Nico Nico free anime all at once 9 works including “Isekai Ojisan” and “Heterogeneous Reviewers”

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[Nico Nico free anime all at once] 9 works including “Isekai Ojisan” and “Heterogeneous Reviewers”
Nico Nico Live Broadcast will introduce the lineup of anime that will be broadcast from November 21st (Monday) to November 27th (Sunday).
On Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, a total of 9 works such as “Uncle Isekai” and “Heterogeneous Reviewers” ​​will be broadcast live from November 21st (Monday) to November 27th (Sunday).
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Anime is being broadcast almost every day on Niconico Live Broadcasting! No membership registration required, anyone can watch for free.

11/21 (Mon.) 19:00-24:30 “Revolutionary Girl Utena” episodes 27-39 broadcast all at once
11/22 (Tue) 18:55-21:55 “Koumiya no Karasu” retrospective screening of episodes 1-7
*From 22:00 on the same day, we will send you a screening of episode 8 of “Koumiya no Karasu”.
11/23 (Wed.) 14:00-16:20 “Mushikaburi Hime” episodes 1-6 retrospective screening
11/23 (Wed.) 16:30-18:50 “I want to become a powerful man behind the scenes!” Episode 1-6 retrospective screening
11/23 (Wed.) 19:00-24:10 “Mieruko-chan” All 12 episodes broadcast
11/24 (Thursday) 19: 00-24: 10 “Skeleton Knight, now going to another world” Broadcast all 12 episodes at once
11/25 (Fri.) 22:30-25:25 “Isekai Ojisan” Episodes 1-7 Review Screening
*From 25:35 on the same day, we will send you a screening of episode 8 of “Uncle in Another World”.
11/26 (Sat) 17:55-20:20 “More than a married couple, less than a lover.” Retrospective screening of episodes 1-6
11/27 (Sun) 18: 00-23: 10 “Heterogeneous Reviewers” All 12 episodes broadcast at once
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(C) Almost Dead/Published by KADOKAWA/Uncle in Another World Production Committee
(C) Amahara / masha / KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. / Heterogeneous Reviewers Production Committee
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