New Sci-Fi action RPG & city management game “Cygnus Enterprises”, sending players to planets in early access.

NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte.
New Sci-Fi action RPG & city management game “Cygnus Enterprises”, sending players to planets in early access.

Team Miaozi and NetEase Games announced Cygnus Enterprises. This work, which creates and defends a futuristic base on a dangerous alien planet, will start early access on Steam on December 16th.
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At the PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview, NetEase Games announced Cygnus Enterprises, a single-player game that combines action RPG and city management in a sci-fi world. This work is a completely new title developed by Team Miaozi and published by NetEase Games, and will start early access on Steam on December 16, 2022.
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The stage of “Cygnus Enterprises” is a bright future where humankind accepts each other’s differences and coexists to explore the space world. In the past, space exploration was limited by technology, but Cygnus Enterprises, which is also a game title, has realized faster-than-light navigation, making it possible for mankind to travel in space and explore new worlds. You will be able to However, space does not always welcome humans, and untouched planets are inhabited by ferocious space life forms that pose a threat to the pioneers. Cygnus Enterprises hires players as troubleshooters and sends them to those dangerous planets. Players will restore the abandoned base on the planet Mytilus, develop it into a lively new settlement where people from all over the world gather, and open up new worlds.
“Cygnus Enterprises is a futuristic sci-fi game,” said creative director Eva Jobse. We grew up on Star Trek, so we’ve always been optimistic about the future.This is a beautiful setting, a positive setting, and a bright future.” , told me.
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In terms of gameplay, the game combines the thrilling action RPG combat parts with the planning, hiring, and construction elements of city management games in a single player experience. The story unfolds with 18 story missions, but you also have the freedom to spend as much time as you like on the construction part and polish your base. As for the flow of gameplay, it will be divided into different elements as the player becomes a new entrepreneurial warrior in the universe. · Top-down shooter action RPG – City building requires valuable resources, which are found in dangerous alien habitats. Players will explore beautiful and exotic lands while destroying enemies with futuristic weapons and collecting the resources left behind. ・Base Construction – After collecting materials, the player builds a settlement base. It includes sandbox elements, allowing you to freely place buildings to create your ideal settlement.
・Personnel Management – In order to run day-to-day operations smoothly, settlements need not only permanent residents, but also technicians and security guards. Manage your employees and ensure them a prosperous and happy life on the frontier.
Enhancing & Crafting – Action RPGs need loot to craft weapons and armor. With the equipment, you can survive in the wilds of space. You can collect resources, research new items, and craft new equipment. [Image 3d71247-169-934e27038540a73e5189-3.jpg&s3=71247-169-dcbbbb85cf7ae2753c44d7ab6bfce538-1920x1080.jpg
Team Miaozi is a Shanghai-based development studio that has been working on Cygnus Enterprises since 2019. The team consists of members from 15 countries, making it a truly multinational team. The main members have extensive experience in developing PC games, Eva Jobse (Total War) is the creative director, Brian Cox (Age of Wonders 3, Sea of ​​Thieves, Halo Wars 2, Far Cry 5) is the lead programmer, And Alexander Pankov (Far Cry 6) is the lead designer. With the publishing support of NetEase Games, Team Miaozi aims to create a truly one-of-a-kind game that uniquely combines genre and gameplay. A full release date for Cygnus Enterprises has yet to be announced, but early access will begin on Steam on December 16, 2022. The early access version has about 12 hours of story content, and you can enjoy free exploration and gameplay besides the main story. If you’re one of the first to explore this vast new galaxy, add Cygnus Enterprises to your wishlist to get the latest in game news and prepare to take off into space.
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