NATURE BASE DAIGO Daigo-cho in autumn where you can relax in the forest

Daigo Town Town Development Division Town Promotion Team
NATURE BASE DAIGO Daigo-cho in autumn where you can relax in the forest I found a small autumn in the forest of Daigo Town!

“Autumn Daigo Town in the Forest” is a place where you can read while swinging in a hammock, grill apples and oyaki around a bonfire, prepare your mind with aromatherapy and yoga, and take a nap on a leisure sheet. It is an event to enjoy autumn time.
In addition, we have prepared outdoor content that families can enjoy, such as various workshops such as bonfire experiences and nature games with the cooperation of the Ibaraki Camp Association.
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《Various autumn contents! 》
Relax in the hammock area & free area
In the venue, there is a “hammock area” where you can relax while swinging in a hammock,
Set up a “free area” where you can spread out the leisure seat and relax slowly. Please relax with your favorite style.
[Image 2d106398-5-3b51670d431fe46b073e-1.jpg&s3=106398-5-2698eb917e7ab913d322632bd9284b07-1478x1108.jpg
Bonfire experience
A bonfire stand using firewood from Daigo Town is installed. Participants can also enjoy grilled apples and grilled oyaki using ingredients from Daigo Town.
nature game
A nature game is a play where you can enjoy nature with your five senses. Let’s enjoy autumn in Daigo Town through nature play with family and friends. Game participants will also receive a leisure sheet as a gift! (Limited quantity)
[Image 3d106398-5-2ca4955b9aafb07cd275-2.jpg&s3=106398-5-b35a64436eae9b92ed2a7321e609c0d4-640x427.jpg
Moruk experience
Molkuk is an outdoor sport that originated in Finland.
Let’s enjoy the autumn of sports with our original Morkku using wood from Daigo Town.
Petit Sofia Forest Library
A small library in Daigo Town will appear as a pop-up corner for one day only. Aroma & Forest Therapy Yoga Experience
You can experience “Aromatherapy” and “Forest Therapy Yoga” which are also programs of Daigo Town Forest Therapy.
《Local popular stores also open stores! 》
General store memeguru / +KONGARI
A general store located in the shopping street in front of Daigocho Station. We will sell miscellaneous goods and seasonal recommended products of writers in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture.
In addition, press the bread with homemade roast pork,
We also offer a quick and delicious Cuban sandwich.
[Image 4d106398-5-efd308c5b1a7c700a484-4.jpg&s3=106398-5-12e46a23de50adf7e3acb1af6ca2556f-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 5d106398-5-cad1eaabfa2d7a07ceaf-5.jpg&s3=106398-5-c2f8d3131a433ad32e81497434a4672c-2508x1881.jpg
coffee and furniture shop hajimari
A coffee and furniture shop opened in a self-renovated 150-year-old traditional house.
On the day of the event, a cup of fresh coffee roasted in-house will be brewed on the spot.
[Image 6d106398-5-f69ef19113d518e6e72e-3.jpg&s3=106398-5-36803c3b561132fb08d6d7bce3f19cc1-1477x1108.jpg
《Electricity used at the event is from the EV car!》 》
Electricity used at the event will be supplied from Nissan EV vehicles. We are also planning to display the vehicle. (Cooperation: Ibaraki Nissan Motor) 《Overview》
Venue: Okukuji Ikoi no Mori Oteuechi Area (4164-3 Takashiba, Daigo-cho, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture)
Date: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday/holiday)
Holding time: 10: 00-16: 00
Inquiries: Daigo Town Hall Town Development Division 0295-72-1131 Details about this release:


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