Nagoya Takashimaya First unveiling of “Kameyama brand” products scheduled to be certified in 2022 Regarding the development of “Kameyama brand” products

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[Nagoya Takashimaya] -Kameyama Mayor visit-First unveiling of “Kameyama brand” products scheduled to be certified in 2022 About the development of “Kameyama brand” products
■Date: November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday) to 28th (Monday) ■Location: 10th floor event venue “Nippon Goods Exhibition 2022”

The “Kameyama Brand” was launched last year in order to spread the attractive specialties of Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture to the whole country. In addition to unveiling products scheduled to be newly certified this year at this event, Mayor Kameyama will be present on the first day to promote them.
[Kameyama mayor visits on the first day] What is Kameyama City’s “Kameyama Brand”?
The Kameyama City Regional Brand Creation Project started in 2021 to certify the attractive specialty products of Kameyama City as the “Kameyama Brand” and disseminate them nationwide. Last year, a total of 10 brands and 17 products were certified, and this year, 8 brands and 17 products are scheduled to be certified, bringing the total to 34 products of 17 brands. *Some overlapping brands
Mr. Yoshiyuki Sakurai, the mayor of Kameyama City, will be present at the venue to promote the appeal of Kameyama by distributing
-Zuihoken-Kamenoo, which is scheduled to be newly certified, to the first 50 people.
[Image 1

“Kameyama brand” logo
Date and time of visit: November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) 10:00 “Kameyama Brand” certified – Zuihoken – Kamenoo (mochi sweets) and distribution of Kameyama tea tea bags [first 50 people]
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Mr. Yoshiyuki Sakurai, Mayor of Kameyama City
[Image 3

Distribute – Zuihoken – Kamenoo
Unveiling the “New Kameyama Brand” products scheduled to be certified in 2022 A taste that has remained unchanged for 150 years since the late Edo period, a famous confection that was presented to His Majesty the Emperor
A famous sweet that has been loved in Kameyama for over 150 years. From the Taisho era to the Showa era, it is a traditional Kameyama flavor that was presented to the Emperor when he visited Ise Jingu. It is an elegant mochi confectionery with soft bean paste wrapped in soft gyuhi mochi.
[Image 4

-Zuihoken- Kamenoo (8 pieces) 861 yen
Baumkuchen made with ingredients from Kameyama
Baumkuchen using the rice dedicated to Ise Jingu Shrine, “Musubi no Kami,” which has been on sale since November 2021. Developed with the aim of becoming a new specialty of Kameyama, it uses plenty of local ingredients such as Kameyama matcha and Kameyama Japanese black tea. [Image 5

-Zuihoken-Ryu no Hige Baum (Soft/Hard) From 1,401 yen each
Pour resin into the roots of trees waiting to rot and upcycle them into vase The 3rd generation president of Zaimokuya develops miscellaneous goods of “natural wood x resin” to create new value of wood. We pour resin into the roots of trees that are just waiting to rot, and sell “Vases” and “Originals” that have been reborn as new products.
[Image 6

-Wood Lovers- Vase from 6,930 yen
The cat planter is very popular as a Kameyama city hometown tax return gift. A cat planter made of hinoki cypress from Kameyama City. With the recent pet boom, this planter bed for pets is very popular in Kameyama City’s hometown tax return gift ranking.
[Image 7

-Nakagawa wood- cat planter 5,500 yen
Sencha made from first-class tea from tea farms, which is also used for school lunches in the city
A special sencha using first-class tea produced by the third generation, who is also active as a “Japanese tea instructor” and “hand-rolled tea master”. This tea is also used in school lunches in the city.
[Image 8

-Ichikawa Dairakuen- Premium Sencha (100g) ¥751
Luxurious blend of powdered tea leaves of “Kameyama tea” and “Kameyama black tea” Taste and compare the taste of two types of tea
Founded in 1930. “Yamazato” is a confectionery that was devised by the first generation and inherited by the second generation. The third generation has added Homare flavor and Kameyama tea flavor to Kameyama tea bean, making it a more Kameyama-like confectionery.
[Image 9

-Namamado- Yamazato (2 pieces) from 270 yen
[Store brand]
■Certified in 2021-Fukagawaya–Date Marugame Seicha Date Kameka–Chaki Chaki–Guild Design–Knotty House Living–Wood Lovers–Candle House-■ To be certified in 2022-Zuihoken– Namamado–Ichikawa
Dairakuen–Aizuya–Chinese specialty Shirakawa–Nakagawa
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