Neely Introduced “Park Direct”, a parking lot online contract service, to JPMC Shinei Co., Ltd., a member of the JPMC Group (listed on the Prime Market).

Introduced “Park Direct”, a parking lot online contract service, to JPMC Shinei Co., Ltd., a member of the JPMC Group (listed on the Prime Market).
Increased satisfaction of owners and tenants. Also used to improve operational efficiency

Neely Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yota Sato, hereinafter “Neely”), which operates the mobility SaaS “Park Direct”
(, JPMC Shin-ei Co., Ltd. (head office: Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, President: Tetsuya Sasaki), which manages residential rental properties and monthly parking lots mainly in Tokyo and three prefectures, has fully introduced Park Direct. Park Direct is a mobility SaaS that enables online contracts for parking lots. [Image 1d45188-62-e7f7d28bff9149b0f2c8-0.png&s3=45188-62-f9c5cb8efb266e1397ac3a9e06955657-602x60.png
■ Expected to improve the efficiency of parking lot operations and increase the occupancy rate
At JPMC Shin-ei Co., Ltd., parking lot applications, contracts, and management work were done by so-called “offline” means such as telephone, mail, and face-to-face at stores. Parking lot management work using paper and stamps is a heavy workload. In addition, for tenants, the burden of coming to the store and exchanging documents is very heavy, and it is not desirable from the perspective of measures against infectious diseases, so it was necessary to quickly move the parking lot contract procedure online. In addition, we wanted to contribute to the owner’s profit by acquiring parking lot users by leveraging Park Direct’s ability to attract customers.
-Achievements of Park Direct-
Park Direct ( is responsible for mobility SaaS that enables online parking contracts, recruitment, application, contract work, rent guarantee and collection agency, and renewal and cancellation work. increase. It eliminates the need for work such as contract creation, collection, reminders, and rent calculation, reducing the work load of real estate companies by about 92%. In addition, we will contribute to the profits of real estate companies and owners by increasing the occupancy rate through flexible measures to attract customers regardless of whether they are online or offline. Since the application, submission of necessary documents, and examination are done online, the borrower does not need to come to the store, and the process from inquiry to contract can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. In addition, the fact that you can pay the rent with a credit card is also highly evaluated. Partly due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the number of parking lot users using Park Direct is increasing due to the convenience and security of
non-face-to-face contracts.
-Expectations for Park Direct-
They decided to introduce Park Direct because they expected to “reduce workload” and “increase operating rate”.
-Comment from JPMC Shinei Co., Ltd.-
Regarding parking lot contracts, a series of operations such as solicitation, cancellation, and contract management, including answering phone calls from customers to confirm availability and exchanging documents by mail, have become complicated and burdensome. rice field. After we introduced Park Direct, we were able to entrust a series of tasks such as confirming availability, signing contracts, and responding to inquiries regarding the parking lots we were recruiting for, which reduced our workload. We would like to continue to use ParkDirect to improve operational efficiency and promote parking lot contracts.
■ About JPMC Shinei Co., Ltd.
Company name: JPMC Shinei Co., Ltd.
Location (headquarters): 2-2-1 Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Representative Director and President: Tetsuya Sasaki
Business description: Real estate sales and brokerage
Sales of real estate trust beneficiary rights
     Real estate specified joint venture
Self-investment business in real estate securitization products Joint development business
■What is Park Direct?
[Image 2d45188-62-d76092233d799334268e-3.png&s3=45188-62-9acafebd4f056d5624c375f98582c33f-1920x1080.png
“Park Direct” ( offers everything from soliciting parking lots to contract work, collecting monthly usage fees after the contract (including rent guarantee) and customer management. is a mobility SaaS that realizes online. All monthly parking lot procedures (*1) can be completed online, greatly reducing unnecessary costs associated with parking lot contracts and management for real estate companies and tenants. In addition, based on the data of each parking lot, we design and develop various measures to attract customers regardless of online/offline, and contribute to increasing the utilization rate of the monthly parking lot and increasing the owner’s profit.
■ Operating company: About Neely Co., Ltd.
A leading mobility SaaS company that operates the industry’s No. 1 (*2) service “Park Direct”. Since our founding in 2013, we have been engaged in business planning and strategy planning for many new businesses, and development that makes use of our high technological capabilities as our main business, targeting major business companies, financial institutions, and start-up companies that have raised funds. I was. Since 2019, we have been operating “Park Direct” by utilizing the know-how we have cultivated so far.
Company name: Neely Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-9-8 Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012 Representative Director: Yota Sato
Established: January 29, 2013
Capital: 1,529 million yen (as of the end of February 2022. Including capital reserve)
Business description: Operation of mobility SaaS “Park Direct” Homepage:
At Neely, we are looking for human resources in various occupations in order to strengthen our organization in line with business expansion. For details, please see the special recruitment site.
Recruitment special site:
(*1) Various procedures: Refers to procedures related to “recruitment, application response, screening, contract procedures, rent collection, collection agency, issuance of various documents,
renewal/cancellation, and response to inquiries by call center”. (* 2) Industry No. 1: 2020, in terms of the number of companies that have introduced it, and the number of vehicles listed on the monthly parking lot online contract service
( In 2021, the number of introduced companies and the number of monthly parking lots that can be contracted online
( All researched in-house.

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