Naked Co., Ltd. Next-generation auction of “tradition and innovation” to be experienced in Real x Metavers e

Naked Co., Ltd.
Next-generation auction of “tradition and innovation” to experience in real x metaverse
―NAKED’s first project “NAKED AUCTION 0 (zero)” will be held on November 27 (Sun) at Kyoto Honganji Dendoin―

NAKED Co., Ltd. (English notation: NAKED, INC., location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative: Ryotaro Muramatsu) will hold the first art project of NAKED at Honganji Dendoin in Kyoto on Sunday, November 27, 2022. The auction event “NAKED AUCTION 0 (zero)” will be held with no participation fee (successful bidders need to pay the winning bid). This project is a next-generation auction event in which not only virtual participants but also real missionaries can participate in the auction venue in the Metaverse space. In addition, at the real venue, we will exhibit artist Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKED work “DANDELION PROJECT” and three digital art works.
[Image 1d8210-848-d083a1a82c69672a0ec1-0.png&s3=8210-848-12425a936ec09105436fe5363b08ec53-1502x1052.png
The auction culture, which is said to have started behind a church in England, is updated with a temple in Kyoto as the stage.
It is said that the auction started in the backyard of a church by British citizens, with its origins in the spirit of handing over things that are no longer needed and treating them with care for a long time to come. The art auction culture, which is still unfamiliar in Japan, will be updated and disseminated from Honganji Dendoin, where Eastern and Western architectural styles coexist. The title of “NAKED AUCTION 0″ contains the idea of ​​”the origin of art auctions. Starting the first step of continuous efforts that lead to the development of Japanese art and culture.” We support the Japanese art scene through a new style of auction that makes it easier to participate in art auctions, which have been difficult up until now. In addition, Mr. Tetsuji Shibayama, former president of the
world-famous auctioneer Sotheby’s Japan, will handle the real auction ( %B1%E5%93%B2%E6%B2%BB). We will deliver a full-fledged art auction experience. The venue is a metaverse version of Hongwanji Dendoin and the real Hongwanji Dendoin, which is usually closed to the public. You can participate from both the real Mission House and the Metaverse (virtual).
The works sold in the metaverse (virtual) auction will be NFTs, and the auctions sold in the real auction will be real art works. Proceeds from sales will be donated to the protection of the cultural properties of Nishi Honganji Temple.
In this virtual auction, four NFT art works collaborated by artist Ryotaro Muramatsu with people of the three arts of tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and incense, which are responsible for traditional Japanese culture, will be exhibited. A portion of the sales of NFT art will be donated to protect the cultural assets of Nishi Honganji Temple. In the real auction, the works of artists who are openly recruited from all over the country, including Kyoto, will be exhibited. All sales of real auction works will be paid to the exhibiting artist. As soon as the real auction exhibition works are decided, you can see them on the official website. Dendoin will also exhibit Ryotaro Muramatsu/NAKED’s digital art works.
The art project “DANDELION PROJECT” connecting with the world will be open to the public for a limited time from November 24th to 27th at Nishi Honganji Karamon.
For four days from November 24th to 27th, you can also experience the “DANDELION PROJECT”, a participatory art project that wishes for peace, at Nishi Hongwanji Karamon, a satellite venue for Dendoin. When you blow on a dandelion object, the fluff flutters up around the world through the network, and flowers bloom near the “DANDELION” installed in various places. More than 750,000 people around the world have already experienced this project, which allows them to feel connected to people around the world through a network that transcends all boundaries.
– “NAKED AUCTION 0” November 27th Auction Exhibition NFT Art Details- [Image 2d8210-848-811eaeb9314a938c4489-1.jpg&s3=8210-848-8ab41fe87c29ec3ae17a312c3f42b158-1024x1024.jpg
Tea Ceremony Mr. Munehisa Nara
Ryotaro Muramatsu
“Tea Memories”
An art that leaves a once-in-a-lifetime “memory” of tea with NFT technology. This time, Mr. Nara will be the host, and the trajectory of the tea ceremony inviting Muramatsu and Yuko Hasegawa, director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, will be NFT art.
[Image 3d8210-848-f000828dec2c5362312b-2.jpg&s3=8210-848-065350a5cf101b96793c69bee18d07b0-1024x1024.jpg
Ikebana Sogetsu Iemoto Akane Teshigahara
Ryotaro Muramatsu
“The End and the Beginning” Ikebana is photographed using
photogrammetry, a technology that has been attracting attention in recent years, with the theme of the “end” and “beginning” of a tea room. NFT Ikebana work that expresses a new beginning at the same time as the real to the virtual, the raw to the digital.
[Image 4d8210-848-92c2daeaf307a5203052-3.jpg&s3=8210-848-4b79b85b79788fff33bd9dfee209684e-1024x1024.jpg
Mr. Hachiya Soto, a young master of Shino style incense
Ryotaro Muramatsu
“Four Seasons Fragrance” We created a scent based on the theme of a modern tea room, and visualized the story and world view together with waka poems. In addition, the successful bidder at the auction will actually receive the scent, a work that fuses the real (fragrance) and the virtual (NFT art).

[Image 5d8210-848-078642eeb8a3d4fba48c-4.jpg&s3=8210-848-8c183abf4670cc8deab00187198ac96e-700x430.jpg
Mr. Senko Ikenobo, the next head of the Ikenobo Ikebana school ×
Ryotaro Muramatsu
“Phoenix” is a collaboration work between Ryotaro Muramatsu, an artist of “Phoenix”, and Mr. Senko Ikenobo, the next head of Ikenobo. An NFT art work surrounded by “MY FLOWER” flowers arranged by the
participants of Metaverse Nijo Castle.
-Introduction of art exhibited at Dendoin on November 27-
On November 27th only, Ryotaro Muramatsu/NAKED’s art works will be exhibited at the Honganji Dendoin real venue.
[Image 6d8210-848-c7db24523a5d01d366fc-5.jpg&s3=8210-848-2c7e2698e7754c8094d9a30bdca74e31-1920x1280.jpg
Hazama -A Space Between-
light, sound, scent. Everything is made of “waves”. The movement of the waves produced by the water is the most visually comprehensible. So, what is the beach? land and sea. Yes and no. life and death. A place where two worlds meet due to the ebb and flow of energy. The viewer is the “moon”. An interactive work that continues to change as the tides ebb and flow as the moon approaches.
[Image 7d8210-848-1aee2ffd1a0c98817065-6.jpg&s3=8210-848-e534cad3b3e4ee1bb3671507fa2df704-1920x1280.jpg
Yen -En-
Annual rings quietly mark the growth of trees.
Life is constantly active in it, and it grows into a giant tree over many years. Even though they are constantly changing, they are definitely connected. A work depicting the “circle” of life. [Image 8d8210-848-4410145e47b23f839c9e-7.jpg&s3=8210-848-4863a6ac76cd706d7bb5ec4caa5daff5-1024x576.jpg
Kaleido Jellyfish
The jellyfish has neither a brain nor a heart. 95% of the body consists of water. It has only nerves and water ducts that nourish the whole body, and keeps itself alive by opening and closing the umbrella. And when the time comes, it melts into the sea and disappears. A simple perfection that allows you to surrender to the world, yet not be ruled by anything. The ambiguous and divine appearance is drawn by mosaics that repeat automatic generation. “NAKED AUCTION 0” Overview
Event name: NAKED AUCTION 0
Venue: Honganji Dendoin (in front of Aburanokoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto) Date: Sunday, November 27, 2022
*Invitation ticket is required to participate in Dendoin.
*You can participate in the virtual auction from anywhere, but it may be difficult to connect depending on the access status.
Related event name/venue/holding period:
“DANDELION PROJECT Nishi Honganji” and other Karamon illuminated Nishi Hongwanji Temple Karamon
November 24th (Thursday) to November 27th (Sunday), 2022
*Admission fee and participation fee are free.
Official site:
Organizer: NAKED, INC.
Special cooperation: Nishi Honganji
Real auction management: AG Holdings Co., Ltd.
Organizer: NAKED, INC.
Co-sponsored by: Kyoto City, Otsu City
Sponsored by: Uji City, Kyoto City Tourism Association, Uji City Tourism Association, Lake Biwa Otsu Tourist Association, Mt. Hiei/Lake Biwa DMO
Partner companies: MUFG Bank, Ltd., CyberAgent, Inc., Sunny Side Up Co., Ltd., Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Cine Focus Co., Ltd., Cima Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Agency for Cultural Affairs Regional Culture Creation Headquarters About NAKED, INC.
[Image 9d8210-848-8f28c71c6ba94a68c942-8.jpg&s3=8210-848-b31e04a307ea2287bd926c1cdc4a2e7e-650x325.jpg
A creative company established by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997. Based on the philosophy of “Core Creative, Total Creation, and Borderless Creativity”, he works regardless of genre. In recent years, he has created various experiences that cross over the real and the virtual, such as the network-type art project “DANDELION PROJECT” that connects various parts of the world and the development of AR/VR products. We are creating new experiences and values ​​in every scene of LIFE, such as art, entertainment, culture, tradition, education, music, cities, food, and sports. From 2022, he will work on Kyoto’s metaverse and start the project “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” to deliver Kyoto’s culture and art experience in virtual x real.
Representative works include the Tokyo Station projection mapping “TOKYO HIKARI VISION”, the world heritage site Nijo Castle, “NAKED FLOWERS”, a flower art exhibition that has been held in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and the music experience “HUMANOID DJ” created by AI (artificial intelligence). ”, “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park”, an experiential restaurant that combines food and art, “NAKED Tsukubai (R)”, an art for preventing infectious diseases, and “NAKED Distance Lantern (R)︎”. ■NAKED, INC.:
■Official Instagram:
■Official Facebook: ■ Official Twitter:
■ Official YouTube:
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