Nandemo Draft Co., Ltd. It has been decided to provide prediction content using “Nandora” at the Judo Gran d Slam Tokyo 2022!

Nandemo Draft Co., Ltd.
It has been decided to provide prediction content using “Nandora” at Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022!
As a start-up from Japan, English and French prediction/quiz content is also available to the world!

Reproducing sports entertainment with the power of technology! Anything Draft Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Keisuke Morii, hereinafter “Nandora”), which provides sports and entertainment viewing and viewing experience improvement services that deliver excitement to people’s daily lives through “anticipation” will develop the expected content of “Judo x Nandora” at “Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022 (Venue: Tokyo Gymnasium)” to be held from December 3rd (Sat) to 4th (Sun), 2022. increase.
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“Nandora” will develop a special draft dealing with players’ performance predictions and trivia quizzes through the tournament at the Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022, which is positioned as the world’s highest tournament. We will deliver a new way to watch and enjoy judo. In addition to Japanese, English and French prediction drafts are also available! It will be the first content for the world as “Nandora”, which aims to “deliver enthusiasm to the world with cutting-edge sports viewing experience!” We will also be giving away wonderful gifts to the top performers.
Scheduled content
“Nandora” service site:
Prediction of player activity through the tournament
Judo Grand Slam Trivia Quiz
Saturday Final Block・Player Expectations
Sunday Final Block・Player Expectations
(English) Predictions and trivia quizzes on player performances throughout the tournament
(French) Expectations for French Judo Players through the Tournament

Through the Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022, “Nandora” will create a new viewing experience for Japanese judo fans, create opportunities for new interest in judo, As a startup, we will excite judo fans around the world. We look forward to your participation everyone!
This initiative is part of our efforts as a company selected for the “INNOVATION LEAGUE Acceleration 2022” sponsored by the Japan Sports Agency.
[What is “Nandora”? ]
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Through our “anticipated media platform,” which allows you to share and sympathize with your friends about today’s excitement and tomorrow’s excitement, we will cooperate with sports organizations and TV stations to provide new experiences that will extend and deepen the time fans and viewers can enjoy. increase.
The moment when the winner of your favorite sport is decided, the final episode of the drama you’re addicted to, or the latest installment of that movie series. !
Before the event, you can make predictions about which players will be active against your friends and rivals from all over the country, and during the event, you will be able to amplify the enthusiasm with the points that are added, and after the event, you can enjoy looking back at the user rankings and match results. We will take on the challenge of re-staging an event created by many people so that fans can enjoy it longer, deeper and broader.
“Nandora” service site:
Nandemo Draft Corporate Site:
Anything draft interview application, service content inquiries:

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