Mortgage comparison service “Moge Check” raises a total of 1.2 billion yen from existing shareholders and ne w investors

MFS Co., Ltd.
Mortgage comparison service “Moge Check” raises a total of 1.2 billion yen from existing shareholders and new investors
-Strengthening marketing investment to create a mortgage loan platform-
MFS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Akira Nakayamada; hereinafter referred to as “MFS”), which operates the mortgage comparison service “Moge Check”, is JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd., Itochu Technology Ventures Co., Ltd. The Company, Shinsei Corporate Investment Co., Ltd., Sony Innovation Fund, Cygames Capital Co., Ltd., Kiraboshi Capital Co., Ltd., NOBUNAGA Capital Village Co., Ltd., Tokai Tokyo Investment Co., Ltd., and 9 other funds operated or involved in one CVC company We are pleased to inform you that we have raised a total of approximately 1.2 billion yen through a third-party allotment of new shares, as well as loans from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Mizuho Bank.
*2 MFS “Questionnaire survey results on ‘regrets about choosing a mortgage'”
● Comments from each underwriter (random order, some underwriters not listed) ー JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd. Partner Satoshi Suenaga The service operated by MFS utilizes technology to provide individual users with highly transparent information on mortgage borrowing and real estate investment. It supports individual users in making optimal choices regarding their own asset building, and we believe that its importance is growing even more in today’s highly volatile financial environment. By supporting companies like MFS, we aim to solve industrial and social issues in Japan.
– ITOCHU Technology Ventures Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President Takeshi Abe The housing loan-related services provided by MFS enable individual users to select and review the most suitable loan in today’s rapidly changing domestic and international financial environment. It is rising. For further growth of our company, we would like to utilize our knowledge and the network of the ITOCHU Group to provide maximum support.
– Hiroshi Kotani, Director, Shinsei Corporate Investment Co., Ltd. Since the fundraising approximately two years ago, MFS has
significantly increased the number of users of the “Moge Check” service, and has also realized the evolution of the service. Following on from the previous round, we made an additional investment this time, recognizing the management team and team that have promoted this business growth with a sense of urgency. We hope to become a player who can transform the huge market of housing loans with the power of technology, and we will continue to support it.
– Gen Tsuchikawa, President and CEO, Sony Ventures Inc.
Both MFS Mogecheck and INVASE are highly rated in the housing loan market and real estate investment related market, respectively, and we decided to invest in them because we believe that they are highly likely to expand as the most used services. I would like to actively support future growth.
ー Kiraboshi Capital Co., Ltd. Venture Business Unit Manager Shun Masuda Mogecheck is a service that can solve all kinds of problems such as information asymmetry and inefficient operations surrounding housing loans. We provide optimal housing loans to customers by making full use of our own technology such as presenting loan approval probability and recommendation function. We have great expectations that the need for this service will increase even more as home loans become more online.
– Nobunaga Capital Village Co., Ltd. Investment Department Leader Hiroyuki Kawano
As consumers’ values ​​and lifestyles diversify, “Moge Check” is a service that captures changes in needs and provides the “easily and optimal home loan selection” that users want. think. Starting with CEO Nakayamada, it is a group of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated in this area, and we expect that they will bring further innovation to the housing loan industry in the future. Going forward, we will make maximum use of the resources of the Juroku Financial Group and work together to provide new value to the region. – Tomohiro Tsunoda, Associate, Investment Department, Tokai Tokyo Investment Co., Ltd.
Even though a mortgage is one of the largest personal debts, many mortgage borrowers struggle to find the right loan. MFS makes full use of its own technology and know-how to propose loans with the best conditions for each person. Both borrowers and lenders aspire to labor saving and optimization on the Internet, and MFS will assume a fair and neutral position in the mortgage industry, and more people will enjoy the benefits of its services. I hope that you can.
● Comments from our director and CFO, Ryo Hirayama
I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our existing shareholders who have made additional investments in the current severe market environment, as well as all of our new investors who feel the potential of our business and have made new investments. We believe that our service has entered an expansion period after several detailed business pivots since the last fundraising. In order to accelerate the speed of business through this financing and ensure that growth opportunities lead to results, we will make a company-wide effort to improve the moge check service and the INVASE service. ● What is Moge Check?
“Moge Check” is a free home loan comparison service that proposes the best home loan online. Once you enter the necessary information, you will be able to see a ranking of home loans arranged according to your points of interest, such as “order of interest rate” and “order of insurance coverage”, as well as “Mogereco”, where Mogecheck proposes the optimal home loan based on your attributes and desired conditions. ‘ is also offered.
Housing loans are based on various factors such as age, annual income, and the area in which you live. The service was launched in August 2015 with the aim of making it easy for anyone to choose the best home loan, which has been difficult for individuals to compare. More than 100,000 users so far. In addition to housing loans, we also offer “INVASE”, which supports real estate investment, and offers various services that combine finance and technology.
● Overview of MFS Co., Ltd.
Representative: CEO Akira Nakayamada
Location: FINOLAB, 2nd floor, Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 100 million yen (as of June 2022)
Business: Operation of online mortgage comparison service “Mogecheck (”
Website of the operating company of the online real estate investment service “INVASE (”:
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