New release Skin and eco-friendly face soap made with natural materials from KACHI is now on sale!

KACHI Corporation
[New release] Skin and eco-friendly face soap made with natural materials from KACHI is now on sale!

KACHI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Rie Kosaka) has released face soaps (2 scents) that will heal the fatigue of the day from Tuesday, November 22, 2022. Rie Kosaka, a model and mom entrepreneur, produces a face soap that will make you forget the fatigue of the day based on her own experiences and experiences. The long-awaited face soap, which does not use any synthetic coloring agents or synthetic fragrances, and is particular about safety and security, is finally on sale.
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■ Origin of the brand name
Remercier means “thank you” in French
ーThank you for your hard workー
ーThank you for always being by my sideー
ーThanks for meeting youー
Daily life is filled with gratitude.
I made this soap with gratitude for myself, my skin, and my loved ones who are working hard every day.
■Features of Remercier face soap
 Currently, 90.4% of women suffer from skin problems. (Shogakukan Women’s Insight Research Institute (2015)) In recent years, the number of people who suffer from skin problems associated with wearing masks is increasing, but one of the causes of mask rashes is said to be “dryness”. .
 Remercier is a frame-kneaded facial soap that uses only the minimum amount of high-quality ingredients and is carefully aged for 90 days using a cold-process manufacturing method.
The natural moisturizing ingredients contained in the oil are delivered to the skin as active ingredients as they are, as they are carefully made at a low temperature due to the reaction heat without the application of heat. Therefore, it is moist after washing. When you lather it well and apply it to your skin, you will be healed by the natural aroma that naturally fragrant. It is a moment that makes you forget the fatigue of the day.
Natural essential oils are used as fragrances, and synthetic coloring agents and synthetic fragrances are not used at all.
This is the ideal soap that lathers well, removes bubbles well, and has a moist feeling.
■ Manufacturing method of Remercier
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Remercier adopts the frame kneading cold process manufacturing method. (1) Cold process manufacturing method
The “cold process manufacturing method” is a manufacturing method that does not apply heat to the ingredients, and uses only the heat of reaction to slowly mature the soap.
The high-quality ingredients contained in the ingredients are hard to break and can be trapped in soap.
Vegetable oils and fats that form the base of soap, as well as natural essential oils, contain ingredients that are vulnerable to heat, and when heated at high temperatures, these natural ingredients may be destroyed. , It is also possible to add skin-beautifying ingredients that are sensitive to heat.
In addition, this manufacturing method creates a natural moisturizing ingredient called glycerin, creating a mild soap that leaves the soap moist and smooth after washing.
This manufacturing method requires the experience and skills of craftsmen, as it requires adjustments based on temperature and humidity. Since it does not use fire, it is also attractive that there is little burden on the environment.
(2) Frame kneading
The mold is made using an old-fashioned method called “frame kneading,” in which it is poured into a frame and cooled over time to harden.
There are soaps that can be efficiently mass-produced by machines, but the reason why we stick to the “frame kneading cold process
manufacturing method” that takes time and effort to carefully face the soap is because we want to deliver soap that is gentle on the skin and the environment. is.
■Two types of essential oil scents
[Image 3

・Ginger Lily
Japanese name: Hanashukusha
Scientific name: Hedychium coronarium
Fragrance characteristics: Sweet and stimulating fragrance
[Image 4

Japanese name: Daidai
Scientific name: Gitrus aurantium
Effect/Effect: Refreshing citrus and floral scent
■ Essential oil flower language and special design
“Flowers have their own language.”
Just as some people choose flowers based on the language of flowers when they give them to someone, giving a thoughtful gift makes them even happier.
The essential oils used in Remercier’s face soap are also particular about the “language of flowers”.
You can choose not only by your favorite scent, but also by “language of flowers” and “design image” while thinking about the recipient. Then, we designed a “dignified female figure” based on the image of each flower language.
[Flower language]
・Ginger Lily “Rich Heart”
・ Neroli “Bride’s Joy, Mutual Love”
■ Appreciation for someone connected
[Image 5

“Remote work has increased due to the corona crisis.”
Various work styles have been recommended, and I think there are many people who have become easier to work and who have been able to secure their own time.
On the other hand, there may be people who feel that the connection has become weaker, or who have been unable to meet even if they wanted to. At times like that, I want you to convey your thoughts on this soap.
“We are always connected” “Thank you” I would be happy if it was an opportunity to give a present filled with such feelings.
■ Product overview
・Ginger Lily
[Sales name] RC Face Soap A
[Sales name] RC Face Soap B
[Contents] 100 g / piece
[Sales price] ¥ 3,300 (tax included) / piece
[How to use] Add water or warm water to soap and lather well to wash your face. Then rinse thoroughly.
[Feeling of use] Even though it washes well, it leaves a smooth and moist feeling after washing. You will be healed by the scent of natural flowers.
【Company Profile】
Company name: KACHI Co., Ltd.
Representative: Rie Kosaka, Representative Director
Head office: 2-5-2 THE CASK GOTANDA 901, Higashi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022
Phone: 03-5537-7117 (representative) or
Site URL:
Established: February 25, 2021
Capital: 5 million yen
Number of employees: 7
Business: Cosmetics sales business, salon business, private brand “KACHI original”, wholesale of the latest beauty equipment
[Management site]
■ Homepage:
■ Official Instagram: ■ Inquiries about products and services: or

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