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Musubi Co., Ltd. First in the industry! First date matching Knot and service ������ 1st annivers ary campaign ������ started!

Musubiya Co., Ltd.
Industry first! First date matching [Knot and service] ������ 1st anniversary campaign ������ started!
A first date service that finds a perfect match with AI compatibility diagnosis and spreads by word of mouth.

Musubiya Co., Ltd., where matching concierges (agents) from 130 companies all over Japan are in charge of each member and provide a safe and secure first date.
What is the reality of the connection and service that has expanded the window widely to individuals and corporations and is increasing quality members mainly by word of mouth? !
[Image 1

I want to meet a comfortable partner because I can be alone! Marriage agencies have a high barrier to entry, and matching apps have a lot of troubles and communication is troublesome.
But I don’t want to spend my life alone like this…
I want a partner because I can be alone. .
what should i do?
Isn’t there a lot of people who have such a problem?
The perfect service for you is the musubiya service!
It’s been almost a year since the release of this knot and service, which aims to meet the first date casually at a low price with a person in charge like a marriage agency.
It is an ideal service for those who are seriously worried because it was created by a representative who runs a marriage agency who has been listening to the current troubles!
At the time of registration, be sure to take an AI compatibility diagnosis, and out of 31 patterns, we will give you a compatibility type with clear diagnosis results based on your current psychology and tens of millions of statistics.
We have realized perfect matching that introduces only compatible partners from among the 31 patterns!
According to the opinions and impressions of members who actually use it, “Even though I tend to get nervous easily, it was so comfortable that I couldn’t believe it was my first date with my partner, and we became friends in no time!”
“It was fun to talk to each other on one date, and I understood that this is what it means to be compatible!”
And so on, we have received a lot of joyful comments.
In addition, members who receive this service have an environment where they can improve themselves, and since 130 matching concierges are professionals in their respective fields, they can use various self-improvement discounts as a member benefit. I can do it! [Image 2

You don’t have to spend money just to meet someone.
Instead, investing in yourself and brushing yourself up will raise your level! [In addition to compatibility, create people who will have a happy ending without taking time from meeting to develop into love! ] Because of this desire, it is the desire of the representative of Musubiya to seriously focus on creating an environment!
Therefore, there are various categories of people in the matching concierge. For example, a concierge who can see the clothes and shades that suit you with a personal color diagnosis.
In addition, popular makeup, photographers who can take profile shots, communication courses to increase love power, diet instructors, intestinal activity advisors, beauty salons, hair removal, whitening salons, etc.
In addition, there are many affiliated stores, so we have an environment for members to raise their level all over the country! There are very few other services that allow you to meet people who are compatible with you while gaining confidence in yourself. That’s why it’s spreading word of mouth!
������1st anniversary special campaign held������
The service will start on November 22, 2021, and thanks to you, we can celebrate the first anniversary!
We have planned a special campaign with that gratitude!
・Campaign 1.
For the first anniversary, you can use the first date matching for free for 3 months until the number of new registrants reaches 1000! (Nationwide target)
・Campaign 2.
All existing members will receive a date ticket worth 2,000 yen! Christmas, new year’s holiday and events will increase from now on! I hope you will find a wonderful encounter through this campaign. You can apply from below!
・SNS related
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