Next year’s sexagenary cycle is the rabbit / The new year’s zodiac bottle will be available again this year! TATENOKAWA 2023 Usagi Zodiac Bottle Limited sale from 12/1

Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Next year’s sexagenary cycle is the rabbit / The new year’s zodiac bottle will be available again this year! TATENOKAWA 2023 Usagi Zodiac Bottle Limited sale from 12/1
-This year also brewed with white koji, a new sense of sour and sweet sake-
Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (head office: Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture, CEO: Junpei Sato, hereinafter referred to as “Tatenokawa Sake Brewery”) has released a Junmai Daiginjo “Tatenogawa” that depicts the zodiac that has been well received as an auspicious sake for the New Year. 2023 Usagi Zodiac Bottle” will be sold sequentially from December 1st in limited quantities and for a limited time. [Image 1

2023 is [Rabbit] Impressive snow-white bottle and snow rabbit Next year, the Chinese zodiac for 2023 is [Rabbit]. Yamagata Prefecture, where Tatenokawa Sake Brewery is located, is often thought of as a region that gets a lot of snow. This year’s zodiac label is characterized by a cute “snow rabbit” design on a pure white bottle inspired by the snow that falls and piles up in the Shonai region. In addition, this “snow rabbit” is based on the motif of children playing in a lot of snow with leaves and fruits attached to the rolled snow to make it look like a rabbit.
[Image 2

In addition, the ears of the snow rabbit are designed to shine brightly, and although it is simple, it is a design that shines in auspicious occasions such as New Year’s gatherings.
Rabbits have long been loved by people as a symbol of “leap” and “improvement” from their jumping appearance. Wishing you a year of leaping like a rabbit, and wishing you a happy new year, why not try it as an auspicious sake?
Same as last year, “white koji preparation” / Sweet and sour sake with a new sensation, try pairing it with citrus dishes
Last year’s zodiac bottle was the first junmai daiginjo that Tatenokawa Sake Brewery used “white koji”. In response to the extremely popular reception, we decided to take on the challenge of preparing white koji this year as well.
Made with white koji, which is characterized by its sour taste and citrus scent. We used Miyama Nishiki from Yamagata Prefecture for sake rice. The ginjo aroma is modest, but we aimed for a sake quality that leaves a firm sweetness, rather than just a refreshing type. By leaving the sugar, the sweetness comes out firmly, and you can feel the sweetness and sourness at the same time. Please enjoy a “new sense of sake” that is slightly different from the usual Tatenogawa. This product goes great with flavors that are similar to sake quality, such as “lemon and citrus-squeezed dishes” and “hot pot with ponzu”. Even if you chill it well and combine it with rare cheesecake ◎.
[Image 3

[Recommended pairing]
・Mizutaki pot (with ponzu sauce)
・Delicious fried foods such as fried oysters and fried shrimp with a squeeze of lemon
・Rare cheesecake

Product Summary
TATENOKAWA 2023 rabbit zodiac bottle
[Image 4d71925-81-93bf6964da80ed61ab39-4.jpg&s3=71925-81-f03a03f537ef28be9721da62b81bed7a-1800x2700.jpg
Item: Sake
Raw rice: 100% Miyama Nishiki from Yamagata Prefecture Yeast used: No. 6 Rice polishing ratio: 50% Alcohol content: 15%
Suggested retail price: 720ml: 3,080 yen (tax included)
Release: Currently accepting reservations. Sales will start from December 1st at special stores nationwide and official online shops ■ Tatenokawa Shuzo Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Location: 27 Yamatate Shimizuda, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture
Representative: Junpei Sato (6th brewery) Founded: 1832
Official website:
Official online shop:
Official Twitter: @tatenokawa Official Instagram: @tatenokawa_sake Official LINE: Tatenokawa Sake Brewery
Business description: Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages (Japanese sake “Tatenogawa”, shochu/liqueur “Kodakara”, liqueur “Homerun Makkkori”)
Details about this release:


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