National Institute of Technology and Evaluation Achieved prevention of electrical equipment troubles! Publis hed “Smart Safety Technology No. 4 project” that can detect signs of failure of rotating machinery at an early stage

National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
Achieving prevention of electrical equipment troubles! Published “Smart Safety Technology No. 4 project” that can detect signs of failure of rotating machinery at an early stage

The “Smart Safety Promotion Committee”, whose secretariat is the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation [NITE, Chairman: Fumihiko Hasegawa, Head office: Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo], is Torishima Seisakusho’s “Small Wireless Vibration Data Collection Device and Vibration Data Monitoring and Analysis Technology” was determined to be effective for early detection of failures in rotating machinery such as pumps and fans attached to generators of thermal power plants, and was developed as a smart safety technology. approved. This technology is listed in the “Smart Safety Technology Catalog (Electrical Safety) 4th Edition” and will be available on the NITE website from November 30, 2022.
Smart Security Technology Catalog
(This technology is published in Element 00002-P1 (Document 1.1) to Hogi 00002-P10 (Document 4))
The committee has evaluated the validity of this technology, and found that it is fully possible to maintain and improve safety levels while achieving optimization through economic efficiency in equipment maintenance and long-term stable use, and that introduction effects can be expected. admitted. This technology enables business operators to easily collect (constantly monitor) high-precision vibration data from rotating machinery and predict anomalies through data analysis, even from remote locations. In addition, by trend management of vibration data, it is possible to detect abnormalities in the early stages and prevent machine troubles through early or planned repairs and maintenance.
[Image 1

           Fig.1 Rotating machinery monitoring system (TR-COM system) configuration diagram
 NITE will continue to promote smart safety technology
awareness-raising activities for related industries, and will actively make proposals that will lead to more efficient administrative work and review of regulations.
About the Smart Security Promotion Committee
 In the field of electrical safety, there are various issues such as aging deterioration of demand equipment, aging and shortage of human resources for electrical safety, typhoons and natural disasters. In order to solve these problems, NITE established the Smart Safety Promotion Committee at the request of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
At the Smart Safety Promotion Committee, members consisting of academic experts and others will evaluate the substitutability, effectiveness, economic efficiency, etc. of the security management technology project that has been applied for. In addition, if there are factors that hinder the introduction and spread of highly evaluated smart security technologies, we consider countermeasures and make recommendations to the government and industry groups.
[Image 2

              Figure 2 Positioning of the Smart Security Promotion Committee *Source: “Electrical Safety Field Smart Safety Action Plan” (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Smart Security Promotion Committee
About Smart Security Technology Catalog
 As a result of the evaluation by the Smart Safety Promotion Committee, those that are judged to be appropriate as smart safety technology are listed in the smart safety technology catalog and published on the NITE website. This catalog is intended to be used as a reference material when installers of electrical equipment consider introducing and promoting safety technology. ” is the fourth project following the three projects below.
Press release dated July 8, 2022 (first project)
“Published Japan’s first technology catalog for smart safety (electrical safety field)”
Press release dated July 29, 2022 (No. 2 project)
“Technology for detecting signs of high-voltage electrical accidents using IoT ‘Smart Safety Technology Catalog’ 2nd project released”
Press release dated October 28, 2022 (No. 3 project)
“Constant remote monitoring greatly reduces legal inspections of receiving and substations, new “smart security technology third project” released”
Smart Security Technology Catalog
Torishima Seisakusho’s “Compact Wireless Vibration Data Acquisition Device and Vibration Data Monitoring and Analysis Technology” 【background】
In the equipment management of rotating machines (pumps, fans, etc., excluding generators, etc.) in electrical equipment such as thermal power plants, human auscultation and diagnosis and measurement using portable vibration meters are commonly used. However, these methods require experience and skilled skills, and there has been a demand for technology that can diagnose and measure with stable accuracy every time, and that can be introduced easily at a low cost.
[System overview]
This technology is a “rotating machinery monitoring system” that utilizes vibration data collected from compact wireless sensors installed on rotating machinery in plants such as power plants. Constant monitoring and data analysis of vibration data enables early detection of abnormalities in rotating machinery by creating a three-dimensional graph of the vibration acceleration spectrum. [Image 3

                Figure 3 TR-COM system operation image
 The compact wireless sensor used is powered by a lithium battery, so it can be easily retrofitted to the rotating machine to be monitored without the need for power supply and control wiring work. In addition, most general wireless vibration sensors can only measure from 2,000 to 3,000 Hz, but this sensor can measure from 8 Hz to 10,000 Hz in increments of 1 Hz, so there are signs of failure that appear in the high-frequency range. It can be caught.
[Image 4

    Fig. 4 Appearance of the sensor (b-Monitor2) (left) and the sensor installed on the Torishima Pump (right)
The “vibration acceleration”, “vibration velocity”, and “temperature” data of the target machine obtained from the compact wireless sensor are transferred and saved in the cloud, so you can monitor the condition of the machine and read the data remotely using a web browser. analysis can be done. In addition, by accumulating and monitoring vibration spectra in chronological order, changes in signs of abnormalities can be visualized, enabling maintenance management equivalent to sound changes and abnormalities identified by
experienced engineers. It is also possible to estimate the cause of machine anomalies from the shape of the time-series vibration spectrum.
[Image 5

                   Figure 5 WEB screen image
Efforts to solve electrical safety issues at NITE
At NITE, in response to a request from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in May 2020, to provide technical support for electrical safety administration (administrative activities to ensure safety in the design, maintenance, operation, etc. of electrical facilities). Established a new center. Utilizing the knowledge and experience that NITE has cultivated so far, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and related organizations, we will promote awareness-raising activities for new smart safety technologies and make proposals for reviewing regulations, etc., to maintain and improve electrical safety. We are working on various projects that contribute to
Business introduction of the NITE Power Safety Center
[Smart Security]
Efforts to introduce new technologies such as IoT and AI to improve safety and efficiency in industrial safety.
Explanation of smart security — Details about this release:

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