Nekoto Fujii Co., Ltd. Omori’s first “chicken pota” ramen Completely additive-free chicken pota ramen “OMORI chicken pota BASE” opened on December 1st, a 3-minute walk from JR Omori Station.

Nekoto Fujii Co., Ltd.
[Omori’s first “chicken pota” ramen] Completely additive-free chicken pota ramen “OMORI chicken pota BASE” opened on December 1st, a 3-minute walk from JR Omori Station.

Nekoto Fujii (Representative Director: Mai Fujii), a shareholder company that develops store business mainly in Omori, will open the first cafe & bar Nekoto Fujii from December 1 (Thursday). BASE” has been renewed and opened.
Produced by Hamamatsucho’s famous restaurant “THANK”, which is already extremely popular as an additive-free chicken pota ramen shop, we will start offering safe and rich chicken pota ramen.
In addition to the carefully selected soup and ingredients, we also offer an option to replace it with konjac noodles for those who are concerned about calories and sugar. Please use it as a new option for lunch and dinner in the Shinagawa area.
[What is chicken pota ramen? ? ]
[Image 1

A logo visual for [OMORI Chicken Pota BASE], which will open on December 1st, a 3-minute walk from Omori Station.
Ramen made with potage soup made from chicken bones and several carefully selected vegetables.
It is characterized by not using chemical seasonings and using additive-free ingredients to bring out the umami. It has a rich texture and a refreshing taste that does not leave an aftertaste. [Image 2

It is a next-generation rich chicken-based ramen that can be eaten with peace of mind even by those who have an unhealthy image of ramen. (For the time being, the number of servings during lunch hours will be limited to 30 per day)
In addition, we take time and effort to prepare the toppings. [Image 3

Carefully seasoned chicken char siu and seasoned egg go great with chicken pota ramen. We will raise the satisfaction of a cup to the limit.
[All-you-can-eat spicy bean sprouts! ]
[Image 4

OMORI chicken pota base, Kage’s specialty is here. No matter when you come, you can eat all-you-can-eat bean sprouts.
Not only can it be used as a snack until the ramen comes, but it also matches very well even if you put it on the ramen with a strange taste. Please enjoy toppings only available in Omori for free to your heart’s content. (Appetizer fee of ¥500 is required at night) At night, it turns into a ramen izakaya where you can enjoy a delicious a la carte menu and alcohol at your leisure.
[Owner Profile: Representative Director / Mai Fujii]
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After graduating from university, joined NHK Okayama as a new graduate. Served as the main caster of the evening news. After that, he became a freelancer and opened Cafe & Bar Nekoto Fujii in Omori as the first shop at the age of 27 while enrolled in FM Yokohama. In addition to the 1st store that will be reopened this time, the 2nd karaoke bar in Omori, the 3rd beauty salon, and the members-only Bar LMES (address not disclosed) in Akasaka.
[About THANK]
[Image 6

The chicken pota ramen “THANK” that we are partnering with this time is the originator of chicken pota ramen, which has stores in Hamamatsucho and Ochanomizu. It is a well-known restaurant with a rating of over 3.7 on the eating log. While inheriting the best soup and noodles that THANK boasts, we have also included the original elements of OMORI Chicken Pota BASE. Please enjoy the atmosphere and toppings that are a little different from the main house.
[Store details]
[Image 7d112437-1-b1e0d919802283c52b73-1.png&s3=112437-1-3eb8570bb1b00af9dbdc15e1720b3041-1000x999.png
・Chicken Pota Ramen: ¥880 (tax included)
・Various toppings: ¥100~
* All-you-can-eat spicy bean sprouts for both lunch and dinner (From 18:00 at night, we will charge an appetizer fee of ¥ 500) ・Store address
1-36-9 Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo Mansion Orient 1A
·business hours
Lunch: 12:00~14:00 (Limited to 30 bowls per day for the time being during lunch) Night: 18:00~23:30 (appetizer ¥500)
*Closed on Mondays during December
・ Various SNS

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