Nagano College of Technology Business trip! “Manufacturing Touchable Switches in Toyama”

National Institute of Technology, Independent Administrative Institution [Nagano College of Technology] Business trip! “Manufacturing Touchable Switches in Toyama”
AT equipment development experience workshop was held

National College of Technology, Nagano National College of Technology (Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Principal: Naokazu Ezaki, hereinafter referred to as “Nagano College”) announced on November 6, 2020 (Sunday), “Reacts just by touching it gently. A hands-on workshop for device development related to assistive technology (hereafter referred to as “AT/assistive technology (AT)”) that produces a sensor switch that touches a switch *1″ was held at Toyama National College of Technology Hongo Campus (Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture) Principal: It was held at Yoshiaki Kunieda (hereafter referred to as “Toyama National College of Technology”).
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Explanation of “touchable switches” at Toyama National College of Technology 【Purpose】
This event aims to develop human resources related to AT, and as part of the GEAR 5.0*2 project in which Nagano National College of Technology participates, we will promote the creation of a place for collaboration where parties, supporters, and related parties gather. In collaboration with local stakeholders, we will hold AT workshops and manufacture assistive devices that will lead to solutions for various needs.
Event name: Business trip! Tactile Switch Edition -AT Device Development Experience Workshop-
Date: November 6, 2020 (Sunday)
Venue name: Toyama National College of Technology (Hongo Campus) Participants: Parties, supporters, stakeholders, etc. involved in assistive technology (AT)
This time, Nagano National College of Technology’s “touchable switch” was held as a collaborative workshop at Toyama National College of Technology. At the venue, there were 8 groups of 10 participants, including teachers from special needs schools in Toyama Prefecture, as well as teachers from the GEAR5. I was. The participants tested the sensation of touch with their fingertips while checking the reaction of the completed switch. In addition, in the questionnaire after the event, we received many comments such as “It was fun to make”, “It was a valuable experience”, and “I was surprised by the technical college’s efforts and the high level of technology”.
There were also various opinions regarding how to use the tactile switches, such as “I want to use them for learning,” “I want to use them in conjunction with iPads,” and “I want to be able to express my intentions by connecting them to voices or equipment that produces sound.” . At Nagano National College of Technology, future AT equipment workshops are also planned to be meaningful events that meet the needs of local AT people.
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soldering work
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Students helping with soldering
*1 Switch to touch
The “tactile switch” was developed several years ago for children with spinal muscular atrophy type I (SMA type I), but I wanted it to be used by a wider range of people in need, so I redesigned it and developed it. Thing.
 SMA is an intractable disease that causes muscle weakness and muscle atrophy in the trunk and limbs, and type I in particular develops by the age of 6 months, so a ventilator is required and basically all assistance is required.
However, after receiving a consultation about whether it would be possible to create a community application, we created a “touchable switch” that uses parts that move slightly to make things that can be operated with a single switch operable.
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touch switch
・ Touch switch – YouTube
This is one of the assistive devices produced in the GEAR5.0 project.
*2 GEAR 5.0 project
The GEAR5.0 project is a “sustainable The eAT-HUB concept*3 that supports regional medical care and welfare as possible and the realization of a symbiotic society through the training of AT engineers is the theme of this project. This is a business that started in the second year of the sum.
Project website
About the GEAR5.0 project *3 eAT-HUB Concept
Participating schools in the GEAR 5.0 project aim to support the formation of a symbiotic society that targets the environment and society surrounding people with disabilities, in addition to the physical and mental disabilities that are targeted by conventional assistive technology (AT). is established as a HUB school in each block, and the idea is to support the formation of a symbiotic society through the nationwide network of technical colleges.
[About Nagano National College of Technology]
Nagano National College of Technology was established in April 1963 with the aim of teaching specialized science and technology in depth, and cultivating the skills necessary for the profession. With more than 9,000 graduates, it has developed to this day, receiving high praise from the industrial world as a higher education institution that provides early integrated education in science and technology. In recent years, there have been many situations in which problems are solved by integrating multiple engineering fields, and there is a strong need to learn engineering in a cross-disciplinary manner. was reorganized into one department of “Engineering Department”. [School Overview]
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School name: National Institute of Technology, Nagano College of Technology Location: 716 Tokuma, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
Principal name: Naokazu Ezaki
Founded: 1963
Business description: College of technology, higher educational institution [Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
National Institute of Technology, Nagano College of Technology Research Cooperation and Industry-University Collaboration Section, General Affairs Division
TEL: 026-295-7134 (Regarding applications) 026-295-7577
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~In 2022, the technical college system will celebrate its 60th anniversary~
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