MSI Computer Japan Co., Ltd. MSI releases graphics card “GeForce RTX 3060 VENTUS 2X 8G OC” equipped with NVIDIA (R) GeForce RTX (TM) 3060

MSI Computer Japan Co., Ltd.
MSI releases graphics card “GeForce RTX 3060 VENTUS 2X 8G OC” equipped with NVIDIA (R) GeForce RTX (TM) 3060
Middle-class graphics card with dual-fan original cooler

MSI Computer Japan Co., Ltd. has adopted the NVIDIA Ampere
architecture and is equipped with the latest RT cores, Tensor cores, and streaming multiprocessors to bring comfortable frame rates and AI applications to games and creative applications. As a graphics card equipped with NVIDIA (R) GeForce RTX (TM) 3060 GPU, “GeForce RTX (TM) 3060 VENTUS 2X 8G OC” will be released from Friday, November 11th. [GeForce RTX(TM) 3060 VENTUS 2X 8G OC]
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This product is a VENTUS series that uses NVIDIA (R) GeForce RTX (TM) 3060, the second generation RTX, and adopts a design that emphasizes performance, with a calm design and efficient cooling function. , with stable performance to handle any task. The core clock is an
overclocking specification that operates at a maximum of 1807MHz when boosted, and it is equipped with GDDR68GB memory. The dual-fan type cooling system uses the patented Torx Fan 3.0 to cool the heat sink and maximize the performance of the graphics card. With overclocking and a large cooling system, it is recommended for those who are looking for a balance between a calm design and stable performance, stably demonstrating high performance.
[Main features of GeForce RTX(TM) 3060 VENTUS 2X 8G OC]
Uses NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU NVIDIA (R) GeForce RTX (TM) 3060 The NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 3060 is equipped with the latest RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors. With 3584 CUDA cores and 68GB of GDDR memory, it brings comfortable frame rates and AI acceleration for games and creative applications.
● Uses the patented “TORX Fan 3.0”
Proprietary patented Torx Fan 3.0 uses two types of alternating fan blades, conventional fan blades and distributed fan blades, to focus more airflow than standard design fans. Allows for efficient cooling. A calm appearance without LED functions, aiming for simplicity and robustness It has high cooling performance that can sufficiently cool the heat of the graphics card while omitting functions that do not affect performance such as the LED function and colorful shroud. As a result, the graphics card has a chic and calm appearance without being overly assertive, and has a simple and sturdy construction that can stably demonstrate high performance.
Furthermore, by using MSI’s unique overclocking utility Afterburner, you can try higher and more stable overclocking operations according to your system. In addition, for those who use MSI motherboards, desktop PCs, monitors, etc., MSI Center, a unique MSI application, provides easy and comprehensive settings in one utility.
【Product Specifications】
[Image 2d53749-610-854c1d0e08edcd12b156-5.png&s3=53749-610-a849a4f2c68455ae9e1419b2ec4bc6cf-3520x826.png
[Image 3d53749-610-e5c251323c9e9e1590f4-6.png&s3=53749-610-030f732051cdc47ee8fbc5b9263818d8-1808x1604.png
■ GeForce RTX(TM) 3060 VENTUS 2X 8G OC ■ BCN AWARD 2022 “Graphic board” category No. 1 award
[Image 4d53749-610-610220959e9c7b7ff0d8-4.jpg&s3=53749-610-bbc2f3a26e4cdab2df97fc53eba22b68-237x327.jpg
MSI won the highest award in the “graphic board” category of the BCN AWARD, which honors the No. 1 manufacturer based on POS data. The BCN AWARD is a system that rewards the company with the highest annual sales volume for each category (genre) based on actual sales data (POS data) collected from consumer electronics retailers nationwide.
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About MSI
As the world’s leading gaming brand, MSI is one of the most trusted vendors in the gaming and eSports industry. MSI acts on the core principles of innovation in design, pursuit of performance excellence, and innovation in technology. By developing a product that integrates the functions that all gamers aspire to, we will release the long trial and error of gaming equipment and contribute to performance improvement that exceeds the limits of gamers. With determination to overcome even past achievements, MSI will continue to be the “True Gaming” brand with gaming spirit in the industry.
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