Natural fluttering resort Kyukamura The season when tiger pufferfish is delicious Stay at a hotel in a little luxury and enjoy it leisurely At Kyukamura Shikanoshima, “Blowfish Kaiseki” will start on December 1st (Thursday)

A resort Kyukamura surrounded by nature
The season when tiger pufferfish is delicious Stay at a hotel and enjoy it slowly Kyukamura Shikanoshima will start serving fugu kaiseki from December 1st (Thursday)

At the resort hotel “Kyukamura Shikanoshima” located in Genkai Quasi-National Park (location: 1803-1 Katsuma, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, general manager: Toshiya Hayasaka), fugu kaiseki cuisine is available from December every year. However, this year, in order to fully enjoy the deliciousness of tiger pufferfish, we will prepare teppi, tessa, tecchiri, fried chicken, rice porridge, and so on. There is a lot of collagen, so it is also recommended for beauty and health. Stay at a hotel this winter and enjoy the hot springs and puffer fish.
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When it comes to puffer fish, it’s soft and creamy soft roe. ◆Kyushu is also a production area of ​​blowfish
In Shimonoseki and Fukuoka, pufferfish are called fuku, and are popular as auspicious fish. Shimonoseki is famous for producing puffer fish, but other prefectures in Kyushu, such as Munakata City in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City, Oita Prefecture, and Miyazaki Prefecture, also have thriving catches of puffer fish. In Fukuoka, you can taste the fresh pufferfish from Kyushu and .
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Torafugu, a high-class food representative of winter
Enjoy a little extravagant tiger pufferfish (for 2 people)
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We have prepared plenty of tesmo
[Image 5d85653-215-6cafc261ac03ba58c12e-4.jpg&s3=85653-215-238d9cc80c199ad28b0a5f8bbaaca651-690x460.jpg
Eat with high-quality dashi made from fugu bones
[Image 6d85653-215-5adf56686b09c8adb15e-5.jpg&s3=85653-215-e680b0647f17570e2c0de5d56a9080d3-2507x1672.jpg
Fried chicken with an exquisite crispy and fluffy texture
*Accommodations until December 20 (Tue) are eligible for the nationwide travel support “New Fukuoka’s Refuge Travel Tourism Campaign”. A discount of up to 5,000 yen per person and a regional coupon (3,000 yen on weekdays, 1,000 yen on weekends) that can be used within the prefecture are included. (If Fukuoka Prefecture’s subsidy budget reaches the upper limit, the campaign will end.)
◆ Kyukamura Shikanoshima
This is a resort hotel that boasts the seafood of the Genkai Sea, the 800-meter beach in front of you, and the only hot spring on the island. It is located on Shikanoshima, a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by the sea, just across Uminonakamichi from the urban area of ​​Fukuoka. All rooms have an ocean view, and the dynamic sunset over the Genkai Sea is worth seeing. There are also “Marine World Uminonakamichi” and “Uminonakamichi Seaside Park” in the vicinity, so there are plenty of leisure activities for children.
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Stars are twinkling in the night sky looking up from the open-air bath. Location: 1803-1 Katsuma, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-0325
General Manager: Toshiya Hayasaka
URL: https//
◆ Efforts aimed at a new travel style “zero dense resort”
  Aiming to be a “zero-crowded resort” with the safety and security of everyone, including customers, employees and related parties, as the top priority
We will work on it every day.
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Kyukamura official website special page [Image 9d85653-215-f666b112286ac2c8ffb1-8.jpg&s3=85653-215-6adf700eadaa8729fd6c20bf1e45898c-878x676.jpg
National parks and quasi-national parks that represent the scenery of Japan A resort hotel in a beautiful natural environment.
The 35 Kyukamura are “naturally exciting resorts”.
Based on the concept, dishes that make use of local ingredients, Programs for interacting with local nature, culture, history, etc. We provide a place where you can experience the unique charm of the land, We will deliver a moment that makes your heart beat naturally. Details about this release:


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