Next Generation Infrastructure tonari Tonari connects incubation facilities in Singapore and Tokyo, where you can instantly meet over a distance of 5,000km.

Tonari connects incubation facilities in Singapore and Tokyo, where you can instantly meet over a distance of 5,000km.
~ Promote international business while reducing the frequency of overseas business trips ~

The first overseas flagship case that connects Singapore and Japan with tonari. Tonari will connect BLOCK71 in Singapore, where the Leave a Nest Group is based, and Center of Garage (COG), an innovation base in Tokyo, to accelerate business development between the two countries. In addition to cultivating a sense of unity in teams distributed across countries, we plan to increase the topic of “psychological safety” and open it up so that it can be used by the Singaporean and Japanese venture communities.
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Group photo of teams from Singapore (front) and Japan (back) Background of the introduction of tonari
Since 2014, Leave a Nest has been discovering and supporting deep tech ventures in Japan, Southeast Asia, and the world. In particular, since 2019, we have formed a partnership with Singapore’s government agency “Enterprise Singapore” and have contributed to the realization of exchange between Japan and Singapore’s ventures and ecosystems. In the innovation ecosystem as well, it is important to deepen ties through face-to-face interaction when building relationships with partner companies. However, in the case of crossing countries, it is necessary to create a place that transcends physical distance because it requires time and money investment as well as frequency of overseas business trips.
With the establishment of this tonari space (*), we will realize an environment where companies, ventures, and researchers can meet face-to-face without traveling, and borderless face-to-face without travel time, costs, or the effects of pandemics. enable communication. *This time, the tonari space will be installed at Leave a Nest Group’s Leave a Nest Singapore (operating Singapore base), Grokalink (operating Center of Garage), Real Tech Holdings (BLOCK 71 and Center of Garage where Leave a Nest Singapore has a base. office), Leave a Nest, and tonari.
■ Comments on introducing tonari
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Japan (front), Singapore (back)
Rui Christian Murayama, Growth Manager, Realtech Holdings Co., Ltd. [Image 3

Rui Murayama Mr. Christian
Until now, I had to travel to and from the office in Singapore for more than 7 hours each way on a business trip. I am amazed that we can finally cross the border through tonari! Now it’s finally time to say goodbye to Red Eye lol
We started preparing to expand into Singapore in 2020, but due to the pandemic, things didn’t go according to plan, and tonari gave us a sense of security as a solution. Sometimes things don’t go as well as you would expect in a web conference, but with tonari, you can have a conversation with multiple people as if you were meeting face-to-face, and you can feel the atmosphere of a place that is difficult to convey on a computer.
I expect that we will be able to have smooth exchanges centering on Japan in the future. Since it is an open place connected to Singapore, we would like to open it up to the venture community and use it for demonstrations and business negotiations with customers overseas. Mr. Shiro Takagi, Director of Grokalink Co., Ltd.
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Mr. Shiro Takagi
When using tonari, the feeling of being in the same space is stronger than the feeling of crossing the border. If you can see the whole thing from behind the opponent, you can also feel the atmosphere of the other side’s busyness. At COG, we installed tonari in the meeting room this time, and the glass-enclosed design made it an open space. Unlike regular conference rooms, tonari is an open space that is always connected. When I have a moment, I can ask the staff in Singapore, “Please call Mr. ◯◯.” It is easy to have a conversation, and you can immediately check the specifications and demos of the prototypes of the manufacturing startups that are moving in. I am looking forward to seeing how it can be used.
Ms. Kihoko Tokue, Representative of Leave a Nest Singapore Co., Ltd. [Image 5

Ms. Kihoko Tokue
Now that I’ve been in Singapore for 12 years, I want to share the excitement of being so close to Tokyo without taking a plane. You can shorten the distance between people without going on a trip. This is so important when thinking about innovation, because meeting great people is the moment when you can actually get things done. Sharing exciting moments brings many things to the world. Through tonari, we hope to exchange education and knowledge between Japan and Singapore and ignite the curiosity of the younger generation.
Mr. Wilhelm Akiyoshi Fujii, President of Realtech Holdings Co., Ltd. [Image 6

Members of Leave a Nest and Real Tech Holding chatting in Japan and Singapore The first overseas flagship case to install tonari in Singapore and Japan. Japan and Singapore have never been closer. It’s really nice to be in the same “room” like this. “Anywhere door” – this is the moment when our childhood dreams finally come true thanks to advanced technology. We set up tonari in Japan and Singapore because we wanted to create a hotspot for deep tech startups. I would like to accelerate collaboration between startups in both countries. We hope that tonari will bring the ecosystems of the two countries closer together. Taj Campbell, co-founder of tonari Inc.
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Taj Campbell
We live in a globalized world, and expect it to become even more decentralized after the pandemic. We want to deliver an immersive experience, rather than flying around the world or taking time to commute to work or school. The connected space feels almost like teleportation, but it’s made possible by very low latency running at 4K60 frames per second in high resolution. We spent two and a half years of research building the software and hardware to achieve this quality. In the future, tonari will be deployed not only in the workplace, but also in education, elderly care, and general
households, so that the deep ties between people will not be cut off. ■ Utilization image
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Presenting from block71 in Singapore
[Image 9

A Singaporean presenter giving a presentation to participants from Japan and Singapore
■ Design image
[Image 10

Bl design image (bottom left Singapore, top right: Tokyo)
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A glass-enclosed room with tonari that can be seen from the COG [About tonari Co., Ltd.]
tonari Co., Ltd. is a startup company founded in 2018 that develops a communication tool “tonari” that connects two spaces through a life-sized screen. Sales to corporations will start in 2020, and so far, it has been introduced to 7 companies: JR East, Itochu
Techno-Solutions, Okamura, Sompo Japan, Frontier Consulting, freee, and Singapore. Tonari enables seamless communication between two locations, aiming for a world without boundaries due to physical distance, and contributes to business creation through new work styles.
-Company Profile-
Headquarters: Creatour 3C, 4-5 Motoyoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Base: 1005 Horiuchi, Hayama-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representatives: Taj Campbell, Ryo Kawaguchi
Established: 2018
Business description: Next-generation remote communication service that connects two spaces
Press kit:
Case study:
-Click here to apply for a demo-
At tonari, we design and design to meet the needs of our customers. If you would like to experience a demo, please apply below. *Priority will be given to companies that are planning to install the system during this fiscal year.
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