New Art Cima Co., Ltd. Experience engagement rings that look good on older hands with AR virtual fitting / Web application “WEAR the diamond by AR trial version” released in collaboration with digital art company “Naked”

New Art Cima Co., Ltd.
Experience an engagement ring that suits older hands with AR virtual try-on / Web application “WEAR the diamond by AR trial version” released in collaboration with digital art company “Naked”
A web app that allows you to choose your own design and imagine decades later / Released on November 11, 2022

Japan’s first bridal jewelry specialty store “Ginza Diamond Shiraishi” (operated by New Art Cima Co., Ltd., Chuo-ku, Tokyo; representative Tetsuya Shiraishi) offers an online engagement ring that is selected based on a personal diagnosis and a shape that makes your fingers more beautiful. On November 11, 2022, we will release the app “WEAR the diamond by AR trial version” that allows you to try on virtual clothes. Creative is handled by “NAKED, INC.”, which has teamed up with multiple projects such as store digital art decoration and events. While enjoying the art world and personal diagnosis by Japan’s leading creative company, we will convey a new perspective of choosing diamonds by looking at yourself several decades later.
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An engagement ring, which can be said to be a proof of determination, is an important tool to remember the moment of the proposal, which is the start of marriage, and the determination of the other party. Design is the first thing that comes to mind when choosing an engagement ring. At the same time, diamonds are also an important point, but there are multiple criteria and points to choose, and it tends to be difficult to grasp. We want people to know that diamonds should be selected not only by their grade but also by looking several decades into the future. I have developed this web application. Web application “WEAR the diamond by AR” Featured features
-Personal Diagnosis-
The ring design can be selected from two categories: a recommended design that is guided by personal questions, and a design that makes the shape of your hand and fingers more beautiful.
-Aging filter-
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If you activate the aging filter that makes you imagine your hand several decades from now when you try it on virtually, you can compare how much diamond size (carat) will suit your hand in the future. -Art Filter-
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One of the features of this app is the art filter that allows you to enjoy an art production where butterflies gather and shine like a gorgeous flower.
By wearing an engagement ring, you become a flower, and it becomes an art experience that creates communication that imagines the future that spreads from the ring.
The technical development of this system is by NTT Data SBC Corporation. Ginza Diamond Shiraishi’s feelings for customers and NAKED, INC.’s art production have been realized with NTT DATA SBC’s xR technology. Finger recognition using AI, 3DCG (three-dimensional computer graphics), realistic expressions that make you imagine the real thing, and AR technology (augmented reality) while ensuring light application operation that can be easily experienced on a smartphone web browser. We realized the experience of this application by utilizing various technologies such as CG synthesis by.
“WEAR the diamond by AR trial version”
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In the trial version, the number of ring designs is limited. At the Ginza Diamond Shiraishi store, virtual fitting will be possible with a large number of ring designs.
Terms of service
・Apple products (iPhone/iPad)
 Products released after 2019
 iOS version: 14 or higher/Browser: Safari
・Android device
 Products released after 2019
 Android version: 10 or higher/Browser: Chrome
* Operation is not guaranteed for all models and OS.
 It may not work depending on the combination of model, OS version, and browser version.
■ About the currently confirmed phenomenon among the target terminals ・You may not be able to play videos on the following devices.  If the screen does not advance, you can proceed by tapping the screen. -Device information-
 HTC : HTC Desire 22 pro
 Xiaomi: Redmi Note 10T
・On the following devices, the camera may not work properly on the AR screen. -Device information-
 SHARP: AQUOS sense3 basic
[About Ginza Diamond Shiraishi]
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Founded in 1994, it has 58 stores in Japan as of November 2022 as Japan’s first bridal jewelry specialty store that sells engagement rings and wedding rings. Japan’s largest brand, with over 18,000 pieces of diamonds and hundreds of ring designs available at all times. We continue to lead the industry with our track record and trust that we have been close to more than 900,000 couples so far. With the idea of ​​​​”putting the love of two people into diamonds and giving them shape,” we offer not only high-quality diamonds and a wide variety of designs, but also a “semi-order system” that allows you to choose according to your desired design and price. We support you with comprehensive services unique to a specialty store, such as
arrangements and extensive after-sales service.
[About NAKED, INC.]
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A creative company established by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997. Based on the philosophy of “Core Creative, Total Creation, and Borderless Creativity”, he works regardless of genre. In recent years, he has created various experiences that cross over the real and the virtual, such as the network-type art project “DANDELION PROJECT” that connects various parts of the world and the development of AR/VR products. We are creating new experiences and values ​​in every scene of LIFE, including art, entertainment, culture, tradition, education, music, cities, food, and sports. From 2022, he will work on Kyoto’s metaverse and start the project “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” to deliver Kyoto’s culture and art experience in virtual x real. Representative works include the Tokyo Station projection mapping “TOKYO HIKARI VISION”, the world heritage site Nijo Castle, “NAKED FLOWERS”, a flower art exhibition that has been held in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and the music experience “HUMANOID DJ” created by AI (artificial intelligence). ”, “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park”, an experiential restaurant that combines food and art, “NAKED Tsukubai (R)︎”, an art to prevent infectious diseases, and “NAKED Distance Lantern (R)︎”.
■Official Instagram:
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[About NTT Data SBC Co., Ltd.]
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Since its founding in 1979, NTT DATA SBC has developed manufacturing that impresses the world with the power of imagination that is not bound by conventional values ​​based on reliable technology. We are strengthening our DX initiatives in the areas of 5G, connected cars, xR, IoT, etc. by leveraging our strengths in mobile
communication protocol development. Aiming to be an innovative company that connects technology to the prosperity of society, we are actively investing in research and development and collaborating with various companies.
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