New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. New winter outdoor wear “MT1996” will be released from November 11th (Friday)

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.
New Balance Outdoor Wear “MT1996” New Winter Appearance Launched on November 11th (Friday)

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New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO Shinichi Kubota) will announce the outdoor wear collection “MT1996” for winter. A collection of apparel and
accessories with retro design pattern work, cutting-edge materials, eco-friendly materials, and plenty of New Balance philosophy. “MT1996”, which will raise your mood in various outdoor play scenes, will be on sale from Friday, November 11th at the New Balance official online store, New Balance official store, Super Sports Xebio store and online store.
■ What is MT1996?
New Balance’s outdoor wear “MT1996” is wear that is active in a wide range of outdoor scenes in light fields that everyone can enjoy, such as “picnic with family in the park”, “playing in the river”, and “glamping with friends”.
“MT580” is a symbolic model of “90s + MOUNTAIN TRAIL” and can be said to have been brought up in the culture-mixed Japanese market. “MT1996” was started under the concept of “What if we had developed apparel that matched head to toe with those shoes?” The collection name “1996” is the year the “MT580” was born. ancestor
The logo of the collection is a triangular logo graphic inspired by the “ROLLBAR”, which can be said to be a symbol of mid-school technology installed in the “MT580”. While digging deep into the technology and design installed in the “MT580”, the New Balance philosophy is sprinkled from various directions, such as pattern work, advanced material development, and the adoption of environmentally friendly materials, to fit the modern outdoor lifestyle. The collection “MT1996” was born. The relaxed silhouette that has been revived in the 2020s after the 90s is fully adopted, and functionality is added with modern materials while maintaining a natural look and hand feel. In addition, recycled materials are used not only for the fabric but also for some trim parts, and eco-friendly materials developed in accordance with New Balance’s high environmental standards, such as PFC-free water repellency and the elimination of regulated substances.
■ Product lineup
New items for winter include a water-repellent jacket, wide-cut cargo camping pants, and other items that can be comfortably used for outdoor activities and town in the coming season.
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1. Docking system
The unique docking system allows for activities in the middle of winter that require protection from the cold.
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*Target product number
JMJL2050 water-resistant and water-repellent anorak jacket
JMJL2051 water repellent technical jacket
JMPL2062 wide cut cargo camping pants
JMTL2052 stretch putt crew neck
JMTL2059 woven overshirt
JWKL2053 stretch padded wrap skirt
JWPL2063 women’s balloon pants
4. Fleece material
A fleece material that is comfortable to the touch, stretchy, and breathable, making it ideal for outdoor play.
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5. Zipper & Button
Zippers and buttons are what you wear when you put on and take off. The zipper is a sustainable “YKK “NATULON””. The button uses a dot button that is smooth to put on and take off.
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■ About sales
New Balance Official Online Store
New Balance Official Store Official Super Sports Xebio Online Store super sports xebio
*Please check the website of each official shop for business hours and regular holidays.
*Product availability varies by store. In addition, some stores may not be available depending on the store.
-Important-Regarding efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at the New Balance Official Store
We ask for your understanding and cooperation for the health and safety of our customers and employees.
▼ About New Balance
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance is committed to “exercising responsible leadership, being proud to wear by athletes, proud to create by employees, and proud to embrace by the community. The mission of the company is to establish a global brand. Established in 1906 as a manufacturer of arch support insoles and corrective shoes that cure flat feet, etc., and now as a leading athletic brand company, we are developing footwear and apparel for running, lifestyle, tennis, baseball, football, and golf. doing. “Made in U.S.A.”, which has been manufactured in the United States for over 75 years, is a premium collection with a domestic production ratio of over 70%. New Balance has five factories in New England, USA and one in Frimby, UK, and employs more than 7,000 people worldwide. Global sales in 2021 are reported at $4.4 billion.
For more information on New Balance, please visit ▼ New Balance Japan Official Facebook Page URL:
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▼ Membership service “myNB”
New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office 0120-85-7120

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