Morpho Co., Ltd. Croco & Lizard-made watch bands for Apple Watch are on sale from the men’s leather accessory brand “Cypris”!

Morpho, Inc.
Croco & Lizard watch band for Apple Watch is on sale from men’s leather accessory brand “Cypris”!
CYPRIS released a new watch band for Apple Watch.

Men’s leather accessory brand “Cypris”, which has won the Department Store Buyers Award for 17 consecutive years, has started selling new watch bands for Apple Watch at the official online shop. The new product uses high-quality leather crocodile and lizard. It is a sustainable item that uses the leftover leather left over from the production of wallets, etc. Crocodile watch band ¥ 26,400 (tax included), Lizard watch band ¥ 18,700 (tax included). Available in many colors, it is perfect for Christmas gifts.
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Morpho Co., Ltd. (located in Ryogoku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroyuki Ozawa), which handles planning, manufacturing, sales, and wholesale of bags and small leather products, has made new crocodile and lizard products from its own brand “Cypris” and is exclusively for Apple Watch. The watch band is now on sale at Cypris Online Shop. [Overview of products and services]
Apple Watch is convenient for work and on the go. Just like your smartphone, you want to find a band that you like because it’s an item that you use every day.
This time, Cypris has released a watch band that uses carefully selected materials and comes in a wide variety of colors. This new work uses exotic leather “Crocodile” and “Lizard”. The exotic leather used for the material is a sustainable item that uses the leftover leather that occurs when producing wallets.
The leather band, which exudes an elegant and luxurious feel, will enchant you every time you drop your eyes on it.
▼What is a crocodile?
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A glazing crocodile that can be compared to a “leather gem”. The leather used is Nile crocodile leather that is cut at the back and the abdomen is used. The characteristic of Nile crocodile is that it has a smooth transition from “bamboo spots” like knots of bamboo to round “round spots (ball spots)” and many bamboo spots.
The shine that can be compared to jewels is due to “glazing
processing”. By polishing with glass or agate, you can create an elegant and luxurious luster that is different from enamel.
Nile crocodile leather items, whose rarity is increasing year by year, make you feel the highest status.
◎ Watch band (compatible with Apple watch 38/40/41mm) | Crocodile ¥26,400 (tax included)
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[Table 5: ]

◎ Watch band (compatible with Apple watch 42/44/45mm) | Crocodile ¥26,400 (tax included)
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[Image 6

[Table 6: ]
▼What is a lizard?
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“High-quality leather popular with maniacs”
A popular material for its sophisticated fine scale pattern. It is lightweight yet durable, and has fine scales that make scratches less noticeable.
This product uses ringmark lizard leather from Southeast Asia, which is known for its high quality. The ring-marked lizard is a large lizard with a body length of about 2m, and is characterized by rows of round spots as its name suggests. The understated elegance and dyeing that makes use of the scale pattern create a sense of luxury. It is not too flashy or overstated, so it is recommended for those who have exotic leather for the first time.
◎ Watch band (compatible with Apple watch 38/40/41mm)|Lizard ¥18,700 (tax included)
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[Table 7: ]

◎ Watch band (compatible with Apple watch 42/44/45mm)|Lizard ¥18,700 (tax included)
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[Table 8: ]
▼List of watch bands is here▼
◇Cypris Online Shop◇
[About Morpho, Inc.]
Head office: 4-8-11 Ryogoku, Tokyo 130-0026
Representative: Hiroyuki Ozawa, Representative Director
Established: April 5, 1995
Phone: 03-5638-6701
Fax: 03-5638-2290
Business: Planning, manufacturing, sales and wholesale of bags and small leather goods

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