New product Uses a special Japanese paper thread! Released “hot water bottles” that are friendly to people and the earth

Iwatani Materials Co., Ltd.
[New product] Uses a special Japanese paper thread! Released “hot water bottles” that are friendly to people and the earth
Eco-comfort that we propose now that utility costs are soaring
Iwatani Materials Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will release “ECOWARMER” from our brand “I’m D” from November 21, 2022. [Image 1d83630-6-4e602d210136deb30fc5-0.jpg&s3=83630-6-fea44f1ef9dab67b66e5ecca2959e1ed-1026x685.jpg
Combining the know-how of our company, which has been selling hot water bottles for a quarter of a century, the design full of functional beauty, and the special Japanese paper yarn fabric that has excellent deodorant, humidity control, and antibacterial properties, we have created a safe, secure and eco-friendly hot water bottle. rice field.
Available in 4 earth colors that blend in with interiors inspired by the earth, sea, and forest, and comes with the SG mark certified by the Consumer Product Safety Association for peace of mind.
[Image 2d83630-6-c11b628d2844ed728bbe-1.jpg&s3=83630-6-bf14cee1993158f7607bcd93b55eed0e-890x593.jpg
The hot water bottle body is made of low-density polyethylene. When you put it in hot water, it becomes soft and gently fits your stomach, waist, and toes. CURETEX(R) is used for the cover material. Acquired “Oeko-Tex (R) Standard 100”, which is a proof of the world’s top level safe textile products, and can be used safely even by people with delicate skin.
[Image 3d83630-6-5c20d943dee2c2a6de41-2.jpg&s3=83630-6-512fd72ab83abec0ed2db5e75e885e51-1376x917.jpg
Since the cover material is highly biodegradable, it will return to the soil in a short time. Furthermore, by promoting the diversity and activation of microorganisms in the soil, it is an earth-friendly material that helps improve soil. You can wash it as many times as you want, so you can always keep it clean.
[Image 4d83630-6-58ecdb730acbd12b0e52-3.jpg&s3=83630-6-df56f0f0478b70410774176a0328168e-2000x1333.jpg
Due to the recent global situation and the depreciation of the yen, utility costs are soaring. The cold weather is about to begin in earnest, but the eco-friendly heating product “hot water bottle” is being reviewed again and is becoming a resurgence.
We at Iwatani Materials will continue to create good products, keeping in mind the philosophy of the Iwatani Group that “things that the world needs will prosper.”
[Image 5d83630-6-d86693711584e5f29e31-7.jpg&s3=83630-6-e0aedea5a8ff30f6f3534c59c6483c2c-2000x2000.jpg
[Image 6d83630-6-934abdc668383e2888ec-6.jpg&s3=83630-6-80d4b2f0075a2e91f4b89c7a251fa475-2000x2000.jpg
[Image 7d83630-6-d84d1e9161ac546a17f5-4.jpg&s3=83630-6-7ab3c7f6cc78cff02e578b29617bd3c9-2000x2000.jpg
[Image 8d83630-6-61b80acb1f636486c316-5.jpg&s3=83630-6-6d37763579f6e99521653e6ac63f1e21-2000x2000.jpg
■ Product name: ECOWARMER
■ Product number: White ECOWM W
      Red ECOWM RE
      Blue ECOWM BL
      Green ECOWM G
■ Price: 3,600 yen (excluding tax)
■Size: About W22×D17.5×H8cm
■ Weight: about 0.23kg
■ Capacity: 800ml
■ Materials: Body/Polyethylene, Cap/Polypropylene, Packing/Synthetic rubber            Cover/cotton, unclassified fiber (Washi thread -CURETEX(R)-) ■ Heat-resistant temperature: Body/110°C, Cap/120°C
Keep warm time: about 4 hours (approximate)
■ Country of origin: Japan
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