Netmarble Corp. “Seven Knights 2” celebration service 1st anniversary update! The first mythical rank class hero “Zangetsuyasha Ace” joins the battle!

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“Seven Knights 2” celebration service 1st anniversary update! The first mythical rank class hero “Zangetsuyasha Ace” joins the battle!
Netmarble will update the character collection cinematic RPG “Seven Knights 2” (development: Netmarble Nexus), which is providing services for smartphones and tablets, on November 16th (Wednesday) to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the service. , We are pleased to announce that we have added the first mythical rank hero
“Zangetsuyasha Ace”, expanded many functions, and improved the system. [Image 1

・”Seven Knights 2″ Global Service 1st Anniversary Greetings
[Video 4:]

New rank “Myth” added! New hero “Zangetsuyasha Ace” joins the battle! A new rank “Myth” will be added from this update to commemorate the 1st anniversary, and “Zangetsuyasha Ace” (CV. Yuto Suzuki) will participate as the first Myth Rank hero. In addition, a new legend + rank hero “Goddess Apostle Plato” (CV. Yuichi Nakamura) will also appear.
[Image 2

One of the four emperors, Zangetsuyasha Ace, is an offensive hero with skills that can inflict tremendous damage to enemies, and inflict abnormal status effects such as bleeding and fainting on enemies who have dealt damage. .
In addition, “Zangetsuyasha Ace” has a “transformation” that changes the graphics by using the ultimate technique and strengthens the skill for a certain period of time, and a myth rank-specific growth type that unlocks the ability every time the level rises. It also has passive skills.
“Goddess Apostle Plato”, who belongs to the Dark Knights, is a versatile hero with abilities that can be used in offense and defense, such as dealing damage to enemies and removing positive buffs, shielding himself and removing negative buffs from allies.
In commemoration of the new heroes participating in the war, in addition to the appearance of step-up summons where you can always get “Zangetsuyasha Ace”, growth support missions where you can get “Soul Stones” according to the growth stage of the two new heroes, We are holding an event where you can purchase the spirit stone of Goddess Apostle Plato with rubies.
In addition, a new menu item “Kizuna no Wa” has been added to the content “Board” where you can experience the story of each character, allowing you to experience the story of “Zangetsuyasha Ace” “Taking over pride”.
“Please take this opportunity to make the two friends.”
[Image 3

・Official forum: New character introduction “Zangetsuyasha Ace”
・”Zangetsuyasha Ace” introduction video
[Video 5:] ・Official forum: Introducing the new character “Goddess Apostle Plato”
・”Goddess Apostle Plato” introduction video
[Video 6:] ◆ Step-up summon added
“Step-up summons will appear in character summons from this update.” Step-up summons are special summons that are open for a limited time, where the steps go up a certain number of times and you can get the target character for each step. This time, “Zangetsuyasha Ace” will be the target character, so please take this opportunity to get your first mythical hero.
New items “Orb” & “Hoju” implementation
“Orbs” and “Orbs” have been added as new growth elements. By equipping “Orbs” and “Hoju”, you can increase your stats such as attack power and defense power, and by arranging the same type of items, you can get various set effects such as increasing critical damage and removing positive buffs. can do.
“Orbs” and “Orbs” can be obtained from crafting.
In addition, the trials of the Holy Cross have been added to the “Labyrinth of Trials”, the 11th to 20th floors have been added to the “Infinite Tower” NORMAL, new costumes have been added to Plato and Karin, and existing content has been improved and the system adjusted. etc. was carried out.
For details on the update, please check the announcement on the official forum. ・ Official forum: November 16th (Wednesday) Update details
◆ Super luxury! 1st anniversary event held
To commemorate the first anniversary of the service, various events will be held where you can earn luxurious rewards such as high-rank heroes, new costumes, and legendary equipment.
[Image 4

・ Event period: November 16th (Wednesday) after maintenance – January 18th, 2023 (Wednesday) before maintenance
● 1st anniversary carnival event
By completing 5 missions per day for 7 days, we will hold a carnival event where you can receive luxurious rewards such as “Legendary + Character Selection Ticket” and “Legendary + Weapon Selection Ticket”. ● 1st anniversary special login event
If you log into the game during the event period, you will receive a “1st Anniversary Summon Ticket Box”, “Legendary + Weapon Selection Ticket”, “Legendary + Armor Selection Ticket”, “Legendary Character Selection Ticket”, and “Legendary Pet Summon Ticket”. You can also get a “Legendary Pet Selection Ticket” as a reward on the 28th day of login.
●Clear the 1st Anniversary Special Missions and get Legendary Karin! By clearing the missions set during the event period, you will be able to obtain “Saint of Light Karin” summon tickets, soul stones, and the new costume “Magician Karin”.
[Image 5

-Production event: Find Yasha’s sword and mask! * Event end date: December 7 (Wednesday) before maintenance
By collecting the “Yasha’s Sword” and “Yasha’s Mask” that drop in the abandoned field during the event period, you can create items such as “Legendary Character Summon Ticket” and “Legendary Weapon Summon Ticket”.
In addition, there are many other events such as an event where you can earn gold by consuming high-end maps, and an event where you can earn “legendary + armor summon tickets” by clearing missions. For details on each event, please check the announcement on the official forum.
・”Seven Knights 2″ Official Forum: Ongoing Events
Ace & Plato Commemorative Autographed Paper Present Campaign In commemoration of the participation of “Zangetsuyasha Ace” and “Goddess Apostle Plato”, we will carry out a gift campaign where you can win autographed colored paper by Yuto Suzuki, who plays the voice of Ace, and Yuichi Nakamura, who plays the voice of Plato. . During the campaign period, Yuto Suzuki and Yuichi Nakamura will be selected by lottery from those who follow the official Twitter account of “Seven Knights 2” ( and retweet the campaign tweet. We will present 3 people with autographed colored paper.
[Image 6

・ Campaign period: Until 23:59 on Wednesday, November 23
・ Campaign tweet: The “Seven Knights 2” mobile game app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. The game is available in 12 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, and Indonesian. It is possible to.
■ “Seven Knights 2” mobile app download
・App Store
・Google Play After creating an account on the mobile version of the app, you can also play “Seven Knights 2″ on your Windows PC.
・”Seven Knights 2” PC version beta version download
For details on “Seven Knights 2″, please check the official website and official forums. Also, the latest information and videos are posted on the official Twitter and official YouTube channels, so please follow them.
・ “Seven Knights 2” official website
・ “Seven Knights 2” Official Twitter
・”Seven Knights 2″ Official Forum
・ “Seven Knights 2” Official YouTube Channel
・”Seven Knights 2” Official Discord
◆What is “Seven Knights 2”◆
“Seven Knights 2” is a legitimate sequel to the popular RPG “Seven Knights” representing Netmarble, enjoyed by players all over the world with a total of 60 million downloads worldwide. A character-collecting cinematic RPG depicting the world of the future. In this world with a variety of characters and fields depicted with high-quality graphics using Unreal Engine 4, players can collect and train various heroes, control formations and groups in real time, and challenge bosses with a high degree of difficulty. In addition to battles and more, you can enjoy an immersive epic story and cinematic production.
[Image 7

◆About “Seven Knights 2”◆
Seven Knights 2
[Genre] Character Collection Cinematic RPG
[Provided] Netmarble Corp.
[Development] Netmarble Nexus Inc.
[Supported OS] iOS 10.0 or later / Android 7.0 or later
[Service start date] November 10, 2021
[Price] Basic free (with in-app purchase)
◆About Netmarble Corp.◆
Founded in South Korea in 2000, Netmarble is the creator of Seven Knights 2, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, Marvel Future Revolution, Lineage 2 Revolution, The Seven Deadly Sins: Battle of Light and Darkness. , Blade & Soul Revolution, and Marvel Future Fight are the top developers and publishers pushing the boundaries of the mobile gaming experience.
Netmarble, the parent company of Kabam and SpinX Games and a major shareholder of Jam City and HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), has launched a range of mobile games based on its strong franchises and collaborations with IP holders around the world. We strive to entertain audiences around the world. For more information, please visit
In Japan, Netmarble Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese subsidiary of Netmarble, provides mobile game services for smartphones. For more information, please visit
Please use the following rights notation when posting information or using images in this press release.
(C) Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Nexus Inc. 2021 All Rights Reserved. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and YouTube are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC. Twitter is a trademark or registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. Windows is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Company names, product names and service names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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