New product announcement The curved surface of 1000R creates the best immersive feeling. Full HD 1000R curved gaming liquid crystal display 27 inch C27G3/11, 31.5 inch C32G3E/11 birth.

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[New product announcement] The curved surface of 1000R creates the best immersive feeling. Full HD 1000R curved gaming liquid crystal display 27 inch C27G3/11, 31.5 inch C32G3E/11 birth.

In 2019, 2020, and Q4 (October to December) of 2021, AOC achieved the top share in the global gaming LCD market for 100Hz and above for three consecutive years!
From November 25, 2022 (Friday), the gaming liquid crystal display “C27G3/11” and “C32G3E/11” with a curved surface ratio of 1000R will be released from AOC, the world’s No. 1 gaming liquid crystal display. The price is an open price.
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Basic performance
LCD panel: Curved VA panel (non-glossy)
Size: 27 inch…C27G3/11, 31.5 inch…C32G3E/11
Curved surface ratio: 1000R
Resolution: 1920×1080
Input terminal: HDMI 1.4 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1
VESA mount: 100mm wide x 100mm long
Speaker: None
Included Items: HDMI Cable, DisplayPort Cable, Audio Cable, Power Cable Curvature ratio 1000R
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On the curved screen, you can experience a sense of realism that is more immersed in the image than a normal flat screen, and you can enjoy a more immersive feeling in the game.
In addition, since the distance from the center and left and right edges to the eyes is fixed, you can see the map and item screens at the edge of the screen without changing your focus, increasing the speed of instantaneous judgment.
Maximum refresh rate 165Hz and maximum response speed 1ms
[Image 6

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High-speed processing is essential for games that require quick movements such as FPS, fighting games, and racing games.
With a maximum refresh frame rate of 165Hz, the screen is smooth and blur-free, allowing you to see each scene more clearly.
In addition, it has a maximum response speed of 1 ms (MPRT), making it possible to make images easier to see and play.
Get FreeSync Premium Standard
[Image 8

FreeSync Premium technology provides a high-performance solution perfect for gamers looking for the best gaming experience.
You can suppress tearing and stuttering, enabling smooth image reproduction. “Low Input Lag” suppresses signal input delays such as mouse and keyboard to the maximum
[Image 9

Minimize the delay until the display is read on the LCD screen by the USB signal of the mouse, keyboard, arcade controller, etc.,
contributing to the momentary game play you want.
HDR effect mode
[Image 10

A function that renders every image like HDR and enables more beautiful image expression.
This function enables expression without blackout even in dark images, suppresses overexposure even in bright images, and expresses game screens as clearer and sharper images.
*It does not support HDR of other methods such as HDR10.
Game color function
[Image 11

It is a function that allows you to finely adjust the brightness and color gradation according to the game, and make the optimal adjustment according to the game.
Shadow control function
[Image 12

By adjusting the contrast, it is possible to clearly and sharply project the areas where bright and dark areas overlap depending on the game.
game mode
[Image 13

In addition to preset modes such as “FPS”, “RTS” and “Racing”, it is possible to save customized settings. You can instantly call it according to the game you are playing.
Frame counter that can instantly judge the refresh rate during output [Image 14

A function to display the refresh rate currently being output. The OSD setting allows you to select the top right, bottom right, top left, or bottom left location of the screen.
It is a reassuring support function that allows you to objectively check the current output status.
dial point
[Image 15

A new function that allows you to display the aim in the center of the screen and aim more accurately. This is a great feature for FPS users. Eye friendly low blue mode, flicker free
[Image 16

[Flicker free]
Eye damage has become a serious and indispensable problem for game players who use it for a long time.
It has an internal function to prevent flicker as it can cause discomfort, headaches and eye strain, especially in low-light environments.
[Image 17

[Low blue mode]
The wavelength of blue light, which is harmful to the eyes, is adjusted in 4 stages.
This is a function that supports the eyes of gamers who often overwork their eyes during long hours of play.
In-house verification of various game machines
[Image 18d101183-5-b355d19c182582ac5fa8-0.png&s3=101183-5-4452dfb4b9cfca1aa370372230b21a96-830x946.png
PS4, PS5, XBOX, Nintendo Switch connection verified in-house. (PS5, XBOX X 120Hz output verified: as of October 2022)
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