NC Japan Co., Ltd. Characters from all the worlds of “Lineage” gather! A limited-time world content “Winda wood Occupation Battle” will be held!

NC Japan Co., Ltd.
“Lineage” characters from all worlds gather! A limited-time world content “Windawood Occupation Battle” will be held!

NC Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ken Techon Kim), which operates and operates the online game “Lineage” for PC, will start from November 23, 2022 (Wednesday). , We are pleased to inform you that the world content “Winderwood Conquest War” will be held. ■ World content for a limited time “Windawood Occupation War” [Image 1

[Holding period]
November 23, 2022 (Wednesday) – December 21, 2022 (Wednesday) [Initial schedule]
November 24, 2022 (Thursday) 19:30-
During the event period, every Thursday and Friday at 19:30, the ‘Winderwood Siege Battle’ will begin.
“Winderwood Conquest Battle” is an event in which characters of level 85 or higher from 5 different worlds are randomly assigned to 3 Knight Orders and fight to occupy a specific area.
At the start of the Conquest Battle, the goal is to destroy the Guardian Tower in the center of the Windawood Guardian Territory, and subjugate the characters belonging to the enemy Knight Order in the surrounding occupied areas.
When the Guardian Tower is destroyed, the knight order with the most characters in the surrounding occupied area will be occupied. After that, each Knight Order fights over the occupied area until the end of the occupation battle.
At the end of the Windawood Siege Battle, the Knights that occupied the battle will win, and you will receive Adena rewards and the right to participate in exclusive raids.
You can participate in the exclusive raid from the portal that appears in Winderwood Castle. You can get it with probability. For details, please check the announcement page on the official website.
≪Click here for details on the Winderwood Conquest≫ Windawood
■ Game overview
[Image 2d1868-2138-76dd487138859067ed0d-1.jpg&s3=1868-2138-a050a59b26934892e7ce0ca9e7ea6ad4-750x421.jpg
“Lineage” is a free online RPG that you can easily play. An epic story unfolding in a fantasy world of swords and magic with over 20 years of history. In that world, thousands of users work together every day to defeat enemies and make friends through chat as they progress through their adventures. We continue to provide our customers with a high degree of freedom that was unimaginable from conventional home video game consoles and PC games.
title lineage
Genre MMORPG (massively multiplayer RPG)
Usage fee Basic play free (item charge)
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(C) NCSOFT Corporation. Licensed to NC Japan K.K. All Rights Reserved. [Image 3d1868-2138-7353dfd179ff02129e02-2.jpg&s3=1868-2138-27cd9bc065a9c91337b736e22467fdf5-552x96.jpg
*The contents of this press release are as of November 23, 2022. Schedule may change due to various circumstances
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