Nac Co., Ltd. New service “D-mot”, a “free” service that supports the promotion of DX in the local c onstruction industry, will be available from today

Nac Co., Ltd.
[New service] “D-mot”, a “free” service that supports the promotion of DX in the local construction industry, will be available from today -Multiple IT-based content available, including a home loan comparison tool-
Nac Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Yoshimura, hereinafter “our company”) is a construction consulting company (representative: Naoki Oba) that supports construction companies. From November 18, 2022, we will start offering a new “free” service “D-mot” with the aim of developing the industry as a whole. [Image 1d9874-115-6bb66879787f7db9ef56-1.png&s3=9874-115-12f3ad2c9bd7ae0fdfcdf06acd1e96d8-1488x488.png

Outline of “D-mot”
Supports DX, which is a high hurdle for the local construction industry, by incorporating multiple IT-based content such as a “mortgage comparison tool” that proposes the optimal mortgage for end users using AI and a “cloud-based construction cost management tool”. It is a new service to
This time, we will provide the service free of charge so that more builders and contractors can introduce it.
main content
[Image 2d9874-115-0f9472da2c9f2c33a8a9-3.png&s3=9874-115-d13cc16390a49b5531f271831170b929-282x153.png
1. AI Matching of Optimal Mortgages
Mortgage comparison tool “Mogereco” is automatically organized for each important point such as “interest rate order” and “insurance enhancement order (how much insurance is available)” simply by inputting the necessary information by the end user. It is a tool that allows you to check the housing loan ranking and the housing loan that suits you.
In addition, financial professionals will act as consultants and use “Mogereco” to support the selection of complex mortgages, not only to support end-users in purchasing homes, but also to help builders and contractors make proposals for building homes. It also creates time to focus.
[Image 3d9874-115-57b10e378d2ee7698efd-5.png&s3=9874-115-ae13806a8e4381dcba83794cd9a0a83e-296x67.png
2. Business improvement with cloud-based business management made from the perspective of the field
By utilizing the cloud-based business management system “CONOC”, which can also respond to the invoice system that will be compulsory from October 2023, it will be possible to visualize difficult-to-see business, improve business and increase profits.
We aim to promote DX in the local construction industry by managing analog work, which tends to be individualized, in the cloud. [Image 4d9874-115-1f15d82a090c77c1be28-6.png&s3=9874-115-498a8bdf12a253da34a75913b5d8a334-295x75.png
3. Support for eco-friendly housing
By utilizing the photovoltaic power generation system lease package “@denden pack”, it is no longer necessary to include the cost of the photovoltaic power generation system in the home price. Builders and contractors can reduce the sales price of houses with solar panels, and it is also possible to propose options that meet the wishes of end users with the reduced price.
In addition, by utilizing the joint purchase service for parts and materials developed in our construction consulting business, we can purchase low-priced insulation materials and energy-saving equipment, not only to reduce costs, but also to prepare for the future obligation to comply with ZEH. increase.
Background of product development
Our construction consulting business is working to promote DX, which is a high hurdle for builders and contractors nationwide, by developing and providing products that utilize IT through open innovation.
The current local construction industry is in a tough market environment amid soaring global prices and rising interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages. Therefore, we have decided to provide a highly social new service that utilizes multiple IT tools to improve operational efficiency and support the construction of eco-friendly housing, as well as to encourage end-users to purchase housing. the next deployment
[Image 5d9874-115-2f59e85800722801085c-7.jpg&s3=9874-115-f9f193dd31f8b2645d9c5344223e03d6-447x298.jpg
In our construction consulting business, we will support the solution of social issues such as land search, which is a heavy burden for builders and contractors, and business succession problems due to the declining birthrate and aging population, through further expansion of services using IT. We will continue to aim for the sustainable development of the local construction industry through product development that is effective in promoting DX.
Supplementary Material-
■ About Naco Co., Ltd.
Since our founding as a franchisee of Duskin Co., Ltd. in 1971, we have actively expanded our business areas as a conglomerate centered on “helping people in their daily lives” and “taking care of consumer problems.” We have expanded. In 2021, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding, and currently, in addition to the rental business centered on the Duskin business, we also have the Kurikura business, which develops the water delivery business, the construction consulting business, which provides management support for local builders, the housing business, and the beauty and health business. We have direct connections with more than 1 million customers nationwide in a wide range of areas related to business, housing and life, and continue to grow further.
・ “Architectural consulting business” official website:
■ About MFS Co., Ltd.
A professional financial and analytics company that operates the mortgage comparison service “Moge Check” and the online real estate investment service “INVASE”. Using technology, we are working on new financial services that efficiently connect mortgage users and financial institutions.
・ “Mogereco” official service site: ■ About CONOC Co., Ltd.
We are working to promote DX in the construction industry using IT by making the most of the industry knowledge we have cultivated over many years. Under the theme of “turning the conventional wisdom of the construction industry upside down”, we are proceeding with development to improve operational efficiency and create new value in the construction industry, including the cloud-based business management system “CONOC”.
・ “CONOC” official service site: ■ About Energia Solutions and Services Co., Ltd. We are a comprehensive energy supply company that develops a variety of services to meet a wide range of customer needs, such as home electrification leasing, business fuel supply, energy facility proposals, installation, and maintenance. .
・ “@ Denka Pack” official service site: Details about this release:


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