New Blockchain Card Game ‘Kyrie & Terra’ Forms Partnership with Oasys’ L2 Chain TCGVerse

CryptoGames Inc.
New Blockchain Card Game ‘Kyrie & Terra’ Forms Partnership with Oasys’ L2 Chain TCGVerse

CryptoGames Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kota Ozawa), which operates the L2 blockchain “TCGVerse” on the game-specific public blockchain “Oasys”, is Center to Seconds (Bangkok, Thailand, CEO: Apiwat Goganoot ) has signed a partnership with the new blockchain game “Kyrie & Terra”.
[Image 1d41264-223-3981a9af09ceecc0460a-0.png&s3=41264-223-438ec1021d751ec42e7f9432b5aa4f18-1078x606.png
Oasys is a game-specific blockchain that uses an environmentally friendly Proof of Stake method, with initial validators including Square Enix, Bandai Namco Labs, Sega, Ubisoft, Netmarble, and other major domestic and international game companies. doing.
We will aim for mass adoption of blockchain games by providing users with an environment where they can comfortably play digital card games that utilize blockchain. We will continue to announce various blockchain game titles in the future, so please continue to pay attention.
■ About “Kyrie & Terra”
[Image 2d41264-223-fc3fa6200035f4bda34f-1.png&s3=41264-223-0f311a985cd6e12a7fc1bad617af1193-796x520.png
[Image 3d41264-223-5060b7ad04110a93b48c-2.png&s3=41264-223-dd76f465ec556434fc68bf3f4e0ffaec-798x446.png
What is “Kyrie & Terra”?
Kirie & Terra is an up-and-coming NFT game produced by the global startup Center To Seconds (C2S), created with the following concept. ‣ Create authentic ACG culture compliant games.
‣ Aim for P&E (Play and Earn) game production instead of P2E (Play to Earn). The developer, C2S, has long been involved in this business as a consumer and as a producer.
Games are a form of expression of creativity and intellectual production (IP). We believe that high-quality IP can provide players with an enjoyable experience, bring about a profit cycle inside and outside the game, and finally establish a solid business ecosystem. Details of “Kyrie & Terra”
Youtube: Email:
■ About TCG Verse
[Image 4d41264-223-14543edd45b2833c1c18-3.jpg&s3=41264-223-e79f0eadc949fd1603a75275ba906c96-1500x500.jpg
“TCGVerse” is an Oasys Layer 2 trading card specialized blockchain developed and operated by CryptoGames Co., Ltd. Users can play a wide range of blockchain games at high speed and free of gas charges. Please check the TCGVerse official Twitter
( for future new information.
Main titles of TCGVerse:
Crypto Spells:
-Recruiting participating NFT projects-
Currently, “NFTWars” is looking for participating NFT projects. Please apply using the form below.
■ About CryptoGames Inc.
-Company Profile-
[Image 5d41264-223-d3eaf188af481958653c-4.png&s3=41264-223-9880297827a6ae079e034bcdd6c941fb-856x139.png
CryptoGames Co., Ltd., which develops NFT services, officially released the blockchain game “Crypto Spells” on June 25, 2019, which can be played without a wallet or Ethereum. Crowd sale sales exceeded 900 ETH, which was the highest record in Japan at that time. In June 2020, the first terrestrial TV commercial was also carried out. Company name: CryptoGames Inc.
Established: April 20, 2018
Capital: 143 million yen (including capital reserve)
Representative Director: Kota Ozawa
Business description: Blockchain game “Crypto Spells”, development and operation of NFT services
-Contact information-
General and media relations:
Careers: About Center to Seconds
We are a global startup team made up of professionals from various industries to achieve our ultimate goal of building a better world with the love of anime, comics, and games.
[Image 6d41264-223-5ec88826e807cde35b90-5.png&s3=41264-223-85ad65bb6dbfbf63a88843af5bf1b103-798x334.png
■ Vision
Friendship, effort and selflessness through anime, comics and games (ACG) Building a better world where people are inspired by the distinct and tangible benefits.
Together with our co-workers, we value the creation of a unique ACG-themed worldview and story that reflects the idea of ​​working hard on missions, empathizing with others, and helping each other. I believe that is born
I believe that this thought will be engraved in people’s hearts and will be passed down to the next generation until world peace is realized.
■ Mission
Made with passion, delivered with professional work
Our team has three core values ​​that are essential to realize a sustainable NFT game: a quality game play experience (challenging, fair, and addictive), and a unique game that visualizes ACG’s culture. I have a strong passion for creating works that have the essential elements of inviting the player’s empathy through art design, skillful development and a coherent story.
All of our team members are also loyal followers of the gaming industry, so we inherently understand what it takes to maintain customer loyalty. In this way, our team of experts in various fields related to game development is committed to providing our ideal gaming experience to professionals in order to revolutionize the NFT game industry. . By making NFTs as enjoyable as conventional game consoles, we aim to change consumer perceptions and return monetary rewards to players, holders, and society in return.
Company name: ROTJANA KAANKEM Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3/1 Soi. Lat Phrao 93 Lat Phrao Rd. Khlong Chao Khun Sing Sub-District
Wangthonglang Bangkok Thailand 10310
CEO: Apiwat Goganoot

Details about this release:


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