New color A new pink color is now available in the popular animal-shaped memorial box “Ange Smile Baby Tooth Case”!

Chainavi Co., Ltd.
[New color] A new pink color is now available in the popular animal-shaped memorial box “Ange Smile Baby Tooth Case”!
A new color has been added to the No. 1 sales number of the official online shop, and the three colors of blue, yellow, and pink have been added.

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New color pink # Anju Smile baby tooth case
Chainavi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Takahiro Soma), which handles medical equipment products such as the fetal ultrasound heartbeat monitor “Angel Sounds” and pulse oximeters, will open on November 17, 2022 (Thursday). We have started selling the new pink color of the decorated animal-shaped memorial box “Anges Smile Baby Tooth Case” at each online shop.
■In response to user feedback, a new pink color is now available! [Image 2

3 colors available # Anju Smile baby tooth case
A new pink color has been added to the “Anges Smile Baby Tooth Case”. This product is an animal-shaped memorial box that can be displayed as a keepsake of a child’s missing teeth as a proof of their growth. Since its release in April 2022, it has attracted attention for its design that can be enjoyed as a decoration, and has become the No. 1 item in sales * at our official online shop. Users commented, “It’s cute and clean, and I want to display it even when I grow up.” “Children who used to be afraid of their teeth falling out now look forward to them, thanks to the case.” We have received many favorable comments. On the other hand, some people said that they wanted more color variations, so in addition to the existing colors of blue and yellow, we have started selling a new pink. You can enjoy choosing your favorite color, such as matching with 3 brothers and sisters, or matching it with your interior.
*In-house research Official online shop August-October 2022 Sales volume by product
■ 3 features of “Angus Smile Baby Tooth Case”
Enjoy accumulating precious memories one by one
Interior design
Comes with tweezers for easy storage by anyone
1. Enjoy accumulating precious memories one by one
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Usage scene # Anju Smile baby tooth case
With 20 baby tooth cases, you can store all the missing baby teeth one by one as a proof of growth. Since it comes with a record sticker, you can write down the date when the baby tooth fell out and a few words, so you can keep more memories. A small glass bottle is also included, so you can store not only the milk teeth but also the downy hair and navel tail. Parents and children can enjoy together as the children grow and accumulate one by one in the storage box.
2. Interior design
[Image 4

Baby tooth case # Anju Smile Baby tooth case
[Image 5

Package # Anju Smile baby tooth case
Baby tooth case is shaped like a small tooth and has a cute design with ear caps. With a colorful clear material, you can also decorate it so that you can see the teeth inside without using a record sticker. The storage box is a brightly colored animal type with a gentle rounded design that fits well in a child’s room. If you decorate your room as an interior, you can enjoy your child’s growth at any time. The package is also highly designed, making it an ideal gift for school entrance celebrations and birthdays.
3. Comes with tweezers for easy storage by anyone
[Image 6

Tweezers #Anges Smile Baby Tooth Case
Comes with tweezers, making it easy to store even for those who are not good at fine work. Absorbent cotton is also included, and by putting a small amount in the baby tooth case, the teeth will be fixed.
■ About future development
Chainavi Co., Ltd. will continue to develop new products so that we can stay close to people before and after childbirth and while raising children, so that they can spend precious time with more peace of mind and enjoyment.
■ Handling site
・Chinaavi Online Shop: ・”Medical Equipment and Childcare Goods China Navigation” Rakuten Ichiba
・Chainavi Yahoo! store:
・”Medical Equipment and Childcare Goods China Navigation” au PAY Market Store
・Chinaavi Amazon Store: ■ Product overview
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# Anju Smile baby tooth case
[Sales name]
Anju Smile Baby Tooth Case
Baby tooth case: width 19 x height 24 x depth 18 mm
Storage case: width 200 x height 160 x depth 35 mm
Baby tooth case: polystyrene/silicone
Storage box: ABS resin, polycarbonate
Downy hair container: glass, cork
Tweezers: Polypropylene
Set contents: storage box, baby tooth case x 20, downy hair case, tweezers, record sticker, absorbent cotton
Sales price: 2,980 yen including tax
■ Chainavi Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Image 8d49065-42-c7da9c8edda8880bd3ea-15.jpg&s3=49065-42-612bf70dbcc5b96e6e8cf0d3d0c36d72-1773x928.jpg
Our company develops and sells maternity, baby, and health care goods for those who are unfamiliar with raising children and who are concerned about their daily health, based on the concept of “peace of mind in everyday life.”
Representative: Representative Director Takahiro Soma
Location: 10F Kawasaki Nisshincho Building, 7-1 Nisshincho, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 210-0024
Established: November 2013
Business: Planning and sales of baby and maternity products, planning and sales of home medical equipment
Highly controlled medical equipment sales license number: No. 0715319 Corporate site:
Online shop:
Details about this release:


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