Nekino Co., Ltd. Online pill prescription service “Smaruna” exhibited at “SELF LOVE FES vol.2”

Nequino Co., Ltd.
Online pill prescription service “Smarna” exhibited at “SELF LOVE FES vol.2” Visitors to the Smaruna booth will receive an original Hokkairo, and 300 people will be selected by lottery to receive LINE PAY worth 500 yen.

Nekino Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Kenichi Ishii, hereinafter Nekino) operates an online pill prescription service “Smaruna (* 1)” that allows you to consult, diagnose, and prescribe pills on your smartphone, and napkins are free. The service “Trelna (* 2)” that can be received at will be exhibited at “SELF LOVE FES vol.2” sponsored by Beat Co., Ltd.
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At the booth, we have prepared panels with three themes: “Concerns in the delicate zone,” “Concerns before menstruation,” and “Concerns during menstruation.” We hope that visitors will be able to easily check their own physical problems, and that it will be an opportunity to discover problems that they have not yet noticed.
 At the same time, those who visit the booth will receive a Hokkairo with a QR code that allows them to access the checklist. In addition, we will carry out a campaign to present 500 yen worth of LINE PAY to 300 people by lottery. To participate, simply enter “Self Love Festival” on the Smarna official LINE, so please join us.
“Smaruna” is working to realize the mission of “creating a world where you can choose a life that suits you, with a healthy mind and body.” This time, through the exhibition of the event with the theme of “Love yourself”, I hope to convey to the visitors the message that “To take care of yourself, it is important to know yourself first”. And I hope that it will be an opportunity for you to know “Smarna” as an option for medical care and pills to become more familiar.
At “SELF LOVE FES vol.2”, in addition to Smaruna, a service “toreluna” where you can receive napkins for free by linking a smartphone app (beta version) and a dispenser in the toilet will also open at the same booth. increase.
■ (*1) About “Smarna”
[Image 2d21661-126-79ea5a61424b70622686-1.jpg&s3=21661-126-b6370b18e13ce597ba90a3d883260153-1280x854.jpg
An app that prescribes pills through online medical examinations, released in June 2018. In addition to directly connecting doctors who are worried about menstruation and contraception online and delivering pills, we operate the Smarna Medical Consultation Room where midwives and pharmacists accept consultations. Currently, it is mainly used by people in their teens to 30s, and the total number of downloads of the app has exceeded 920,000. (As of October 2022)
-Features of Smarna-
1. Anytime, anywhere, from a smartphone to a doctor for consultation, examination, and prescription of pills
2. Deliver the pill as soon as the next day
3. You can choose a doctor enrolled in medical institutions all over the country 4. You can receive a doctor’s examination according to your life rhythm 5. Doctors who have completed online medical training (*) will examine 6. You can consult a pharmacist or midwife for free before, during, or after your consultation
(*) Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: Online medical training and emergency contraceptive prescription training
We will deliver reliable and correct information in an
easy-to-understand manner so that people who cannot access medical care and pills due to psychological and physical hurdles will feel “medical care close to them.” In addition, by providing a “personal medical experience” through Smaruna, we will realize a new medical experience that improves the QOL of all users.
Smaluna Official Website:
■ (*2) About “toreluna”
As with toilet paper, we would like to be able to provide sanitary napkins free of charge at various facilities. This service was born from such a thought. Torruna is a service that allows you to receive sanitary napkins for free by linking a smartphone app (beta version) and a dispenser in the restroom.
Toreluna Official Website: [Image 3d21661-126-a0dc53b4ebf6f139dcba-2.png&s3=21661-126-4b29dec83d8b0683f798ebffa5d41503-660x356.png
[Image 4d21661-126-df00c81d6026edfccdf5-3.png&s3=21661-126-f07ddcb96e3a86e87570231771573dd2-672x672.png

■ “SELF LOVE FES vol.2” event overview
Date: November 25th (Friday) to November 27th (Sunday), 2022 Time: November 25th (Fri) 12:00-15:00 / November 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun) 10:00-19:00
Venue: Shibuya Ward Miyashita Park (6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Admission fee: Free
Click here for the detailed event site:
Official Instagram: @selflovefes ( *Please be sure to check the new coronavirus infection prevention guidelines before visiting. Please check the SELF LOVE FES official website for confirmation.
■ Nequino Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Established in June 2016 by gathering human resources with knowledge in the medical and related legal fields, such as doctors, pharmacists, and lawyers. We are creating a medical environment that can be used selectively according to each individual’s lifestyle and health condition, such as online medical examinations using ICT, health management support, and pre-symptomatic measures. As a medical communication company that “redesigns medical spaces and experiences around the world,” we raise the perspective of the world with the power of technology and dialogue, and promote social implementation of innovation. In June 2018, we released “Smarna”, an online medical examination platform specializing in the field of gynecology. From December 2020, we will start providing “MediConnect,” a secure personal authentication system that links My Number cards and health insurance cards.
Company name: Nekino Co., Ltd. (English: Next Innovation Inc.) Representative Director: Kenichi Ishii
Location: Midosuji Frontier WeWork, 1-13-22 Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0002
Established: June 3, 2016

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