Mos Food Service Co., Ltd. “Cinnamoroll” x “Mos Burger” collaboration lucky bag is now available! “2 023 Moss Lucky Bag” released in limited quantities

Mos Food Service Co., Ltd.
“Cinnamoroll” x “Mos Burger” collaboration lucky bag is here for the first time! “2023 Moss Lucky Bag” released in limited quantities A bargain set containing collaboration goods and a “meal supplement ticket” equivalent to the sales price

Mos Food Service Co., Ltd. (President: Eisuke Nakamura, Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), which develops Mos Burger, will start selling shares at Mos Burger stores nationwide (excluding some stores) from December 30, 2022 (Friday). We will sell a limited number of “2023 Moss Lucky Bags” (3,500 yen), which include goods in collaboration with Sanrio’s popular character “Cinnamoroll” and “meal vouchers” equivalent to the sales price of the lucky bag. In addition, advance reservations will be accepted online from Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Monday, December 26, 2022. * Reservations for the “2023 Moss Lucky Bag” will begin at 9:00 on Thursday, December 1st.
Since 2010, Mos Burger has been selling lucky bags containing Mos original goods, which have been well received every year. This time, the 14th time, we will offer collaboration goods with Sanrio Co., Ltd.’s popular character “Cinnamoroll”. Original goods with the image of “Cinnamoroll” and the theme of “fluffy” are special specifications commemorating “Cinnamoroll”, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022, and our 50th anniversary double anniversary year.
[Image 1d75449-193-b415f8382a44b30661bb-0.jpg&s3=75449-193-8daafd3b0e885c5e57cdc25c348d971f-567x802.jpg
“2023 Moss Lucky Bag” includes 1. “Fluffy blanket” 2. “Fluffy hair band” 3. “Mini pouch” 4. “Pocket mirror” 5. )” is included, and it is not only cute but also a great value set. These goods will be provided in a special bag designed by Cinnamoroll.
*1 Expiration date is until the end of March 2023.
Collaboration goods are four types of miscellaneous goods that are easy to use. “Fluffy blanket” is an original design commemorating the double anniversary year. It feels good on the skin, and its compact size makes it convenient to carry around and keep you warm in the winter. “Fluffy hair band” is a cute hair band designed with Cinnamoroll’s face. It is comfortable to wear and is a soothing item. In addition, we have prepared items that can be used in everyday life, such as a simple and easy-to-use “mini pouch” with a Cinnamoroll face design, and a “pocket mirror” made of acrylic material that is convenient to carry. All items are original goods that can only be obtained with “2023 Moss Fukubukuro”.
■ Fluffy blanket
[Image 2d75449-193-655f76e3efeeeaebf4d2-2.jpg&s3=75449-193-bacc213db08b73d357a938f9a961b95e-1216x811.jpg
About W700mm x H500mm Material: Polyester (flannel)
■ Fluffy hair band
[Image 3d75449-193-95696d07fdbff88c8fc7-4.jpg&s3=75449-193-10475aaf3b4237bd9dc8211ccb23dd82-1382x922.jpg
About W260mm x H100mm Material: Polyester
■ Mini pouch
[Image 4d75449-193-69f8a33fcfe59f05f14a-6.jpg&s3=75449-193-f079fcfad281df5c28c1f633aa37ae6d-655x577.jpg
About W110mm x H100mm x Depth 25mm Material: Polyester
■ Pocket mirror
[Image 5d75449-193-b967752d286a00fa7c36-5.jpg&s3=75449-193-108f261e0b99e748151d7607caa1a6b4-1216x811.jpg
Approximately 75mm in diameter
■ Meal voucher
[Image 6d75449-193-636265557b70b9b502d0-1.jpg&s3=75449-193-4cfebbeb59074fed7a24a786b61c0dc5-992x1300.jpg
3,500 yen (tax included) (500 yen x 7 sheets)
-Product Summary-
■Product name/sales price: “2023 Moss Lucky Bag” (3,500 yen) *Limited quantity, while supplies last.
■ Sales period: December 30, 2022 (Friday) to early February 2023 *A maximum of 5 can be purchased per person for both reservations and over-the-counter sales.
*There is a possibility that the reservation will be sold out before the sales start.
Special online reservation period: Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Monday, December 26, 2022
*Pre-order sales are limited to advance reservations online. Pre-order sales at stores will not be carried out.
* Payment can only be made by credit card, MOSCARD, MOS points, and d points. *There is a possibility that they will run out during the reservation period. ■ Sales stores: Mos Burger stores nationwide (excluding some stores) Stores may be closed, business hours may be changed, or some menu items may be discontinued. In addition, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we give top priority to the safety of our customers and strive to ensure that they can be used with peace of mind. For details, please check the official website
(C) 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. L633058
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