mui Lab Co., Ltd. The first smart house “muihaus.” Deepens family ties was born in Taku City, Saga Prefect ure!

mui Lab Co., Ltd.
The first smart house “muihaus.”, which deepens family ties, was born in Taku City, Saga Prefecture!
Completed and started selling a house that remembers the story of the family, equipped with a digital version of the main pillar

mui Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, CEO: Kazunori Oki, hereinafter referred to as mui Lab), which socially implements technology using an interface that blends into daily life, and JIBUN HAUS. The company (hereinafter referred to as JIBUN HAUS.) will complete “muihaus.” Jointly developed by both companies on November 18, 2022 (Good House Day). We are pleased to inform you that sales have started at the smart town “SCOLTOWN” in Taku City, Saga Prefecture.
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*”muihaus.” Room tour video:
“muihaus.” is a smart house, but it is equipped with technology that not only provides convenience but also a calm life. In “muihaus.”, the symbolic digital version of the pillar-shaped interface “Pillar Memory” and the wooden smart home interface “mui board” stand. In “Pillar Memory”, you can use a digital pen to record scribbles and children’s heights. By storing important memories and daily
communication in the “home”, recalling them at desired timings such as anniversaries, and sharing them, you can naturally deepen family ties. It is expected that it will become a mainstay that you can gradually become attached to over time.
The “mui board” displays daily weather and local information, controls lighting and air conditioners, and is equipped with a handwritten message function that conveys daily messages and thoughts between family members, giving it a natural presence. Eliminates feelings and gently supports daily routines.
“muihaus.” Was completed on November 18, 2022 (Good House Day) at “SCOLTOWN Takuhara,” a subdivision in Saga Prefecture that utilizes cutting-edge technology to revitalize the region. “muihaus.” will become a symbol of the town, and we will propose a new form of community development that connects families and communities. [Image 2

History of providing “muihaus.”, a house that deepens family ties over time In Japan, after experiencing social phenomena such as the declining birthrate, nuclear families, and the corona crisis, there is a movement to enrich the lives of people at home and to reconsider relationships within families and communities. Along with this, the “house” in which the family lives is required not only to be convenient and efficient as a box, but also to realize the way of life that the occupants want to live, and to play a role in cherishing and nurturing time with the family. . In response to such needs, mui Lab and JIBUN HAUS. have come to offer “muihaus.”, a house where family ties can be strengthened by making full use of the latest technology, and where residents can live in their own way. rice field.
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Building a house that makes you love not only the house but also the city the more you live in it
“muihaus.” aims to create a continuation of the comfort and enjoyment of spending time indoors and the comfort and enjoyment of living in the city outside the house. It has an exterior that does not have it, and large windows are installed on all four vertical surfaces to create a rich connection with the outside world. It is designed to create a comfortable relationship with the outside life and the surrounding environment, allowing the body to feel how the light enters, how the time changes, and the changes in the weather and temperature.
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Regional revitalization through urban development incorporating the latest technology
Sasakawa Construction Co., Ltd., which is in charge of construction and sales, aims to implement an air delivery service using drones in society in Taku City, Saga Prefecture, where the population is aging, and aims to create value for the region by utilizing technology. . Families who sympathize with this kind of urban development have moved to SCOLTOWN Takuhara, a subdivision developed by Sasagawa Construction that supports drone delivery. By newly adopting smart houses in the subdivision, we wanted to make Taku City, which is still in transition as a smart town, a good opportunity for more sensitive people to know about it. In addition, they sympathize with the fact that “muihaus.” is not simply a smart house that aims to improve efficiency, and the appearance and concept fit in with the features of Taku City, which is surrounded by mountains on all sides and has a landscape rich in nature. In addition, the people who live in SCOLTOWN have an affinity for how to use technology to realize a life where they can feel more connected, which led to the introduction of “muihaus.”
Comment from Mr. Sasakawa, Representative Director of Sasakawa Construction I remember the moment I learned about the birth of “muihaus.” In our company’s smart town “SCOLTOWN”, a drone delivery service is being implemented in society, but at the same time we needed something that could become a symbol of the town. Among them, “muihaus.” has such a feeling that life is breathed into “SCOLTOWN” for us. The large windows that connect the outside and the inside, the silhouette of the exterior that can be seen from any angle, and the fact that we were able to create a house that will create the next era beyond the common sense of a standard house is very meaningful. Also, I think that being involved in such a house that will be a place for the hearts of the residents living in the neighborhood has given us a great opportunity to grow as we have mainly been working on custom homes.
Comment from Mr. Tadashi Ito, representative of architect Tadashi Ito Architects “muihaus.” was designed by Tadashi Ito Architects, Inc., an
architectural design office that creates a richer environment for people, communities, and the environment. Mr. Tasashi Ito has been selected as one of the 16 shortlisted architects at the “AR Emerging Award 2022”, an international award for emerging architects held annually by Architectural Review, a traditional British architectural magazine. Mr. Ito talks about the birth of “muihaus.” in Taku City. “We have been thinking about what kind of presence mui haus should have for the city, in a way that connects mui’s products to the richness of the space. “There are times when you don’t even realize that the house is there because you’re so familiar with the city, but somehow the presence of the house creates a slightly dignified and comfortable atmosphere.” I wanted to make a proposal. At the same time, I hope that the experience inside “muihaus.” will be connected to the experience of the city. The lifestyle that unfolds in a simple and generous house and the scenery that opens up to the outside are like rediscovering the charm of each town. I thought it would be nice to be able to do that, so I started thinking about how windows and other elements should be and how they should be configured. The city of Taku, where the education and culture pioneered by our predecessors are still alive, surrounded by rich nature, already felt a dignified and refreshing atmosphere when I visited. I am very happy that I was able to realize the first “muihaus.” We hope that “muihaus.” will be enjoyed as a vessel for living and the rich scenery of Taku. [Image 5

Comment from Mr. Uchibori, CEO of JIBUN HAUS.
This project was developed by gathering the expertise of each partner to create the future of living while exploring new ways of smart homes. This time, the world’s first smart home equipped with “memory of pillars”, “muihaus.”, was able to build the first model house in Taku City, Saga Prefecture. It was because of Mr. Shunichi Sasakawa’s strong feelings for Taku City. It will be completed with each thought, so please come and experience it.
Comment from mui Lab CEO Ohki
“muihaus.” is a big milestone in our pursuit of a feasible future for smart homes. Technology design tends to focus on standardized UIUX, but we pursue what is the inherently comfortable experience for people, and try to create a “home” that incorporates it into our lives. I was. Beginning with a workshop in April 2021, architects, housing business operators, designers, and technologists gathered to discuss “landscapes,” “scenes,” and “memories” in people’s lives. A new and nostalgic lifestyle that has never existed before, and a powerful image of the future of a simpler family that is required in an increasingly complicated life. We hope that we will be able to create an unprecedented lifestyle value with wonderful partners such as Mr. Uchibori, Mr. Ito, and Mr. Sasagawa, and that we will be able to unveil “muihaus.” in the beautiful nature and culture of Taku City, Saga Prefecture. I am very happy. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their efforts. What is muihaus.
“muihaus.” is a smart house jointly developed by mui Lab and JIBUNHAUS. Incorporating the concept of “Calm Technology” advocated by mui Lab, residents can live with peace of mind without being aware of the presence of technology. “muihaus.” is equipped with mui Lab’s flagship products, “Pillar Memory” and “mui Board.” Both products were developed as an interface that integrates the user experience provided by Wacom Co., Ltd.’s ink technology into daily life and connects families. The house “muihaus.”, where these things blend into the space, will remember the moment while spinning the story of the family’s daily life. It is a house where you can meet those floating feelings even after several decades after your child grows up, departs and restarts.
muihaus. sales information
■ muihaus. Product concept
■ muihaus. sales information
Taku City, Saga Prefecture SCOL HOUSE (Sasagawa Construction Co., Ltd.)
■ muihaus.details
・Location: 1536-6 Takuhara, Kitataku-cho, Taku-shi (Skoll Town 17) ・Price: ¥31,800,000 (tax included)
・ Building area: 105.8 square meters (32 tsubo)
・Land area: 251.08 square meters (75.95 tsubo)
・Layout: 4LDK
What is “Pillar Memory”?
“Memory of Pillar” was created by focusing on the common practice of engraving the height of children on pillars around the world. A pillar that records the growth of a child every day has an important meaning for a family. By digitizing the pillars and writing down the records of growth and the thoughts and feelings that arise and disappear on a daily basis, it is like a time machine that allows you to encounter those family memories later. With the attached Wacom digital stylus, you can record your child’s height, scribble and write your thoughts, and they are immediately recorded in the cloud as digital data. If you register “special days” such as birthdays, messages from the past will suddenly appear on that day. It is hoped that it will help deepen the bond. It has the role of gently supporting the family and deepening the bond with the presence of a “mainstay” that is disappearing both architecturally and psychologically.
Product overview: What is “mui board”?
The “mui board” is made of wood, and its natural presence eliminates the sense of technology and calmly supports your daily routine. A unique feature that families can enjoy and connect with each other, such as daily weather and local news displays, lighting and air conditioning controls, a timer that resembles a flickering candle flame, and a handwritten message function that conveys daily messages and thoughts to family members. functions.
Product overview: “Hashira no Kioku” wins grand prize and community award with W at baby tech awards 2022
muihaus.’s symbolic “memory of pillars” received the grand prize in the 2022 BabyTech (R) Awards -Memorial, Record, Memories category-, and the Special Award in the -Baby Tech Community Award-.
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■ About Sasakawa Construction Co., Ltd. and SCOLTOWN Takuhara
Sasagawa Construction Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Shunichi Sasagawa) is a construction company founded in 1977 that handles custom-built houses throughout Saga Prefecture. For more than 40 years since our founding, we have devoted ourselves to the one point of “creating an ideal home”, drawing out the “ideal” of each customer, and providing them with their own ideal home that excites and excites them. The smart town developed by Sasagawa Construction Co., Ltd. in Taku City, Saga Prefecture is “SCOLTOWN Takuhara,” a subdivision with a total development area of ​​approximately 8,900 square meters and a total of 21 sales sections. From the stage of town development, advanced initiatives have been taken, such as using small unmanned drones to make deliveries that the elderly do not have to move, checking the status of farmland and forests, and supporting residents to watch over them. has received a lot of media attention.
About Tadashi Ito Architects & Engineers
Tamashi Ito Architects was established in 2014 and moved to Gifu in 2020. As a “Simple Hybrid” (mixing of simplicity), we are practicing and exploring to enrich people, communities and the environment, centered on the belief of creating architecture, space, and town. ■ About JIBUN HAUS.
JIBUN HAUS. Co., Ltd., in order to realize the vision of “changing lives, creating the future”, has a mission of “making homes your own.” It is a housing tech company that provides standard housing “smart custom housing” to find. In the “Jibn House” business, we are developing a new way to buy a house, “Smart Custom House,” where everyone can live their ideal life smarter through VR previews, real-time estimates, and clear accounting. There are more than 140 member stores nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa. In the “MY HOME MARKET” business, we are developing a virtual housing exhibition platform with Nihon Unisys Co., Ltd. In addition, we are engaged in the “VR / AR solution” business and the “WARP HOME” business that conveys the appeal of local builders. We are taking on the challenge of delivering to every corner of society.
■ About mui Lab Inc.
mui Lab is a tech startup aiming for a future where people and technology coexist peacefully, and aims to spread digital technology that is always close to the heart through the gentle interface “Calm UI” centered on “calm technology”. Emphasis is placed on the experience inside the home where most of one’s life is spent, and even in future lifestyles where digital devices are increasing, the smart home experience that goes beyond material wealth and emphasizes emotional richness begins with the mui board. We offer a variety of products and services. It has received global recognition, including the CES Innovation Awards 2019 and 2022, the archiproducts DESIGN AWARDS 2021, the sustainability category, and the baby tech awards 2022.
Company name: mui Lab Co., Ltd.
Location: 295-1 Tawaraya-cho, Ebisugawa-dori, Yanagibaba Higashi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-0966
Established: October 27, 2017
Capital: 250 million yen (including capital surplus)
Representative: Representative Director Kazunori Oki (Co-Founder) Business: UX/UI design, SaaS software development, own product development, sales, consulting
[Notice of recruitment]
mui Lab is looking for engineers, UI designers, and project managers to implement technologies that enrich people’s minds. We are looking for people to create unique user interfaces and experiences with the mui Lab team.
Details: ■ We are disseminating various information on mui’s SNS

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