NFT with membership Anyone can now issue NFT with membership functions such as services and stores! Japan’s largest NFT market HEXA (Hexa)

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[NFT with membership] Anyone can now issue NFT with membership functions such as services and stores! Japan’s largest NFT market HEXA (Hexa)

The NFT market “HEXA” has a function that allows you to issue NFTs with membership rights. Issuance is subject to review, but it is possible to issue NFTs with utilities that have functions.
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At HEXA, Japan’s largest NFT market operated by Media Equity Co., Ltd., anyone can now issue NFTs with membership rights. It is possible for the issuer to issue a legally designed NFT with a membership and give NFT holders membership benefits. In addition, in order to facilitate the operation of the membership NFT, a community function limited to NFT holders “Scale-free” will be released soon. Issuers can select their own NFTs for each collection, create and manage multiple holder-only communities.
By utilizing NFT with membership rights, it will be possible to work on linking actual real business and WEB 3.0 type community management. For example, services and discounts that can only be used by those who have a membership NFT. Until now, wallets and virtual currencies have been required to implement NFT/WEB3.0 measures in actual business, which has led to accounting and tax problems, and has limited the number of customers who can actually use it. There were many Therefore, HEXA has released an NFT with membership rights to support it by preparing an environment that makes it easy for many business owners to implement NFT/WEB3.0 measures.
Companies and stores issue NFTs with membership rights, and by having customers own them, WEB 3.0-type connections are created through NFTs. For customers who own NFT, there is a possibility that the value of NFT will increase as the services of companies and stores become popular. This will enable us to build a relationship with our customers that will further enhance our services.
Guidelines and notes for NFT with membership
■What is WEB 3.0?
In the new form of Internet service “WEB 3.0”, not only service providers but also users who use the service own part of the data in the form of NFTs and tokens, contributing to the development and growth of the service. This makes it possible to realize a mechanism that benefits from the development and growth of services.
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■ Overview of HEXA services
A Japanese NFT marketplace where you can issue and buy/sell NFTs with only Japanese Yen. You can easily purchase NFT from your PC smartphone with credit card payment. No cryptocurrency or wallet required, you can buy, sell and issue NFTs right away. If you have a HEXA resident card NFT, you can enjoy the purchased NFT by decorating it in the HEXA metaverse.
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