New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Nozomi Tanaka held a special race “NOZOMIRAI MILE” to support the future of ju nior athletes

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.
Nozomi Tanaka held a special race “NOZOMIRAI MILE” to support the future of junior athletes

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New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichi Kubota) will be held on Sunday, November 13, 2022 in Shibuya-ku “Kita-Shibu Area (Hatsudai, Honcho, Sasazuka District)”. At the full-fledged mile road race “Hokushibu Mile/Kitashibu Run Run Festa” using public roads for the first time in Japan, a junior athlete with New Balance contract athlete Team NB Nozomi Tanaka (belonging to Toyota Industries Corporation). The race to support New Balance presents “NOZOMIRAI MILE” was held. “NOZOMIRAI MILE” was born from Nozomi Tanaka’s desire to support the dreams of junior athletes. Twenty junior high and high school female athletes gathered from all over the country ran through the streets of Shibuya with Tanaka. “NOZOMIRAI MILE” is a 1-mile (about 1.6km) course that starts from a starting point near Hatsudai Station, immediately turns left, and then turns back on a straight road. Nozomi Tanaka started 10 seconds after the 20 female junior athletes started, and the race was staggered to catch up with the other athletes. The junior athletes tried to stay ahead of Tanaka for as long as possible and followed him even if he was overtaken. As a result, Tanaka overtook all the junior athletes and finished with a difference of about 5 seconds. After the race, the junior athletes asked Tanaka a question when applying for the race, and Tanaka gave each athlete a handwritten answer and a signed colored paper with a message. I supported the dreams of the juniors who worked on track and field for the future.
■ Comment from Nozomi Tanaka
“I am happy that so many of the athletes participated. I could see that they wanted to run ahead of me for as long as possible, and there were athletes who desperately followed even after being overtaken. I thought it had to be done.” “It feels great to be able to run on public roads at top speed. Mile road races that run in the city are very popular overseas. said.
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■ Wearing shoes
On the day of the event, Nozomi Tanaka and the junior athletes wore the new racing shoes “FuelCell 5280 v2” scheduled to be released in January next year. It is the perfect shoe for mile road races, which got its name from “5280 feet”, which is 1 mile converted to feet. Equipped with a midsole with excellent rebound resilience and a carbon fiber plate, the bouncy running comfort supports runners who want to shorten the minute and second.
Width/Size : D/23.0-29.0cm
Price: ¥26,400 (tax included)
Scheduled to be released in January 2023
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[Kitashibu Mile/Kitashibu RunRun Festa Overview]
Date: November 13, 2022 (Sun) 9:30-12:30 *Finished
Location: Suido Road (*) and Opera Street *Near the Hatagaya Fudoson entrance intersection to before Nakano-dori
Overview of “NOZOMIRAI MILE”
What can I do now for the future of the next generation of women’s middle- and long-distance runners? An event with the theme of Giving Back, which Nozomi Tanaka planned with New Balance. You can experience the speed of Nozomi Tanaka, who competes in the world, and the thoughts of an athlete who continues to challenge non-stop while running a mile road race together.
Kitashibu Mile HP
Profile of Nozomi Tanaka
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