Mr. Miyagawa from Cisco Systems, Mr. Hashimoto from Sojitz, and Mr. Sugita from Astellas Pharma will be on stage ! “HR Japan Summit 2022” @ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited
Mr. Miyagawa from Cisco Systems, Mr. Hashimoto from Sojitz, and Mr. Sugita from Astellas Pharma will be on stage! “HR Japan Summit 2022” @ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited (Headquarters: UK/Representative: Daisuke Yukishita, hereinafter “Marcus Evans”) will hold a business summit “HR Japan Summit” for HR managers on December 14-15, 2022. 2022” will be held at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.
This time, 19 top leaders in the HR industry will talk about the latest information on companies that have realized human capital management.
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[Event application page] Interview with Cisco Systems, the company that created “Japan’s No. 1 Large Company with Great Workplaces”, to Create an Organization Where Employees Can Work Enthusiastically
While the working environment in Japanese companies has improved, the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that workers feel in their work has not increased. In addition, according to an engagement survey conducted by Korn Ferry in the United States on global companies in 2020 and 2021, the percentage of employees who are enthusiastic about their work and want to contribute to the company is just under 60%, the lowest in the world. The next challenge is how to increase the job satisfaction of employees for productivity improvement and
technological innovation.
Known as a global company in the IT and network fields such as the web conferencing solution “Webex Meetings”, Cisco Systems G.K. We won first place in the category (over 1,000 employees).
In this lecture, we will ask Mr. Miyagawa, Executive Officer and General Manager of Human Resources Division at the company, about the secrets to improving employee well-being and strengthening the organizational strength and competitiveness of the company.
・ What is job satisfaction?
・ Creating an organization that encourages employee autonomy and independence ・ Future Work Styles: Work Styles in Hybrid Work
・ Future prospects
“Visualize” personnel strategies and measures using human resource KPIs, and move toward human capital management linked to management strategies
Changes in the environment surrounding companies, such as
globalization, digitalization, and the diversification of lifestyles accelerated by the corona crisis, are becoming more intense. Under these circumstances, human capital management, which links management strategy and human resources strategy and invests in human resources who create value, is required for sustainable improvement of corporate value.
Sojitz Corporation aims to be a general trading company that continues to create and produce businesses and human resources in 2030. It is taken up as a company that conducts a variety of initiatives. In this lecture, Mr. Hashimoto, the company’s Managing Executive Officer General Manager of Human Resources, General Affairs and IT Operations, will approach the secrets of realizing human capital management and improving corporate value.
・Set “human resource KPI” to promote human resources strategy integrated with management strategy
・ Supporting the realization of diverse careers inside and outside the company -Establishment of a job-type company that enables side jobs- ・From new employees to directors of group companies commercialize their own “ideas” -Hassojitz project-

Human resources that create a “healthy” organization, culture, and human resources together with management and business to realize the strategy
Astellas Pharmaceuticals, which was featured as a company with advanced approaches to human capital management in the collection of practice cases of “Ito Report 2.0 for Human Resources”, has been in charge of global human resources functions for many years in 2009. We welcomed Mr. Sugita, who has been involved in the project.
Led by Mr. Sugita, the company sets goals for organizational soundness together with the management team, analyzes HR data, presents it to the management team, and supports the skill development of business leaders. We are steadily transitioning to a system that realizes In this lecture, Mr. Sugita will talk about the company’s personnel system, fostering corporate culture, instilling a mindset, recruiting personnel to management positions, and succession plans. I would like to ask you about the secret of
・ Transform into a human resource that realizes strategy together with management and business
・ Achieve a high-performance organization through company-wide collaboration ・ Creating a “sound” labor market principle within the company and maximizing the potential of human resources
Event overview
The 11th “HR Japan Summit 2022” will bring together 19 speakers, corporate HR department managers, and solution provider companies with cutting-edge HR-related services. Through One-to-One Meetings (business meetings) and networking events, this is a place to discuss current and future human resources issues and solutions.
Speaker profile
Ai Miyagawa
Executive Officer General Manager of Human Resources Headquarters Cisco Systems G.K.
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Born in Tokyo. After joining a foreign-affiliated IT company in 2003 as a HR, he has been engaged not only in HR in Japan, but also in the Asia-Pacific region (mainly HR planning, compensation systems, M&A, etc.). After joining Cisco in March 2014, he was involved in strengthening the sales organization as a departmental personnel (HR Business Partner). Incumbent since August 2016. In 2018 and 2021, we won first place in the large-scale category of “Great Place to Work”. 2nd place in 2022. He has given many lectures and seminars aimed at creating the future of work styles not only within Cisco but also in Japan.
Mr. Masakazu Hashimoto
Managing Executive Officer General Manager of Human Resources, General Affairs and IT Operations
Sojitz Corporation
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After graduating from the Faculty of Sociology at Hitotsubashi University in 1990, joined Nissho Iwai Co., Ltd. (currently Sojitz Corporation). After joining the company, he was mainly in charge of automobile-related business and infrastructure-related business development. After being stationed in the U.S. (Detroit) for 5 years from 1999, 2011 General Manager of Environment and Urban
Infrastructure Promotion Office, 2017 Executive Officer General Manager of Environment and Industrial Infrastructure Division, 2018 Executive Officer General Manager of Energy and Social Infrastructure Division, 2021 Managing Executive Officer Served as General Manager of Infrastructure and Healthcare Division and assumed his current position in April 2022.
Mr. Katsuyoshi Sugita
Senior Managing Officer In charge of Human Resources and Compliance Astellas Pharma Inc.
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Joined Asahi Kasei in 1991. After working at Johnson & Johnson, since 2008 he has been General Manager of Human Resources, Hilti Japan, Executive Officer of AstraZeneca since 2012, General Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs, and Executive Officer of Microsoft Japan since 2016. Since May 2021, he has served as General Manager of Human Resources at Astellas Pharma Inc., and will be appointed Chief People Officer and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CPO & CECO) on October 1, 2022.
[Name] HR Japan Summit 2022
[Date] December 14-15, 2022 (Wednesday and Thursday)
[Venue] Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Japan
[Organizer] Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited
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■ What is Marcus Evans?
Since 1983, Marcus Evans has provided cutting-edge business
information for strategic decision-making at events. Utilizing our proud global network, we plan, manage and hold more than 150 business summits annually. The Japan branch office holds events related to marketing, IT, human resources, intellectual property, medical care, manufacturing, etc.

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