Nara Shoe Industry Cooperative Association New Nara leather shoes, KOTOKA Kintetsu Department Store Nara Store 5th floor “Good for Nara” pop-up held

Nara Shoe Industry Cooperative
New Nara leather shoes, pop-up held at KOTOKA Kintetsu Department Store Nara Store 5th floor “Good for Nara”

New Nara leather shoes, KOTOKA
A pop-up will be held at Kintetsu Department Store Nara Store 5F “Good for Nara” [Imaged67484-14-f785e1af6716de27ba84-0.png&s3=67484-14-2decff58eb71514bfc52b4eb0890d8a1-1837x1847.png
The new Nara leather shoes “KOTOKA” will be popping up at the “Good for Nara” section on the 5th floor of Kintetsu Department Store Nara from November 30th (Wednesday) to December 6th (Tuesday).
“Good for Nara” is a refreshed and expanded sales floor of the Kintetsu Department Store Nara store this October. From among the many Nara masterpieces, we select and sell items that are good for living in Nara. In addition to the permanent items, we propose various pop-up items from various parts of Nara prefecture every week.
“KOTOKA” is a leather shoe brand jointly developed and manufactured by seven leather shoe manufacturers (*) in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture. It was born from the desire of seven companies to raise awareness of Nara as one of Japan’s leading leather shoe production areas and increase trust in its shoe making.
Making the most of materials, expressing the beauty of simplicity, and enjoying the texture that deepens over time. “KOTOKA” is made from carefully selected Japanese leather with a natural texture, based on the Japanese sensibility that has been handed down to us since the days when the capital was in Nara. These leather shoes can be worn by both men and women, with a single piece of leather that gently envelops your feet.
◇”Nara Shoes” Official Homepage
◇ KOTOKA Official Instagram
Kintetsu Department Store (Nara) Official Homepage
◇Inquiries: Nara Shoe Industry Cooperative

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