Natee Co., Ltd. Creator co-creation marketing company Natee announces appointment of new director and auditor

Natee Co., Ltd.
Creator Co-Creation Marketing Natee Announces Appointment of New Director and Auditor

Natee Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryoken Kojima, hereinafter “Natee”), which develops a creator co-creative marketing business specializing in short movies, has newly appointed Takahito Ozawa as Director and CFO, and Audit & Supervisory Board Member. We are pleased to announce that Yukiko Usui has been appointed as Taking this opportunity, we will strengthen our management system and, as a creator economy company, we will further strive to realize our mission of “Making Humanity a Talent!” [Image 1d52778-32-30c7185b2f52f4f825c1-0.png&s3=52778-32-7d2451b7e08f49ea731182458e0b17ae-1920x1280.png

Director and CFO, Takahito Ozawa Profile

[Image 2d52778-32-a73444c96eb3ddb8825f-3.png&s3=52778-32-fcd533fb8941255f8450f0ad8a9436ac-1920x1280.png
Graduated from Waseda University School of Commerce. Joined Recruit Administration Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Co., Ltd.) as a new graduate in 2016 and gained experience in the finance department. After that, he moved to the investment department and was involved in promoting M&A and considering investment in overseas venture companies. After leaving the company, he started a business in the D2C area and joined Natee in 2021 at the invitation of Kojima and Asato after selling shares. In November 2022, he was appointed as Director and CFO of the Company.
Corporate Auditor Yukiko Usui Profile

[Image 3d52778-32-17b42eaa023030163388-4.png&s3=52778-32-5f44a19e2a472830b307ae2d07b8ad5e-1920x1280.png
Born in 1985, from Nagano prefecture. In 2009, he passed the second-stage certified public accountant examination. After joining KPMG AZSA LLC in 2010 and engaging in accounting audits, since 2016 he has been involved in corporate taxation and IPO support centered on start-up companies at Hida Tax Accountant Corporation (currently Sherpa Tax Accountant Corporation). Registered as a tax accountant in 2018 and became independent in 2022. Appointed Audit & Supervisory Board Member of the Company in November 2022.
Natee Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Natee is a creator economy company whose mission is to “turn humanity into talent!”
In the creator co-creative marketing business, which specializes in short movies, we provide “co-creative” promotion measures that combine client products and brands with the worldview of TikTok creators. In an era when SNS has spread and anyone can become an advertising tower, we aim to promote “participatory promotional activities” and realize a new form of advertising.
Company name: Natee Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryoken Kojima, Representative Director
Established: November 1, 2018
Location: BIZCORE Shibuya 4F, 1-3-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business: Marketing support business starting with creators

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