Naturally exciting resort Kyukamura Enjoy siphon-style coffee brewed with the subsoil water of Mt.

A resort Kyukamura surrounded by nature
Enjoy siphon-style coffee brewed with subsoil water from Mt.
The lounge of Kyukamura Iwate Amihari Onsen, a resort hotel located at the southern foot of Mt. The siphon-style coffee has been well received, and this time, the dessert “The Amihari a la mode” has appeared. The a la mode, which is filled with the staff’s love, is perfect for rich, strong coffee, and you can soak your heart while watching the superb view from an altitude of 770m.
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This place is like another world! You can enjoy the great nature of Amihari that spreads out in front of you, changing from morning to evening.

◆ A lounge at an altitude of 770m
Enjoy coffee while enjoying the view of Mt. Akita-Komagatake, the Hayachine Mountain Range, and the Shizukuishi Plain outside the window. Melted snow water from Mt. Iwate
It slowly passes through the primeval beech forest and becomes delicious water containing minerals. In the lounge, the underground water
I use it to brew coffee in a siphon style. (500 yen including tax) [Image 2

We recommend the coffee that is brewed in a siphon style, using underground water from Mt.
◆ “The Amihari A La Mode”
We have devised a dessert that expresses “Amihari Onsen” so that the lounge with this superb view can be widely known.
・The soft-serve ice cream looks like a sea of ​​clouds below the lounge ・Topped with special chocolate in the shape of a network bear ・ Decorate the net-type chocolate with the image of a “net”, ・Hot hot springs with raspberry red sauce,
・The golden sulfur spring that sleeps deep in the ground is expressed with rice flour and honey. (800 yen including tax)
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The topping “Amihari Bear” is cute!
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Tanuki cake (450 yen including tax) from Nakamuraya, a
long-established confectionery store in Shizukuishi Town This nostalgic butter cake from the Showa era goes well with coffee. ◆Coffee shop culture in Morioka City
Morioka City, the prefectural capital of Iwate Prefecture, still retains the good old townscape and has a retro and classical coffee shop culture. There are also home-roasted coffee shops, and it can be said that it is a town where coffee shops and cafes are integrated into life. Even though they are small, they each have their own policies, so there are many shops with a strong presence, and with the desire to make “Morioka” a city where people gather through coffee, the “Morioka Coffee Festival” is held. Coffee connoisseurs gather from all over the country (irregularly).
Morioka Coffee Festival:
[Image 5

Morioka Coffee Festival: Coffee beans from popular shops inside and outside the prefecture will also be sold
[Iwate Oageense Buffet Accommodation Plan]
We have prepared a buffet with the taste of Iwate, the kingdom of ingredients. Tempura and teppanyaki are freshly prepared in the open kitchen.
Period: All year
Price: 1 room for 2 people on weekdays, 1 night with 2 meals, 1 adult starts at 13,150 yen (tax included)
[Image 6d85653-217-b7557c913a80ccdebe5a-5.jpg&s3=85653-217-049dd8c692408d07b1088bafce5ba964-638x426.jpg
A buffet with dishes that incorporate the fruits of the mountains and seas of Iwate
《Kyukamura Iwate Amihari Onsen》
Iwate Amihari Onsen, located in Towada-Hachimantai National Park at the foot of Mt. The famous Amihari Onsen has a 1,300-year history of sulfur springs. Koiwai Farm, which spreads out below, is one of the largest private ranches.
Location: Amihari Onsen, Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate 020-0585 General manager: Takasuke Takeuchi
◆ Efforts aimed at a new travel style “zero dense resort”
 The safety and security of everyone, including customers, employees, and related parties, is our top priority, and we aim to be a “zero-crowded resort” every day.
We will work on it.
[Image 7d85653-217-3ee713e1b24653c0db30-6.jpg&s3=85653-217-d49c6cd47e221c1a059bf73a142b1e7c-1920x720.jpg
Kyukamura official website special page [Image 8d85653-217-7cfb6706bd4e7a412778-7.jpg&s3=85653-217-c3ef36711bd17b353d17818a1e872f73-878x676.jpg
National parks and quasi-national parks that represent the scenery of Kyukamura Japan
A resort hotel in a natural environment. There are 35 holiday villages, Based on the concept of a “resort that sparks excitement in nature,” Cuisine that makes the most of ingredients, contact with local nature, culture and history
Places where you can experience the unique charm of the area, such as the Ai Program
and provide all customers with a moment that makes their hearts beat naturally will deliver.

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