New release of “LEA Hand Cream”, a hand cream containing natural ingredients with a pleasant aroma-like scent 2022.11.14

New release of “LEA Hand Cream”, a hand cream containing natural ingredients with a pleasant aroma-like scent 2022.11.14

WILQANT Co., Ltd. (Location: Kunitachi City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Tanaka) is a hand cream containing naturally derived ingredients with a pleasant aroma-like scent from the popular LEA series from the natural hair care brand “NANACOSTAR”. “LEA Hand Cream” (rare hand cream) will be released on November 14, 2022 (Monday). [Image 1d45469-7-8a835473027867afe71c-0.png&s3=45469-7-c13a93b5df75bafc87442916afac7771-1500x1000.png
A hand cream containing natural ingredients with a pleasant aroma-like scent. Luxuriously blended with the blessings of plants, it delivers fresh moisture to dry hands.
A 2-way hand cream that can also be used to moisturize hands and hair. Moisturizes the mind and skin that are prone to stress and thirst. [Image 2d45469-7-a79f1691e28346045374-2.png&s3=45469-7-907807b743a9c83019f22be049a6886f-1080x1080.png
Naturally derived moisturizing ingredients for refined and beautiful skin Contains “Proteoglycan (R)”*1, a skin-beautifying ingredient that penetrates into the stratum corneum and retains moisture, and naturally-derived “Murumuru Butter”*2, which locks in moisture into the skin. With a smooth texture that blends easily into the skin, it softens the keratin and creates a translucent hand skin.
*1 Water-soluble proteoglycan *2 Astropotassium murumuru seed oil [Image 3d45469-7-fb3cb29ed58024957314-3.png&s3=45469-7-24931afedff2696a0e9d43798d56cf8a-1080x1080.png
Formulated with plant-derived ingredients to keep hands healthy “Glycyrrhizic acid 2K” obtained from licorice and “gentian root extract” extracted from the European herb gentian root are blended. Keep your skin healthy.
[Image 4d45469-7-07d52b80d5ff8cb64f6a-4.png&s3=45469-7-9526ceff4a9477091f73fd516b639217-1080x1080.png
A hand cream that nourishes hands and hair
Use the leftover cream on your hands to moisturize your hair. A hand cream that can be used in 2 ways for a relaxing moment.
[Image 5d45469-7-1e366137f21b302e5b61-5.png&s3=45469-7-23e6417b93d806f19eefa9a130516fb0-1080x1080.png
OSMANTHUS – Osmanthus
Fragrance of “Osmanthus” full of dignity and soft sweetness. A calm and light scent brings a rich sense of well-being.
[Image 6d45469-7-9a5c65a9f8cad7e15d90-6.png&s3=45469-7-13c6bf7038395aff88e0b6ffcbd6aaa4-1080x1080.png
The fragrance of fresh “jasmine pair” full of transparency. The most popular fragrance that can be used by both men and women.
[Image 7d45469-7-65b1475a9644bf9721b6-7.png&s3=45469-7-cb663d33d572d35404f103197bfa304e-1080x1080.png
A unisex item that is also appreciated as a gift
A unisex item with a simple package design that fits in everyday life. Recommended as a gift for casual occasions or as a holiday gift for your loved ones.
[Image 8d45469-7-1f39d338d2ef7d6c3d79-10.png&s3=45469-7-859a37e8ae3ae8c54a8f1033729d3c7c-1080x1080.png
Product: LEA Hand Cream (Jasmine Pear, Osmanthus)
Price: 2,200 yen each (tax included)
Capacity: 75g each
Release date: November 14, 2022 (Monday)-National sales start Sales destinations: Official online shops, beauty salons, cosmetics specialty stores, department stores *Excluding some shops
[Image 9d45469-7-c6d891ebeb9228a1f624-8.png&s3=45469-7-8edabfb865eb44f938096a1f47dccc51-1080x1080.png
[Image 10d45469-7-fdda9c448c33ef7a8111-9.png&s3=45469-7-a2216c0fdef4c93881e35019727fc908-1080x1080.png
“Rich care series that moisturizes a thirsty heart and hair” A rich care series containing rare plant-derived ingredients. You can do rich care at home as if you were in a beauty salon, and it moisturizes your mind and hair, which are prone to stress and thirst. ■ NANACOSTAR
“Small impressions in everyday life”
Like the moment you look in the mirror at the beauty salon, bring a little excitement into your daily life. A natural hair care brand that uses carefully selected water and botanical ingredients to formulate superior ingredients.
A hairstyle that fits your current heart, snuggling up to your daily swaying feelings. We will deliver hair care and styling items that can reproduce the finish of the beauty salon.
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■Company profile
・ Company name: WILQANT Co., Ltd.
・Established: July 2010
・Representative: Representative Director Daisuke Tanaka
・Location: 1-8-33 Ogasawara Building 2F, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186-0004 ・Business description: Operation of the beauty salon “Nanaboshi+” / Planning and sales of the hair care brand “NANACOSTAR”

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