New service “” using Japanese-made construction 3D printers started. Announced the world’s first domestically produced 3D printer sauna as the first step.

Co., Ltd. Kokyo Project
New service “” using Japanese-made construction 3D printers started. Announced the world’s first domestically produced 3D printer sauna as the first step.
Co-created with Yokohama City, planning, design, planning and installation in just 29 days. On December 1st and 2nd, we will exhibit at the well-being demonstration experiment “Hamawell”. We will take on the challenge of innovation in urban development, work styles, and lifestyles.

Give shape to your ideas! Kokyo Project Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Mitsuo Tsuchiya, hereinafter referred to as Kokyo Project) is certified as a “Yokohama Intellectual Property Future Company” and works on manufacturing that contributes to smiles. creative design company. From December 2022, we will collaborate with Polyuse Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takuya Iwamoto / Wataru Ooka, hereinafter referred to as Polyuse) to provide a construction service “” using a construction 3D printer. We are happy to inform you that we have started.

The idea came from my thoughts on life during the corona crisis and natural disasters such as earthquakes.
Due to the corona crisis, attention has been focused on third bases such as small houses and satellite offices, and anxiety about natural disasters such as earthquakes has increased. The impetus for this was the idea that a construction 3D printer would be able to quickly address this issue. However, while there are many examples of buildings using 3D printers overseas, there are few examples in Japan, and there were almost no opportunities for general users to come into contact with 3D printer architecture. Therefore, by combining the creative ideas that quickly give shape to new things and things, which is our specialty, and our partners who utilize technology, we will be able to create new value that has not yet existed in the world. The service of “” has been provided.
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A chance to touch the world’s first domestic 3D printer sauna that contributes to well-being.
As the first symbol of, co-created with Yokohama City for the first time in the world! Announced domestic 3D printer sauna. For two days on December 1st and 2nd, we will exhibit a reference exhibit at the well-being demonstration experiment “Hamawell” (sponsored by the City of Yokohama Urban Development Bureau Planning Department Urban Design Office)! The idea of ​​​​realizing our [Working x Totou] with a 3D printer is a perfect match for the theme of this event. It was the first opportunity to experience 3D printer architecture in urban areas! We hope that you will experience various ideas on the theme of healthy mind, body, and society, and that it will be an opportunity to think about the possibilities of urban development and living.
It may be the first time for a 3D printer building to be shown to the general public in urban areas such as Tokyo and Kanagawa.
You can actually see and touch it, so please come and visit the venue. ★There is no business as a sauna★
An event where you can learn and experience well-being with the theme of “heart, body, heart, feeling”.
[open time]
December 1st: 10:00-20:00 2nd: 10:00-19:00
[Main venue]
“Kannai Ekichika Hiroba” Subway Blue Line Kannai Station Exit 1 side ★ 3D printer sauna will be exhibited at the main venue ★
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Only 29 days! and 3D printers make it possible to respond to speed. After the official decision to participate in the event, the project team was set up, design, planning, 3D printing, and installation were completed in just 29 days, less than a month. The design work of and the 3D printer for construction made it possible in a very short period of time. We can make it happen by optimizing for the unique climate of Japan and the size of construction sites while taking advantage of the cost advantage of Japanese printers! Please leave anything from planning to construction.
[Image 3d13889-22-83a589a4a3ba05e1d2b0-2.png&s3=13889-22-70243e2365a45a70c818d0ff59e02067-1920x1005.png

We are looking for partners to co-create the future together using 3D printers for construction. is just getting started. We believe that the 3D printer sauna exhibition is a “small step with a big meaning” towards the future. Yokohama City’s theme: Please share your challenges and imaginations, such as well-being. We propose new value with our design and technology. We would like to talk with partners who are
challenging not only buildings, but also resort development with added value, new construction of workation facilities, town development, work style, and lifestyle innovation. Let’s co-create a society that enriches our lives.
[Image 4d13889-22-63b9868f7464dc15ea07-3.png&s3=13889-22-d214a3543f053d0e377845fb7f3db1f0-500x500.png
■ Kokyo Project
Contribute to problem solving in business. A design company that undertakes planning, planning, and branding of businesses that generate empathy. The design that “creates a smile” from the consumer’s point of view won the Good Design Award and the Kids Design Award. Certified as a “Yokohama Intellectual Property Future Company” by Yokohama City.
[Image 5d13889-22-dfc1023edd8b61791646-4.png&s3=13889-22-229092a9b0d90f6fdbd6af7bec36cd51-500x500.png
■ Polyuse
A construction tech venture that built Japan’s first “building with a building permit using a 3D printer”. We plan, design, manufacture, and sell hardware, software, and services specialized for the construction industry, with a focus on construction 3D printers.
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