Natural Science Co., Ltd. A cultural base facility “Nature and Science Museum Mori no Kosha” that can be e njoyed by parents and children is born in Hokkaido

Natural Science Co., Ltd.
“Nature and Science Museum Mori no Kosha”, a cultural base facility that can be enjoyed by parents and children, is born in Hokkaido
“Natural Science Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Reiko Komatsu),” which makes hypoallergenic skin care products that parents and children can use together, and its sister company “Natural Island Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hokkaido).” Sapporo City, President: Reiko Komatsu)” will open the “Nature and Science Museum Mori no Kosha” in Kojohama, Shiraoi Town, Hokkaido on December 2, 2022. Overview
This facility is a newly opened museum in the natural science (hereinafter referred to as NS) flagship base “Natural Skin Care Factory Nachu no Mori” (Location: Kojohama, Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido).
Mori no Kosha was founded in 2013 by renovating the former Kojo Junior High School, which was closed down in 2013. Inside the museum, there is the “Fragrance Lab” supervised by a fragrance designer, the “Distillation Laboratory” where you can experience authentic distillation up close, the “Library” and “Ehon Room” that stimulate your intellectual curiosity, and a 5-meter roof. Enjoy various discoveries and learning through science experiences, such as the “Gallery” with its characteristic shaped ceiling, original drinks made with spring water from Lake Kuttara, and the “Distillation Cafe & Shop” which sells scientific experiment goods. I can.
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building image
Shiraoi Town, Hokkaido is located about 50 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport. Lake Kuttara boasts one of the clearest waters in Japan, and the surrounding forest is known as a land rich in nature, with rare plants. In the surrounding area, there are tourist attractions such as Noboribetsu Onsen and a bear ranch, and in recent years, facilities that have attracted attention such as “National Ainu Museum Upopoy” and “Hoshino Resort Kai” have opened one after another. Facility details
At the entrance of Mori no Kosha, a concept display with a total length of about 4 meters welcomes you.
The wall, which is packed with the essence of the museum, is a spot where visitors can become part of the display and take commemorative photos.
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Concept display image
1st floor
“Scent Lab”
In the lab, which is supervised by a fragrance designer and equipped with a perfume room, there is a Perfume BAR with many scents in addition to a hands-on exhibition that explores the wonders of fragrance. You can find the scent
“Distillation Laboratory”
A full-fledged distiller that distills plants with spring water and extracts essential oils and herbal water will be installed, and workshops using plants that match the season will be held.
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Fragrance lab image
This is an atelier where you can experience manufacturing workshops with the theme of nature and science according to the season. “distilled cafe”
We offer original drinks and snacks prepared using laboratory equipment, such as cold brew coffee brewed with spring water from Lake Kuttara and dry ginger soda made by distilling organic ginger and mixing it with spring water carbonated water. It’s a distillery cafe. “shop”
We also sell rare dried flower rooms such as plants grown in the garden of Nachu Forest, Natural Island (hereafter, NI) original aroma mist and aroma candles, NS/NI skin care items, and miscellaneous goods born from science experiments. increase.
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Distillation cafe & shop image
A lounge with a 7-meter atrium and flickering glass lighting “water balloons” made from recycled fluorescent lamps. While listening to the sounds of nature recorded at Lake Kuttara, you can spend a relaxing time with a book in one hand on a custom-made sofa inspired by Lake Kuttara.
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lounge, water balloon image
2nd floor
A library where you can enjoy about 3,000 books selected under the theme of -Discovering the blessings of nature and a rich life. From magazines and comics that are easy to pick up, to self-published books that are not generally distributed, and old books with high scarcity value.
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library image
“Picture book room”
A room for parents and children aged 0 to 12 where they can enjoy picture books and toys from Japan and overseas.
There is a baby’s room surrounded by fluffy cushions and a mini theater. [Image 7

picture book room image

A dynamic gallery that connects four classrooms to one.
From the left and right windows, you can see the nature of each season, and various exhibitions unique to Mori no Kosha are held. As an open project, “Welcome to the picture book town” will be held, where you can experience the world of picture books.
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gallery images
I recommend this hotel!
Parents and children want to enjoy the exciting world of science that explores wonders
I want to experience a life that makes use of the blessings of nature I want to read a book and spend a relaxing time feeling the nature of Hokkaido. Creative members active on the front lines
Spatial design “Torafu Architectural Design Office (Shinya Kadaru, Koichi Suzuno)”, lighting design “BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN (Tatsuki Nakamura)”, graphic design “AFORDANCE (Atsushi Hirano)”, etc. Library Produced “Picture and Word Library Mikka / Trek Co., Ltd. (Yoko Yamamoto)”, Mori no Kosha Produced “Tone & Matter (Iku Hirose, Yoko Yamamoto)”, Nachu no Mori General Produced “Ultra Tama (Makiko Miyata)” I was in charge.
Looking at the environment and society
At Morino Kosha, we actively utilize second-hand and discarded items, including the regeneration of existing school buildings, to create facilities that value the environment and memories. Recycled items are used throughout the facility, including lighting fixtures made from discarded fluorescent lights, desks and chairs that have been used at school, and blackboards. It also has a disaster prevention function that can be used as a local evacuation center in case of emergency. Thoughts on establishment
I want to give back to the community through my favorite field of “natural science” in this land that we have been fascinated by from the bottom of our hearts. While considering the role that a company should play in society, we would like to foster a new culture together with the local community. The new initiative of NS and NI was born from such thoughts.
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Image of the former Kojo Junior High School at the time of the abandoned mine (2013)
Mori no Kosha has left the atmosphere of the old school as it is, except for the necessary construction work. Such a design was possible because there was no graffiti in the old school building, and the school tools were carefully handled. In order to take good care of the local school that has been loved by people for generations, we have deepened our understanding with the local people through workshops and cleaning activities. Over the course of 10 years, the old school building will be reborn as a place where people can gather.
Equipment outline
[Table 3: ]
Reference: What is Nachu Forest?
Effective use of a closed school: A skin care factory centered on our own cosmetics factory
“Nachu no Mori” is a “skincare factory” that includes the “Natural Factory Hokkaido” cosmetics factory, the “own farm” that organically cultivates cosmetic raw materials, and the “garden” where children can play in nature. Kamuiwakka spring water from Lake Kuttara, which boasts one of the clearest waters in Japan, is used for cosmetics, restaurants, beauty salons, gardens, etc.
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nachu forest
Source: Google “Google Maps, Google Earth” Nachu no Mori Other Facilities
・Natural Factory Hokkaido
・Natural Farm
・ CAFE & RESTAURANT “Smile Kitchen”
・Spring water herb spa & magma studio “aQua salon”
・Natural skincare shop “home”
・Garden (Kirarakko Square/Mori Beach/Smile Terrace/Shizuku
Harappa/Wind Hill/Pony Circle)
・A playground
Nachu no Mori Official Site
Operating company
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natural science
Company name: Natural Science Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-4-27 Kitasuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Head office location: 1-22-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Representative: Reiko Komatsu, President and Representative Director Business: Planning, research, development, manufacturing, and sales of cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and toothpaste; planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of health foods and foods; planning, development, and sales of ecology and children’s products
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natural island
Company name: Natural Island Co., Ltd.
Location: Hokkaido Sapporo City Chuo Ward South 1 West 8-9-1 Econet Building 8F (Head office location: 2nd floor, MOMA Place, 2-35, Kita 1, Nishi 28, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Representative: Reiko Komatsu, President and Representative Director Business: Planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of cosmetics and quasi-drugs; planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of raw materials such as raw materials from Hokkaido; planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of foodstuffs (including dietary supplements) sale

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[Inquiries from general customers]
Natural Science Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0120-122-783 (toll-free)

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