“N organic Vie” introduces a new two-layer beauty essence “Moist Repair Night Serum” that allows intensive care while sleeping

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“N organic Vie” introduces a new two-layer beauty essence “Moist Repair Night Serum” that allows intensive care while sleeping ~Golden ratio*2 of nighttime beauty created with the essence of Phalaenopsis extract*1 and 6 kinds of oil~

The lifestyle beauty brand “N organic” developed by Shiroku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuta Iizuka) is a night from the aging care series “N organic Vie”. We are pleased to announce that the oil serum “N organic Vie Moist Repair Night Serum” will be released from January 11, 2023 (Wednesday). Therefore, from November 4, 2022 (Friday), pre-sale will be held on the official website, Yurakucho Marui store, Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC store, and from November 11, 2022 (Friday) at lofts nationwide. We will start selling.

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“N organic” is a lifestyle beauty brand that aims to enrich not only the beauty of customers’ skin and hair, but also their hearts and lives beyond that, with the brand concept of “enriching life”. . Our skin is exposed to a harsh environment every day due to various external factors such as UV rays, air conditioning, and mask life. In addition, as we age, the amount of sebum secreted decreases, so it is said that the barrier function that prevents moisture from evaporating from the surface of the skin weakens.
The newly released “N organic Vie Moist Repair Night Serum” is a nighttime serum that provides intensive care for daytime damage*3 while you sleep, bringing out the natural beauty of your skin. The essence layer containing Phalaenopsis extract*1 and the oil layer blended with 6 carefully selected plant oils*4 create a double golden ratio*2 that creates a rich, non-greasy moisturizing sensation. In addition, the relaxing citrus scent centered on geranium, which is popular with customers in the “N organic Vie” series, will lead your skin care time before bed to a relaxing time.
*1 Phalaenopsis Orchid Extract (Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis flower extract/skin conditioning ingredient)
*2 Oil layer 65: Golden ratio of essence layer 35
*3 Due to drying
*4 Meadowfoam oil, macadamia seed, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, squalane, soybean oil (all moisturizing ingredients)
The golden ratio of oil and essence*1 achieves a penetrating power*2 [Image 2d57605-42-71d8da17e5c8375d1b61-1.jpg&s3=57605-42-be4c08f5fbf29a76c2612f411687fff8-1280x630.jpg
A concentrated beauty essence that contains carefully selected oils and essences at the golden ratio*1, giving a moist and profound feeling, but blending into the skin without stickiness and luxuriously moisturizing the entire face. It leads to glossy and firm skin that is not defeated by dryness.
*1 Oil layer 65: Golden ratio of essence layer 35
*2 Up to the stratum corneum
Create a foundation for the skin with the power of the strong and beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid
[Image 3d57605-42-ea1c81e53ddfdef1d1e9-2.jpg&s3=57605-42-cfcc0011859b781a1fc3af329f935d1c-1280x630.jpg
Phalaenopsis orchid blooms beautiful white flowers for several months in the harsh environment of “Alishan” in Taiwan.
It is known to fill dry skin with moisturizing ingredients to protect and care for skin that has been damaged during the day*1.
*1 Dry damage caused by climate, air conditioning, and ultraviolet rays Carefully selected dense moisturizing * 1 Use plenty of oil
[Image 4d57605-42-dc95164b9ac948422d7d-3.jpg&s3=57605-42-0ede256accd3f8fa39f6697b5d711ac8-1280x630.jpg
The emollient effect of 6 types of botanical oils*2 carefully selected to approximate the composition of sebum, which tends to be lacking in adult skin, prevents moisture from evaporating out of the skin and keeps it moisturized.
We aimed for a dense and moist feeling that makes you want to touch it. The rich oil gives the feeling of being carefully integrated with the skin.
*1 Within the N organic Vie series
*2 Meadowfoam oil, macadamia seed, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, squalane, soybean oil (all moisturizing ingredients)
Relax with the scent of geranium
[Image 5d57605-42-a89500147fa3099b48fa-4.jpg&s3=57605-42-6b03a80b2c69e4de21fe43da95e6d736-1280x630.jpg
A relaxing citrus scent centered on geranium, which is popular in the “N organic Vie” series.
Before going to bed, spend a blissful moment that relaxes your mind and create a golden time of beauty.
“N organic Vie Moist Repair Night Serum” Product Overview
[Image 6d57605-42-f1661a0841e1d3a89004-5.png&s3=57605-42-3a7f9d3933d1d1ac842aa1ae1fbabdb7-911x2700.png
Product Name: N organic Vie Moist Repair Night Serum
Release date: January 11, 2023 (Wednesday)
Price: 20g 7,590 yen (tax included)
How to use: Shake well up and down to mix the two layers well. Apply 2 pushes* to the palm of your hand, and apply it to the entire face while hand-pressing. Please layer it on the part you care about. *The usage amount is an estimate.
Pre-sale schedule
・ November 4, 2022 (Friday)-Official website and directly managed stores pre-sale start
Pre-sale will start only at two stores, the “N organic” official online store and the directly managed Yurakucho Marui store and Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. store.
・ From Friday, November 11, 2022 Loft pre-sale begins
Pre-sale will start at lofts nationwide.
*Not available at some stores.
About “N organic”
“N organic” has a brand concept of “enriching your life”, and since the birth of the brand in 2017, “N organic” makes you feel loved and cherished every day that repeats. “N organic Vie” to age beautifully, “N organic Bright” to make life brighter again, and three skin care series are released. In addition, we will develop brands other than the skin care series, such as “& WOLF,” which makes up while caring for the bare skin, and “N organic HOME,” which creates time to create a wonderful accent in your life, and are even closer to your lifestyle. We are aiming.
・ Special site for “N organic Vie Moist Repair Night Serum”
・”N organic” official website
・”N organic” Instagram
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