MXN JAPAN Co., Ltd. Vintage.City launches the 5th “First Vintage” campaign to find your first vintage with “Kita no Uchishi Haru-kun”

Vintage.City launches the 5th installment of the “First Vintage” campaign to find your first vintage with “Kita no Uchishi-tachi Haru-kun”
– Get a total of 100,000 yen of popular brand used clothes such as SOPHNET.’s Chester coat, Valentino’s western yoke coat, classic Champion reverse weave –

NAVER J. Hub Corporation (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) launched the vintage fashion app “Vintage.City” (operating agent: MXN JAPAN Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). The fifth installment of the “First Vintage” campaign with the theme of “Finding the first vintage of” will be held in 2022 with a member of the popular multi-creator group “Kita no Uchishi Haru-kun”. It will start at 19:00 on November 23 (Wednesday). Details will be announced on Haruki’s YouTube channel: Haruki’s old clothes
( This time as well, we plan to post behind-the-scenes articles (making) of the shooting in the in-app community during the event period. [Image 1

“Kita no Uchishi-tachi” is a creator group consisting of “Ferto” and “Haru-kun” from Hokkaido. This time, member Haru-kun will be collaborating for the second time with the YouTube channel “Haruki no Secondhand Clothes”, which was opened in August 2021.
On the YouTube channel “Haruki no Secondhand Clothing,” Haruki, who loves clothes and secondhand clothing, explains his favorite vintage items from his own perspective, and also broadcasts location projects around secondhand clothing stores nationwide.
Also, this year, a video project called “Remaking a vintage hoodie from scratch” has started, and I have also launched my own fashion brand “goodpickles”.
The collaboration with Vintage.City in July this year received a great response, so this time the second collaboration has been realized. In this collaboration, we will visit 3 stores, “BAZZSTORE
Shimokitazawa Kitaguchi Store”, “RAGTAG Shimokitazawa Store” and “SHINO CLOTHING STORE” in “Shimokitazawa”, the town that became the origin of Haru-kun’s love for second-hand clothes.
In addition, from the shops we visited this time, we selected chester coats from SOPHNET., western yoke coats from Valentino, and classic Champion reverse weaves. We will give away items worth a total of 100,000 yen.
Details of this campaign will be announced in the video on the YouTube channel “Haruki no Secondhand Clothes”. Applications will be held in the Vintage.City app from 19:00 on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 to 23:59 on Sunday, November 27, 2022, and the winner will also be announced in the app on Monday, November 28. It will be announced at 19:00.
Overview of “First Vintage Campaign”:
Contents: Creators who love second-hand clothes and fashion set themes such as “favorite second-hand clothes items,” “people and shops that inspired me to love second-hand clothes,” and “I like clothes, but trying second-hand clothes for the first time.” This is a project to present carefully selected second-hand items while delivering special content about “First Vintage”.
5th creator: Haru-kun, the northern beaters
5th cooperating shop:
RAGTAG Shimokitazawa store ( BAZZSTORE Shimokitazawa North Exit ( SHINO CLOTHING STORE (
YouTube channel: Present application details: Scheduled to be announced in the Vintage.City app on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 19:00
Present recruitment period: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday)
19:00-November 27 (Sunday) 23:59
Winner announcement date: November 28, 2022 (Monday) 19:00
Details of the gift will be announced in the Vintage.City app on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 19:00.
To apply for a gift, you need to download “Vintage.City” (free) and register as a member (free).
[How to apply for gifts]
STEP1. Check the application details in the “campaign article” published on the “community” page of the vintage fashion app “Vintage.City”.
[Image 2

*Watch a collaboration video with Haru-kun, a northern beater, on the YouTube channel “Haruki’s Old Clothes”, which will be distributed from 19:00 on November 23, 2022 (Wednesday).
*Don’t forget to take note of the contents of the gift announced in the YouTube video!
Complete the application by commenting the following in the comment field of the “campaign article”
Gift item number introduced in the video
* To apply, you need to download “Vintage.City (free)” and register as a member. [Image 3

Vintage.City will work with creators related to secondhand clothing to develop content and campaigns that enrich your secondhand clothing life, and will further lead the secondhand clothing lifestyle. [About “Vintage.City”]
[Image 4d77024-70-6873a11e1efd972bcfbf-3.jpg&s3=77024-70-000ecb759542138ae2bcbf202147c30a-650x650.jpg
Vintage.City is a vintage fashion app that allows users to find vintage shops and used clothes that users want. It is an application that not only allows you to meet “one-of-a-kind items” that are difficult to obtain with flea market apps and shop apps, but also allows you to purchase and sell them.
*Individuals who do not have a vintage shop can freely register products and trade using the chat function.
App name: Vintage.City
Category: Shopping
Compatible models:
iPhone / iPad touch / iPad Compatible devices with iOS 13.0 or later Compatible devices with Android OS 4.4 or later
Official site:
Vintage.City Official Twitter:
Vintage.City Official Instagram:
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