MTI Co., Ltd. Announcement of survey results on telework x superflex work style and time with family in line w ith “Family Day” on November 20

MTI Co., Ltd.
In line with “Family Day” on November 20, announcement of survey results on telework x superflex work style and time with family -More than 70% answered that they had more time to spend with their families, and 90% answered that it became easier to work-

MTI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will introduce a telework system and a super flextime system without core time for all employees from October 2020, taking advantage of the BCP response to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection. doing. In order to support the “Family Day/Family Week*” established by the Cabinet Office, we will examine how these systems affect the time spent with employees and their families. Awareness survey * 1 was conducted, so we will announce the results.
In this awareness survey, positive effects were confirmed, such as 90% finding it easier to work due to telework, and more than 70% feeling more time with their families.
In the future, we will continue to promote diverse work styles and develop workplaces that enable employees to demonstrate their performance and thereby improve productivity.
* “Family Day/Family Week” is an initiative that the Cabinet Office calls on each citizen to pass on and nurture life to the next generation, and the importance of families and communities that support child-rearing. The third Sunday of the month is designated as “Family Day”, and the week before and after that is designated as “Family Week”.
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◆More than 90% feel that it has become easier to work due to telework. What is the reason?
[Image 1d2943-1096-f4a28e1b5d7f1cefca77-0.png&s3=2943-1096-ad9d1304a786af35ddea21e925902d8e-1985x2163.png
 First, we asked our employees about the ease of work after the standardization of the telework system and the super flextime system. 61.7% said, “It became much easier to work” and 28.3% said, “It became easier to work.” Together, it can be seen that 90% feel that telework and super flex have made it easier to work than before.
As reasons why it became easier to work, 86.7% said, “I have more time to work because I have less time to travel.” The top answer was 51.1%, making it easier to balance nursing care and work. It is presumed that the number of people who can achieve work-life management*2 is increasing because it is now possible to work without being bound by time or place, making it easier to coordinate with private time. On the other hand, 77.8% of those who answered that it became difficult to work said, “It became difficult to communicate because I did not understand the work situation of the person I work with.” There was also a voice that felt the challenges.
◆Nearly 90% of those who live with their families answered that they were able to spend more time with their families due to the new work style.
Communication such as “conversation” and “eating together” has increased! [Image 2d2943-1096-efe503d7ef569c1d8403-1.png&s3=2943-1096-974930c1e42025e28caa2b65885a5f22-1755x1357.png
Regarding changes in time spent with family, 75.1% “increased”, 0.7% “decreased”, and 24.2% “no change”. When narrowing down to those who answered that they are living with their family, nearly 90% of them answered that they have “increased,” indicating that there are many people who are spending more time with their family.
On the other hand, 66.2% of those who do not have family members living together answered “No change”, and 33.8% answered “Increase”. It is imagined that it will be difficult to visit family members who live far away, partly because of the call to refrain from going out due to the corona wreck, but some people say that it has become easier to call or email in the free response between work. I got several. [Image 3d2943-1096-8638a381fd4326b53c8a-2.png&s3=2943-1096-368110ed6b63829a705342b2b0ee368c-1569x784.png
In addition, when asked how they spent more time with their families, 82.5% of respondents answered “time to talk together on weekdays”, followed by “time to eat together on weekdays” at 77.4%. In the free-response survey, some male employees said that they began to cook meals because of the change in work style, and it seems that there is an effect that they can spend more time on housework. In addition, even if they do not live with their family, they can adjust their work hours to help care for their grandparents who live far away, or to temporarily telework at their parents’ home to create new time to spend together. I received a voice.
 There were many episodes that made me happy because I had more time with my family, so I’d like to introduce some of them.
≪An excerpt from an excerpt of an episode where he was happy to spend more time with his family≫
★Couple episode
└Because it became possible to distribute housework and childcare, the stress on both sides was alleviated and the smiles increased. (40s/Male)
└I have more opportunities to talk with my husband on weekdays. We were able to have lunch together, so we were able to chat and talk about our children. (40s/female)
★Episode with children
└It becomes easier to support my child’s lessons, and I feel that my child is devoted to what he wants to do. (40s/female)
└By teleworking, I was able to stay at home during the period before my child entered nursery school, and I was able to share the time of daily growth close to me, such as the moment I stood up. (30s/Male) * Episodes with parents
└ Be able to notice changes in the health condition of parents and respond immediately. I feel like I’m actually feeling better. (30s/Male)
└ (When I returned to Japan temporarily) I was very happy to spend almost two months with my parents at my home abroad. *3 (30s/female) ◆Comment from Yuki Iwabuchi, General Manager, Human Resources Department, Human Resources, General Affairs and Public Relations Department, Corporate Support Division, MTI Co., Ltd.
From the results of this survey, we once again found that the telework system and the super flex system lead to improved working conditions and more time with family for many employees. Some people say that there are more smiles at home, and while we are happy to receive such effects, we feel that it is necessary to improve issues when it comes to making it difficult to work.
Based on the results of this survey, we will reconsider how to use these systems and their significance in the future. We aim to be the company of choice.
This year, as part of our support for “Family Day/Family Week,” which deepens understanding of the importance of families raising children and the support of families by local communities, on November 13 (Sunday), which is Family Week, ) to the 26th (Saturday) are set as company-wide recommended periods for taking paid leave. Going forward, we will continue to support our employees so that they can work and live more fulfilling lives, and promote the creation of workplaces where they can work in good health and with vitality.
For details of the results of this survey, please refer to the attached “Reference Material”.
*1 Survey period: Tuesday, October 11, 2022 to Monday, October 17, 2022 Survey target: 300 of our employees
*2 The concept of enhancing both by properly managing work and private life *3 Only foreign employees are eligible for telework when returning to Japan temporarily.
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