New electric motorcycle “AA-wiz” announced at ZEV-Tokyo Festival

aidea Co., Ltd.
New electric motorcycle “AA-wiz” announced at ZEV-Tokyo Festival A business bike with an Italian design that can run for a long time with a large-capacity battery.

Aidea Co., Ltd. (Akasaka, Minato-ku, President and CEO Motohide Ikeda) will exhibit the electric motorcycle “AA-wiz” at the event “ZEV-Tokyo Festival” hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on November 19, 2022. Announced.
The “AA-wiz” is a business bike that specializes in transporting luggage, but it features an Italian design that makes it fun just to look at it. In addition, by installing a large-capacity battery, it is possible to run 123 km (value at 30 km/h level driving).
[Image 1

■ Lineup
[For luggage delivery]
AA-wiz α (Moped type 1) / AA-wiz β (Moped type 2)
[Image 2

[For newspaper delivery]
AA-wiz PRO α (Moped Type 1) / AA-wiz PRO β (Moped Type 2)
[Image 3d55474-45-dd915f43161f9c041f9c-9.jpg&s3=55474-45-2b4cb3bad82dfa49cb7a813a6cd28488-2480x1650.jpg
■ Features of AA-wiz
1. Convenient equipment to support your business
AA Wiz is a good partner who leads the business to success together with the owner. Various functions solve problems.
・Large-capacity battery that can run for a long time
Equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery of approximately 4 kWh, it can travel a maximum of 123 km on a single charge. Even if you run around in business all day, it is enough capacity.
[Image 4d55474-45-dc7b24c589150de89929-0.jpg&s3=55474-45-b4cd4dd3d10f46c69f2e5636e97cfba2-2480x1650.jpg
・Disc brakes with stable performance
Assuming a wide range of riders, from beginners to experienced riders, this is a combination brake that interlocks the front and rear brakes in a well-balanced manner.
[Image 5d55474-45-7d43f75c1988d6ff62af-1.jpg&s3=55474-45-4ec87e8b5162f2eabd36a761368748ee-2480x1650.jpg
・Powerful running in-wheel motor
The compact in-wheel motor built into the rear wheel greatly reduces the number of parts in the drive system and reduces power loss. It can easily climb hills even when loaded with heavy luggage, and realizes the powerful driving unique to EVs.
[Image 6d55474-45-bc251979f528e2717c9b-2.jpg&s3=55474-45-81141f6554c1a11ea2c968b4155ec2b2-2480x1650.jpg
・Various charging methods
No need to remove the battery and carry it around after use. Just connect the cable to charge. 200V and 100V outlets can be used, and ordinary charging facilities for four-wheeled vehicles can also be used on the go.
[Image 7d55474-45-7afc7d59c6133f877147-3.jpg&s3=55474-45-4f77f3f0d0c535eaa3c748081fc34974-2480x1650.jpg
・”PRO” specializing in newspaper delivery
The AA-wiz PRO is equipped with a front basket, foot brake and large rear carrier perfect for newspaper delivery.
[Image 8d55474-45-87f6d298bf72f73ffba4-4.jpg&s3=55474-45-2c7d5be3fc78252b644ecac409d56c62-2480x1650.jpg
2. Tough and stylish Italian design
AA With is the work of product designer Claudio Zanchini. Italian design that is not found in conventional business models brings joy to those who see and ride.
[Image 9d55474-45-e798efabb3cc4cb70a29-5.jpg&s3=55474-45-286bcd25e270ea4c56b0c0a0eab2202a-2427x2077.jpg
3. Reliable Japanese quality
Aidea products are produced at our own factory in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2022, the “AA Cargo” acquired type approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and became a hot topic as the birth of “the fifth motorcycle manufacturer in Japan”.
[Image 10d55474-45-1485d0f788d79acc99e8-6.jpg&s3=55474-45-bce809b8162602c828ed5907f5b45ead-2480x1654.jpg
Length x Width x Height: 1,840 x 645 x 1,050mm
Seat height: 690mm
Vehicle weight: 125kg (PRO: 130kg)
Rated output: 0.6 kW (1st class moped model) / 1.0 kW (2nd class moped model) Tire size: 13 inches front and rear
Brakes: Front and rear disc combination brakes
Battery capacity: 3.85kWh
Mileage per charge: 123km *30km/h level running value
Charging voltage/time: 200V/3 hours 100V/6 hours
Vehicle price including tax: 528,000 yen (PRO: 539,000 yen)
*Main specifications are development target values. Subject to change without notice.
■Company Profile
Company name: aidea Co., Ltd.
Location: Akasaka Muromachi Building 5F, 2-5-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Representative: Motohide Ikeda
Established: September 20, 2019
Capital: 225,000,000 yen
Business description: Manufacture and sale of aidea products Exclusive agent in Japan for PEUGEOT MOTOCYCLES products
Exclusive distributor of SHIRO products in Japan
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