Next-generation crowdfunding using NFT, raising a total of 38 million yen in 1 minute. Realization of immediate payment by crypto assets and elimination of middlemen such as settlement fees

Next-generation crowdfunding using NFT, raising a total of 38 million yen in 1 minute. Realization of immediate payment by crypto assets and elimination of middlemen such as settlement fees
Financing for animation of popular IP “CryptoNinja” on web3. After the “support frame” was sold out immediately, “#Let’s support” became a trend on Twitter.

THE BATTLE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Seiryu Sasaki; hereinafter referred to as our company) is a general incorporated association Otaku Coin Association, Tsukrie Co., Ltd., Fanworks Co., Ltd., and the Japanese countryside is the frontier of capitalism. “Early Lab Member Passport NFT & Shuriken NFT” sold by “CryptoAnime Labs” (hereafter referred to as “this organization”), an animation “production” committee for the web3 era, co-founded by Da, sold over 20,000 copies in a total of 1 minute. We are pleased to announce that NFT has sold out and raised a total of 38 million yen worth of funds. The sold NFT can be used to “support” the animation project of the IP “CryptoNinja” (read: Crypto Ninja), which is popular in the web3 area. It became a hot topic mainly on SNS immediately after the sale, such as being posted on . Utilizing the blockchain technology that supports NFT, we have realized “immediate deposit of globally shared crypto assets from Japan and overseas,” “no
middle-ordering such as exchange and settlement fees,” and
“visualization of support activities and permanent history retention.” and showed a new way of crowdfunding in the web3 era.
[Image 1d86122-21-6b116b00fd867802b7a6-8.png&s3=86122-21-b47d12293427ef671bedf77067db9946-1999x1000.png
About the specifications of the sold NFT
[Image 2d86122-21-f08ae3547a3da3164aae-7.png&s3=86122-21-ddf0963ae10886032f6ea7177a11589f-1060x860.png
Initial Lab Member Passport NFT
The NFT utilization crowdfunding implemented this time is
characterized by the fact that it is a project that removes the “speculativeness” that has been an issue in general NFTs so far. Ordinary NFTs have the aspect of being tinged with assets and overheated speculation due to “secondary distribution” such as buying and selling between users. However, the “Passport NFT” sold this time has been developed in SBT format (Soul Bound Token), and after purchasing NFT, it is a specification that can not be secondary distribution at all. In addition, the “Shuriken NFT” that was sold at the same time was also developed in such a way that secondary distribution will not be possible after staking (described later). Designed.
Realization of crowdfunding in the web3 era
From this organization, announcements of projects using IP such as animation production are carried out in stages, and when there is a project that fans want to promote, “Shuriken NFT” sold at the same time as Passport NFT will be announced for each project. By staking (depositing) support to , you can be directly involved in the progress of production and development.
Passport NFTs owned by fans have specifications that change in rank and design according to the number of shuriken NFTs staked, and the more fans support works and characters, the more special benefits (utilities) they receive. can do.
[Image 3d86122-21-bb66a8ee7cc5a3e0c797-6.png&s3=86122-21-6af8ed619e32c457a70014dc6db16b0b-1000x500.png
The problems with existing crowdfunding are that it takes a certain amount of time to receive money, that payment fees need to be paid, and that production and delivery of physical goods as rewards (returns) for support increases costs. However, in this scheme, “immediate deposit of globally shared crypto assets from domestic and overseas”, “zero middleman such as exchange and settlement fees”, and “creation by rewarding (returning) digital assets by NFT” It can be said that it has eliminated the disadvantages of crowdfunding so far, such as minimizing costs and delivery costs, and has presented a new format that can be called “crowdfunding 2.0”.
In addition, both Passport NFT and Shuriken NFT are designed as “full-on-chain NFTs” in which all data, including visuals, are registered on the blockchain. Anyone can now check their support history. The holder’s wallet address (existence like an address that indicates the user on the blockchain) is posted on the purchased passport, and the fan’s support activities are visible externally, and NFT It has been devised to increase the “sense of ownership”. About “CryptoAnime Labs”
[Image 4d86122-21-db8b5f1cf88ed28c88da-4.jpg&s3=86122-21-0c67c6d82adbfaf8bfd228bc9d50f2b5-1500x500.jpg
Our organization is based on the concept of “animation production committee in the web3 era”, and professional members of animation production and NFT development gather to form an “LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)”. In the web3 era, it was difficult to realize the closed “production committee method”, but we will raise anime production funds openly in the web3 era. We will carry out support activities to spread to
About CryptoNinja NFT and animation works
“CryptoNinja” is one of the best NFT collections in Japan, which is carefully drawn one by one, instead of the recent trend of
automatically generated NFTs. The initial version will be sold in a highly rare type with only 50 in the world, and in anticipation of the possibility of being made into a game in the future, parameters such as ninjutsu, schools, weapons, etc. are set and designed to lead to derivative projects. is made. “CryptoAnime Labs” has been working on animation production in a new form since January this year, as the world’s first animation content from NFT.
About “CryptoAnime Labs” Participating Corporations
・Otaku Coin Association
[Image 5d86122-21-cb9276aea0b9b9597493-3.jpg&s3=86122-21-5d647a1422cec470664be86ae1398465-403x450.jpg
In December 2017, the Otaku Coin Association, including its
predecessor, the Otaku Coin Preparatory Committee, started working on the development of anime culture with the aim of spreading,
introducing, and utilizing blockchain technology within the anime industry in order to spread Japanese anime culture around the world. I have been working for In the early summer of 2022, we will support planning and campaigns as a marketing partner for the popular full-on-chain NFT game “Isekai Battle”.
・Funworks Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d86122-21-0ba19b9518a328f3d129-2.png&s3=86122-21-feaa07822d89d3643abcf487dd1998c4-250x150.png
Fanworks started with the web animation “Soft Tank” released in 2005, and then “Ganbare! Rururoro TINY☆TWIN☆BEARS”, “British Family Eats Japan”, “Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia”, “Landlord and I”, “Chikip Dancers”, etc. . In 2018, Sanrio original “Aggressive Retsuko (English name: Aggretsuko)” was distributed worldwide as a Netflix original work. It has become a worldwide topic, and the 4th series is currently being distributed. In November 2019, “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Pop-up Picture Book and Secret Child” became a hit with box office revenue approaching 1.5 billion yen. In July 2022, “Movie Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia” will be released.
・Tsukurie Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d86122-21-fbecfac9f6a6dd59bdf7-1.png&s3=86122-21-6237dcc38290ea08fdf3eda9a0eb452c-330x82.png
Tsukurie is developing its business centered on a professional entrepreneurship support service business that supports people who create businesses, and a creative creation business that supports creators who create value. Event planning and consultation business to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, development of acceleration programs, joint projects with entrepreneurs, product development, YouTube drama “Oyaji Camp” with over 8 million views. We are producing businesses such as rice. THE BATTLE Co., Ltd. will be a tenant company of the “Tokyo Contents Incubation Center (TCIC)”, a startup support facility commissioned and operated by Tsukrie from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
・Limited Liability Company Japan’s countryside is the frontier of capitalism [Image 8d86122-21-30e5efbc883e5357c74d-0.png&s3=86122-21-a4f69c8cc23773b98b08520e310d13db-492x306.png
Based on the philosophy that “Japan’s countryside is the frontier of capitalism”, we are developing the NFT/Web3 business from the mountains of Kochi Prefecture. He also manages Web3-related media such as Japan’s largest Web3 channel “ikehaya Web3 Univ.” ikehaya, Founder of “CryptoNinja” and “Ninja DAO”, is the representative.
[Image 9d86122-21-845873b9b65cdd037733-5.png&s3=86122-21-61bbe3d1541aa97c89b367089da9d126-1492x665.png
THE BATTLE was established as a “web3 organization that fights conventional wisdom”. The core members started their activities in the blockchain area from 2018 and are working on various creative directions. Currently, in addition to the animation project of the popular NFT work “CryptoNinja NFT” at the web3 type animation production committee method “CryptoAnime Labs”, planning and development of the full-on chain blockchain game “Isekai Battle”, animation studio “ABC Animation” We are working on multiple projects centered on entertainment x blockchain, such as IP creation projects, and “Anime Bank” and “iconee”.
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