Must-see for hiring engineers Professionals talk about hiring engineers that are directly linked to results

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[Must-see for hiring engineers] Professionals talk about hiring engineers that are directly linked to results
Publishing the “common points” of successful engineer recruitment
Forkwell (grooves Co., Ltd.) and PRO SCOUT (VOLLECT Co., Ltd.) will hold a co-sponsored webinar on November 29 (Tuesday) at the webinar co-sponsored matching service “Collabor” operated by New Peaks Co., Ltd. ( hold.
Co-sponsored webinar by Forkwell (grooves Co., Ltd.) and PRO SCOUT (VOLLECT Co., Ltd.) at the webinar co-sponsored matching service “Collabor” operated by New Peaks Co., Ltd. ( on Tuesday, November 29th. It will be held.
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Recruitment of engineers is said to be the most difficult recruitment for personnel and managers.
In the background, there are various factors such as the difficulty of identifying the human resources necessary for the company and the mismatch with the workplace after hiring, among the diversifying engineering skills.
In particular, it is becoming more difficult to recruit human resources who can work immediately, and many companies are repeating trial and error to acquire excellent engineers. Among them, engineers hiring professionals will discuss specific themes such as the selection system for achieving results and what kind of job postings are sticking.
Recruiters are welcome to participate so that they can learn about past success stories and quickly achieve results.
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Grooves Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer in charge of Forkwell
Fumiko Matsui
After graduating from the Faculty of Sociology at Hitotsubashi University, experienced promotion and sales at Reed Japan and Johnson & Johnson. In 2020, he joined grooves Co., Ltd. as a sales
representative of the Forkwell business, and in June 2021, he was appointed sales manager, and in March 2022, he oversaw sales, alliances, and marketing as general manager. Appointed to
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Taishi Nakashima
Engaged in recruitment consulting at Persol Career Co., Ltd. as a new graduate. Founded VOLLECT Co., Ltd. after feeling the potential of direct recruiting while supporting recruitment at a major consulting firm after retirement.
For about six years, he has devoted himself to supporting direct recruiting, and has supported over 500 companies in total.
[Participation fee] Free
[Venue] Online
[Target] Personnel settlement person of a company that employs engineers [How to participate] Please register from the URL below. We will send you the viewing URL at a later date. 【inquiry】
New Peaks Co., Ltd.
Collaboration secretariat
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-About New Peaks Co., Ltd.-
A creative company that handles screen communication that combines digital marketing, video communication, and distribution technology with the theme of “taking business to new heights with innovative mechanisms and breakthrough mechanisms.” We operate a co-sponsored webinar matching service “Collabor”, a one-stop solution for program-type online events “NEWSTREAM”, and a distribution studio dedicated to online events “NEWPEAKS STUDIO”.
-Company Profile-
Company name: New Peaks Co., Ltd. (
Head office: 1-13-11 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo THE FORUM Sendagaya 3F Representative Director and President: Yoshitsugu Kobayashi
Established: October 2018
Business description: Video advertising business, video production business, live distribution agency business, marketing support business

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