corner where you can see all 60 types of Moomin-related books such as Moomin’s original novels, picture books, and comics, we have prepared a kids’ space where parents and children can sit and enjoy reading picture books. You can experience the story of Moomin from children to adults.
In addition to imported children’s clothes and tableware with cute bright coloring and bold patterns typical of Scandinavia, wooden toys from Dadway, which designs baby products in Japan, are children’s items that are perfect for baby gifts and birthday gifts. expand a lot.
(Picture books from 1,100 yen, Martinex children’s clothing from 3,300 yen, Rat Start tableware from 990 yen, Dadway Tsumiki 4,620 yen, etc., about 60 types of books, about 50 types of babies and kids)
Items with original motifs filled with the charm of art
[Image 4

Moomin is also popular as a work of art. We will develop a large number of items such as posters and postcards that allow you to feel the world view of the original picture as it is.
(Poster 50×70cm 3,410 yen – 20 types, Postcard 297 yen – 40 types) Imported lifestyle goods and food
[Image 5

We have the largest selection of Moomin items imported from Northern Europe in Japan. We will introduce items that will enrich your time at home, such as Arabian tableware that has been close to the lives of people in Northern Europe for a long time, as well as table lamps and candles with sophisticated designs.
(Arabia Moomin Mug from 3,300 yen, Moorla Wooden Tray from 6,050 yen, Melaya Lamp from 13,200 yen, Fatzel Candy from 972 yen, etc.) Traditional crafts and collaboration items with famous brands [Image 6

You can see the high-end Moomin collection in one place, including Japan’s representative pottery, traditional crafts that are particular about manufacturing, and collaborations with world-famous tableware brands.
(Mashiko ware from 2,530 yen, Hakata doll from 11,000 yen, Riedel glass pair from 9,900 yen, Rokuzan brooch from 16,940 yen, ring from 12,100 yen, etc.)
MOOMIN SHOP GINZA limited original product
As an artist, Tove Jansson considered color to be important. Many colors are used in Moomin picture books and comic covers. The color is paletted as “MOOMIN COLOR”. At Moomin Shop Ginza, we will develop original goods as a new series “Moomin Color” with this palette as a motif, and two types of items will appear as the first series. 1. Tote bag
[Image 7

Price: 1,320 yen
Size: 34×40cm
Material: 100% cotton
All 5 colors (red/blue/yellow/sage green/pink)
Limited number: 450 sheets of each color
2. Biscuit bottle
[Image 8

Moomin biscuits from Hokuriku Seika, which has many bottle collectors. A different illustration is printed around the circle.
There are three flavors: milk/cocoa/mixed berry.
Price: 1,296 yen
Contents: 90g
Limited number: 330 points for each flavor
MOOMIN SHOP GINZA limited items & first appearance items in real stores [Image 9

Expressing yourself is one of the most important things in the world, and for that you first need to learn to read and write. From the special collection “MOOMIN ABC Collection” that stimulates interest in reading and writing, we will develop Moomin Shop Ginza limited items and items first appearing in real stores.
Moomin Shop Ginza is the only place in Japan that has a playful monochrome design like a coloring book (the first photo on the left) (5 other types in total). In addition, we will handle all 16 types of real store first appearance items (2nd to 4th from the left in the photo).
From the left of the photo
Can pen case 1,980 yen, ring notebook 935 yen, canvas bag 4,950 yen, clasp pouch 5,280 yen
MOOMMIN SHOP GINZA pre-sale items
[Image 10

From the left of the photo
Ohashi delicacy Moomin butter monaka (2 pieces) 1,000 yen
Blue Moon Preserved Flower/Cute Box All 3 colors 2,420 yen each Yamaka Shoten Kuvio Plate 880 yen each
Rattan art soup bowl 3,300 yen each, Chinese lotus 880 yen each MOOMIN SHOP GINZA opening commemorative campaign
Original book cover present campaign
[Image 12d108807-1-fe021625b668df98001d-12.jpg&s3=108807-1-7a9946f0b875b3367fc8b41b063797e4-1920x1920.jpg
For two days on December 16th (Friday) and 17th (Saturday), we will present an original book cover to the first 100 people who purchase products at Moomin Shop Ginza for 5,500 yen or more including tax. ▼December 16th (Fri) distribution
[Image 13d108807-1-1d0f0540e4fc5833664d-20.jpg&s3=108807-1-f57c6cdc01fa7ce448a65ffcdfa8a417-1920x1920.jpg
Book cover (yellow)
▼December 17th (Sat) distribution
[Image 14d108807-1-93e7d82b08253aaf31e7-21.jpg&s3=108807-1-59fe9112505ef0efd2f6017f29b215d4-1920x1920.jpg
book cover (green)
Size: Length 16.5cm, Width 24.5cm (Width 31cm including folded part) Material: cotton
※It will be given only once per person each day.
*Receipts cannot be combined.
Moomin Official SNS Follow Campaign
[Image 15d108807-1-4232921f4d10ef4ff4ce-22.jpg&s3=108807-1-0c230595ab543ca0034a42c7463fce1a-1080x1080.jpg
Period: December 16th (Friday) ~ ends as soon as it runs out During the above period, the first 300 people who follow Moomin’s official SNS (Facebook/Twitter/instagram/LINE) and present the screen will receive an original tin badge.
Size: about 4 cm in diameter
* Even if you follow multiple SNS, you will receive one gift per person. *All prices include tax
-About copyright-
*When reprinting the images used in this press release, please use the following copyright notation.
(C) Moomin Characters (TM)

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