Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. Three days of beauty and health to support new lifestyles Booth exhibition and seminar held at “Anti-Aging Fair 2022 in Daiba”

Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.
Three days of beauty and health to support a new lifestyle Booth exhibition and seminar held at “Anti-Aging Fair 2022 in Daiba” [Schedule] November 18th (Friday) to 20th (Sunday), 2022 10:00-17:00 [Venue] Fuji Television Headquarters [Morishita Jintan Booth] 1F Fuji Television Mall

Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President Yuji Morishita, hereinafter “our company”) will hold an anti-aging and health-related event for three days from November 18th (Friday) to 20th (Sunday), 2022. We will exhibit a booth at the event “Anti-Aging Fair 2022 in Daiba” that transmits various information. On the final day, we will invite beauty critic Noriko Zugawa and hold a seminar. Overview of our booth “Morishita Jintan Health Festival”
This year, we have prepared an experience-based project that everyone who comes to the event can participate in regardless of age or gender. You can experience the functions and features of our products, including information related to anti-aging and health, through game content. In addition, we will introduce the history of our company, which will celebrate the 130th anniversary of our founding in 2023, and the episodes of the birth of our products, and will provide product introductions and products to customers who visit our booth. The anti-aging fair will be held at Odaiba Fuji TV for the first time in four years, so please stop by at this opportunity.
◯ About exhibited products
[Image 1d35073-140-8b5a111824cc46802c98-0.jpg&s3=35073-140-df3534ee837b8bae50f9aa93d9d7ab87-2018x2700.jpg
Health Aid (R) Bifina (R) (food with functional claims)
Our proprietary technology, “Seamless Capsule,” enables
bifidobacteria, which are vulnerable to gastric acid, to be delivered alive to the intestines.
Healthaid (R) brand official website

[Image 2d35073-140-08cb2bc2bf8d5f3dfc64-1.jpg&s3=35073-140-f87c8c6b07ebe03ec6fc009afb4396dc-395x663.jpg
Prebalance (R)
Contains oligosaccharides and dietary fiber that can be taken quickly in one packet.

[Image 3d35073-140-6dcce78253cc1832d603-2.jpg&s3=35073-140-4f8c37e846ecf0a4c965fde23a407ecc-433x605.jpg
A food containing cassis extract that provides 50 mg of cassis anthocyanin and 1,800 μg of β-carotene in 3 capsules. In addition, it contains marigold pigment containing lutein, an ingredient of interest.

[Image 4d35073-140-d3874cbdd0ae2fedbd7c-3.jpg&s3=35073-140-748e343a5905c4c2470ec7673495af6a-908x1282.jpg
Nose and throat sweet tea candy
Eucalyptus and peppermint flavors are wrapped in a unique seamless capsule and kneaded into candy. The capsule melts while you lick it, and the fresh scent and stimulation lasts.

◯ Booth event
We have prepared game content (Himokuji, Chopstick Grab, Struck Out) where you can enjoy learning about anti-aging and health, regardless of age or gender, such as your family and friends.
[Image 5d35073-140-16895b2a7660c55b92b9-4.jpg&s3=35073-140-bf73678f93ff03202c85b9b2ac740408-1456x2184.jpg
■ Overview of seminars held by our company
On Sunday, November 20, 2022, we plan to hold a seminar by our company at the forum on the 22nd floor of Fuji TV. With the theme of anti-aging, we have invited Noriko Zugawa, a beauty critic, to share tips on daily diet that can be used from tomorrow onwards to maintain youth and beauty.
■ Notice of TV commercial (Kanto local)
We plan to introduce our exhibited products in the spot commercial (*) of the “Anti-Aging Fair 2022 in Daiba”.
(*) Spot commercials will be broadcast in the Kanto local area of ​​Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures.
■ Overview of “Anti-Aging Fair 2022 in Daiba”
Period: November 18th (Friday) to 20th (Sunday), 2022, a total of 3 days Holding time: 10: 00-17: 00
Venue: Fuji Television Headquarters Entrance/Fuji Television Mall/22F Forum Official site
Admission fee: Free
Organizer: Japan Anti-Aging Association / Fuji Television Network [Image 6d35073-140-2cef254af9d4567cb03d-5.jpg&s3=35073-140-bc5d56610dc2d3c56648786026a1c9c2-1129x592.jpg
Company name: Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuji Morishita, President and Representative Director Founded: February 1893 (Meiji 26)
Established: November 1936 (Showa 11)
Main business: Manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, medical devices, foods, etc.
Since our founding in 1893, we have been providing products that help people live healthier and more prosperous lives, with the founder Hiroshi Morishita’s belief in “serving society.” Developed as a general health medicine for pocket use (Akadaibu Jintan at the time), and later popular as a mouth freshener, Jintan (currently a
quasi-drug, brand name: Jintan N), a silver grain, was conceived from its manufacturing. As a result, we are conducting corporate activities in a wide range of fields through the “seamless capsule technology” that we have developed independently and are expanding our business areas, and through the accumulation of crude drug research and the establishment and development of our own technology.
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