NEC Topics Awarded 2020 Outstanding Technician (Contemporary Master Craftsman)

2020 Outstanding Skilled Worker (Contemporary Master Craftsman)
Toshie Miyamoto of NEC Secure System Platform Laboratories has been selected to receive the 2022 Outstanding Skilled Worker Award (commonly known as the “Contemporary Master Craftsman”) (Note 1). The details of the award are as follows.
Job title: Bioplastic material development engineer
Reason for winning the award: As a multi-skilled engineer, he has worked on the development of bioplastics for many years, has achieved high environmental friendliness and high flame resistance, and has been the first in the world to apply them to mobile phones, PCs, electronic terminals, etc. In addition, we have created new properties one after another, such as the development of non-edible raw materials, high decorativeness of lacquer, and long-term degradability that can solve marine plastic waste. His skills range from the upstream process of chemically synthesizing raw materials to the appearance of thermoplasticity, to the additive kneading process to add new functions, and the bioplastic evaluation process. there is The bioplastic developed by NEC, which is currently supplied by NEC Platforms, Ltd., combines the excellent functionality of resin with the decorativeness of traditional Japanese lacquer while using cellulose, which is a non-edible biomass, as the main raw material. It is provided as a high-performance biomaterial “NeCycle(R)” (Note 2) (Note 3).
The “Contemporary Master Craftsman” award honors technicians who have outstanding skills and are regarded as leading experts in their field. Along with this, it is a very prestigious award that has set goals, given dreams and hopes to craftsmen who are active in the world of craftsmanship and young people who aspire to the world of
The NEC Group will continue to develop highly skilled human resources in various occupations, including the occupations that received this award.
(Note 1) About “Contemporary Master Craftsman”
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Outline of Award System for Outstanding Skilled Workers (Contemporary Master Craftsmen)” (Note 2) NeCycle(R): A brand name for bioplastic materials developed mainly by NEC.
(Note 3) NEC high-performance biomaterial NeCycle(R)
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