Natsuko Yokozawa appears for the first time in “Zexy Baby”! Talks about ideal parenting and the secrets of a harmonious family

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Natsuko Yokozawa appears for the first time in “Zexy Baby”! Talks about ideal parenting and the secrets of a harmonious family “Zexy Baby book for pregnant women” 5th anniversary special interview
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Recruit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshihiro Kitamura) plans and produces the pregnancy and childbirth information magazine “Zexy Baby Book for Pregnant Women” to
commemorate its 5th anniversary, and will be issued on November 28, 2022. Now, we have conducted a special interview with Ms. Natsuko Yokozawa, who is active as a talent, so let me give you an overview. Also, this interview will be published not only in the information magazine but also in “Zexy Baby” from 10:00 on November 28th, so please take a look.
“Zexy Baby” Interview with Natsuko Yokozawa:
“Zexy Baby” 5th anniversary TOP page:
■ What was difficult after childbirth? Show off a humorous way to relax When I asked Ms. Yokozawa, who is currently the mother of two daughters, about the hardships she had after giving birth, she said, “I can’t sleep. It was hard because I couldn’t sleep when I wanted to. My husband took care of the morning and bath time, and I took a rest.On Saturday night, I spent two hours in the bath, lighting candles, adding bath salts, and taking the time to relax. Since it’s only two hours, I told him I was going to Hakone for a bit (laughs) ‘I was refreshing myself by imagining a hot spring in Hakone,'” said Mr. Yokozawa, who also taught me how to relax with a sense of humor. Also, now that the child is a little older, she is able to take time for herself, saying, “My child goes to bed at 9 pm, so I enjoy watching comedy shows and dramas. I also like candy, so I try to communicate while eating candy,” he said about his recent break.
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■ Talking about ideal parenting, “I want you to grow up to be a polite adult” Regarding her ideal parenting, she said, “I want my child to grow up to be polite. I learned etiquette at the office Yoshimoto Kogyo. Of course, I also make sure to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry” to my child. I try to apologize properly. I hope that by doing so, the children will naturally learn to be polite.” In addition, it seems that there have been more occasions when she feels that her child is growing up recently. That’s why I want to take care of myself.My younger daughter has recently become able to communicate, and I feel that she is growing from a baby to a toddler.I hate it. When my daughter eats rice with a spoon or chopsticks, she says to me, “I’ll shake my head to show my intentions. That’s how you eat it,’ and my younger daughter sees it and applauds the whole time (laughs),” he told us of a heartwarming episode.
■ What is the secret to a harmonious family? “Even if you fight repeatedly, don’t carry it over to the next day!”
When asked about the secret of a harmonious family, “Anyway, I try to let everyone know that it was a fun day and go to sleep. That’s why I try not to carry over to the next day even if I have a fight. It’s hard to live if the air is flowing,” Yokozawa revealed. “When I discuss things with my wife, I write down everything in bullet points so that there are no omissions, and we have many discussions. We try to find ways to make housework and childcare easier for both of us.” gave me
■As a senior mom, my advice is, “I want you to go to a shop with a counter and a shop where you can wait in line before you give birth.” As a senior mom, when asked about her advice to moms who are about to give birth, she said, “I want you to go to counter shops and shops where there is a line. I won’t be able to go when I have children. I’ll find you. If you reach your limit, it’s reassuring to have someone you can rely on, so I think it’s better to think about it before you’re born.”
■ Other cut
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■Performer information
Natsuko Yokosawa
Currently “King’s Brunch” (TBS series) “Nonstop! (Fuji) and other popular entertainers with regular programs. After getting married in 2017, she gave birth in 2021 and became a mother of two children. Returned to work in 2022 after taking maternity and childcare leave. [Image 4d11414-1789-b4e9281039fe7727935a-3.jpg&s3=11414-1789-b9bd6ac3e8af84a2cdf8b508a6c29d7c-201x300.jpg
■ Media information
“Zexy Baby Book for Pregnant Women”
-Outline- Full of basic knowledge and know-how on pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare that are useful from early pregnancy to postpartum. Advice from experts such as doctors and midwives and many real experiences of senior moms are posted. Articles that can be enjoyed with dads, articles about the growth of the baby in the womb, content that understands the changes in the body of the mother, childbirth preparation content, gift planning, etc. are posted. -Distribution method- If you register as a member of “Zexy Baby”, we will send every issue free of charge to pregnant women who are 2 to 8 months pregnant. (* Only those who have never delivered before are eligible up to the 9th month of pregnancy.)
* To deliver, you need to register as a member of “Zexy Baby” (free) and register your child’s birthday.
For details, please see the “Zexy Baby” website.
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